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Lil Yachty on 'How High 2' & Performing in His Hometown | MTV News


– This was crazy, I was on a flight a few weeks ago, I was watching 'How High 2' And I had high expectations because 'How High' one was such a seminal movie

And you did your thing! You and DC Young Fly, I was impressed, man! – It was fun, man, we had fun with it – It was fun to watch! What was that process like? How you get ready, man? – It was different 'cause I had never did a movie before So it was definitely a new experience

But I had good time, man I was mad nervous, and shy, but it was fun as (beep) – Did you have to try different strands to get ready for the movie? – Not try different strands, but I definitely had to smoke 'cause I didn't smoke, you know what I'm sayin' I wasn't a smoker, so I had to start smoking just so when I started on set, I wasn't too high – After I watched the movie, I started seeing these stories come out where they're coming out with odorless weed and all of that

And what's crazy is the film kinda foreshadowed that I don't wanna give away the end, but there's this pharmaceutical company that's trying to take the recipe for how you guys made weed and transform it, and it's unhealthy for the people I was thinkin' about this, I don't know if you thought about this, but how that's actually happening in the cannabis industry right now where you got so many people locked up behind selling weed And now you got moms selling and they marketing that way Did you ever think through that when you were looking at the movie when you went back through it? – Not necessarily

I mean well, a little bit when we were trying to figure out the plot, you know It's just, that's just kinda how it is now It's unfortunate as (beep) When I saw your real name and I started doing some research, I found out you were named after a legend – Yeah, Miles Davis

– Miles Davis, that's the origin of your name Talk about your family and how steeped they are in pop and music culture, and how that, that's so cool – My dad man My dad is so heavy into music, bro I've listened to all genres of music since I was a baby, bro

My sister's named after Nina Simone – Really? – Yeah Her name is Nina Simone, so, I don't know, it's been a thing, that's why it's so a part of me 'Cause my dad, music is part of his everyday life – Right, yeah

And it became a part of yours – Yeah, essentially – I know you're about to go in sec, you're about to rock the stage and all of that I wanna get out of the way so you can do that, but I gotta know, what's your ritual when you getting ready for a festival versus any other show? – Just take a poop (laughing) – That's the first thing you do? – It's the thing I do right before I go on stage

It just clears my stomach – You're right here in your hometown, man What's it feel like to grace the stage one more time? You've graced a million stages in Atlanta, but what is it like doing that in the hometown? – [Lil Yachty] It's always just a weird different feel when you're doing it in Atlanta – What do you prefer, you prefer performing at home? Or where's your favorite place to rock? – New York probably I ain't performed in New York in a long time, but it'd be crazy

– Well when you come back out there, man, you gotta check back in with MTV News – Yeah, for sure, for sure – Would love that, man Lil Yachty, thank you for chopin' up with us – Love

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