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'Little Women' Cast on Working w/ Meryl Streep & Bonding on Set ? MTV News


– The way I thought of you playing Laurie had to do with seeing you with your sister – Oh, interesting

– I remember one day, actually, she came to some party you were at, she had a backpack, she looks just like him but a girl They started dancing so hard, you and your sister And I was watching the two of them and I was like, "I mean that's Laurie with those girls" like, that's a little, it just, I thought there was such a sweetness between you guys – I got an awesome older sister

I got lucky there, I got lucky in the older sister department Makes me feel like I wanna go like that, but that doesn't make any sense (laughing) – Meryl, queen Meryl, she just said she was gonna be in the movie And she said she was gonna play the battle axe, Aunt March, and would I write her a part? Then Saoirse sort of told me she was gonna be in the movie (laughs) And she'd be Jo, and she was right

Timothée was always Laurie to me, and Laura and Chris are people I've wanted to work with forever Laura was the actor I would just imitate all the time when I acted, I would imitate Laura You could actually look at my performances, and you were just like, "Oh, I see where she got this from "It's from Laura" (laughs) And then, these two, they were brought to my attention

'Sharp Objects' and 'Lady Macbeth' It felt like everything fell into place It didn't really feel like there were lots of choices I was considering, it was just like, "Oh my God, that, yes! "And this!" – I'm so sick of people saying that love is just all a woman is fit for I'm so sick of it! But I'm so lonely – [Saoirse] For me, one of the indications of me just liking something as I read it, is that I just automatically start to read the dialogue out loud, and I don't even realize that I'm doing it

I think if there's a script that I'm not as interested in, it takes more concentration (laughs) for me to get through it But if it's something that I just find irresistible and I have to say it out loud, then I kind of know that it's something that I have to do – I have to be inspired by the character that I'm playing in some way, or the people that I'm gonna be hanging out with I think you forget that you're gonna be that person for two or three months, and you have to think like them and walk like them and argue and fight their battles And I think that's always something when I'm reading, if I suddenly become in love with this character, I'm like, "Yep, that's you, done

" – It's also really exciting to witness a path and career of an artist where after their first movie, you hear the name Greta Gerwig, and you say, "Yes! "Whatever she wants to do, I wanna be there!" (laughing) – [Greta] Well we had actually two weeks of rehearsal, but Florence wasn't here, sadly – I missed it because I was burning someone in a temple in Budapest, but then I came and I was a bit worried that I'd missed out on, rehearsal time is like the time that you love everyone and go out and have meals, and whenever you remember what was the most exciting point in the film, it's always usually around the rehearsal period And I missed all of that and I was like, "Oh no! "I'm missing all this relationship time?" And then actually, you guys just sat on me and cuddled me straight away – It was amazing, I think we started to discuss actually and realize that actually it was sort of right that Flo wasn't there because Amy is sort of her own separate thing Even sort of socially I think in the way she thinks, she's like, "Do you know what's going on in town?" Everything that happened seemed to be quite right

– It happened for a reason – Yeah It happened for a reason, for sure – I remember early though that you, you, and you and Emma, there was the day where you guys all performed for each other, I made you perform for each other– – Oh God – Oh gosh

– But it was actually wonderful – What did you, you sang Fleetwood Mac? (laughs) – I spoke– – Did you sing "Landslide?" – I spoke the "Landslide" Because I wouldn't really know any monologues or anything like that You did a really great one – You did a monologue! – (laughs) Yes

– Yeah! – You came out as a character! – It was really good – Somehow I like the rehearsal process to be a way that everyone feels comfortable being silly in front of each other Because so much of acting is allowing yourself to just go too far and then pull back So I felt like once we were on set, they were working like clockwork with all these lines, but then also I felt like people felt free to be like, "Maybe I don't say this, or maybe I go too far, "or maybe I pull back" To kind of find these places that there's life, because they felt comfortable with each other

I mean, that's the purpose of rehearsal, I think – Saoirse and I, A: wrestle all the time anyway, and this one day we were doing the scene where I've burnt the book and she comes home and knows it's me, and every single time we had been kind of going through this scene, we were just so grabby with each other, and it was at the last point of the day, and we had one shot left which was she hits me and then I crawl away (laughs) So we rehearsed it and I just like pulled her close, and I said, "Hit me in the face" (laughing) And she was like, "All right, okay" And we did it, and it was great

And afterwards, we both jumped up, we were like, "Yeah!" – But also, as I smacked her, I just saw this tear (laughs) fall out and she was like, (breathes heavily) and then we cut, and I was like, "Are you okay?!" and she was like, "Yeah, I'm great!" It was like she had been given steroids or something – It was great fun And that's kind of what was so amazing about set was just like, we were allowed to be these wild beasts, in a sense and just love each other when we needed to and wrestle each other when we needed to, and that is just totally what having siblings is like – [Saoirse] It's such a weird life that we have where we go from one very intense experience to the next We have this whole life with a group of people for like two to three months

And I know one of the things that I find, before almost every project that I do, because I'm scared of it, I'm like, "Maybe I shouldn't do it, maybe I just shouldn't, "maybe I shouldn't do it, it's probably not right "that I do this, and I'm not gonna be able "to bring this to it, and everything they want me to do, "I won't be able to do" And "I actually don't wanna do it" And I almost talk myself out of it for a second, but it's because I'm scared of it And then you do it anyway and you end up having this great experience, and so you just keep going through that again and again for as long as you're lucky to work

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