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Linkin Park – "Breaking The Habit" (Russian Cover by Radio Tapok)


Good afternoon there my little junkies how are we all doing on this wonderful Sunday it is your boy DeadshotJarrod and today we have Linkin Park breaking the habit Russian cover by radio tapok now a Russian fan of mine requested this I apologize if I'm a little late to this been dealing with other requests and such but I'm finally at your request so you're welcome out there but we have breaking the habit this was released a couple days ago I'm a little late to this but that doesn't matter we're at it not much to really say about this song it's not like we're watching the original but guessing for the name breaking the habit this has to do with Chester Bennington most of the songs from Linkin Park have to do with him he is kind of like the epitome of the band a lot his past has effected their writing style because you know Chester Benton has had – he didn't have the best of pasts he was physically abused from what I've seen in interviews he was always depressed person he had he has a lot of he had not has he had a lot of issues but guess we have this right here there are English subtitles on here but unfortunately I can't download those so if you guys just wanna watch that yourselves you guys can click on the original link in the description below but everything will be down in the description below including my patreon page patron link first one in the description below and there's also my discord you guys want to join my discord page the server is right there create an account or if you guys already have an account just click the link and press accept and you guys are already in it all the fun stuff but let's get into this he says "write it in the comments and I'll do it" best intro alright let's see what we got here; haven't watched this yet so looks like he has some clips of chester bennington he's wearing a war thunder shirt the wargaming stuff now unfortunately I don't know I don't know the lyrics that well so I'm gonna just assume that these lyrics on the screen are correct I don't know if they or not you guys that are Linkin Park fans out there would definitely know if these are these lyrics are correct or not so you guys could definitely drop that in the comments below tell which lyrics are not real or not spot on you know okay I can tell right there those lyrics aren't correct because you just you just look at the let the phrase breaking the habit you could actually use him like your brain in the tempo you could almost break it down into syllables like breaking the habit like you can you can kind of time it and the lyrics on here says "and I liberate, I liberate myself" not the same thing but I can kind of see where the language apprehension codes can change lyrics sometimes you know English we have there's we can make our language so simple but other languages aren't going to be exactly a hundred percent correct when they translate so there might be some loss translation here I liked it I don't think the lyrics were a hundred percent spot on but all right there's no outro I guess unless that was the outro, but that was breaking the habit by we're just gonna call it Link Park but you know breaking the habit by radio tapok hope you guys enjoyed make sure you guys do drop a like of course subscribe like I said in the beginning of the video everything will be down in the description below for you guys is I have simplified it enough for you guys I've removed a lot of things on my bio just because some of that stuff really doesn't need to be down there I've I've been thinking a lot in last couple days a lot of things have been going across my mind I've been tried to figure things out on this channel especially I figure myself out it's been an interesting year this year so there's a lot of people that are thinking about themselves because you know we're all isolated and shit but if you guys have any other radio tapok songs you would leave them down in the comments I'll get to them when I can but as always thanks for watching

Source: Youtube

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