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Lil Wayne Reveals How He Ended Up On 'The Masked Singer' | #MTVFreshOut


(upbeat music) – What brought you to Miami? Why the 305? – I came out here for a video shoot when I was about 19 and I never left – I was born early '90s

I remember 2000s, multimillion dollar directors Hype, you had Director X I remember two, three day shoots – It's so not like that no more Yeah, it's so not like that no more

– I heard it was exotic places – Man, it ain't like that – What's your take on videos and- – That's my homie Rick right there with the camera He's filming me when I'm skating, so with that said, he filming video, we done shot videos So like you said, it's easy these days

I'm so glad they turned it into (mumbles) – So you don't mind? You don't miss the big two, three days, million dollars? – That costs the artist, baby Yeah, that costs the artist, I don't miss that at all – [Jamila] I thought that was the label money – Mm-mm, nah

Yeah, the label money will tell you that's what it is That's your money – You have over 80 songs in your vault I bet more than that (chuckles) Don't scare me

– She said 80 songs in your vault – [Jamila] Over 200? Over 300 that's unreleased? – She said 200 – Over 300? – Put it like this sweetheart, when you leave a session, when you leave a session and you ask, "Can I get what I got from what I did tonight?" And it comes back as files of what you've done for that night My last files was 53 So you said 80 something, I did 53 songs that night

– Workaholic Is it anyone that you want to work with? Up and coming or fellow legend? – Yeah, I always want to work with everybody, so that answers that question That answer is always gonna be everyone I always want to work with everybody I always want to see how it comes together, how it blends

I'm always doing features I done one last night, I got three more to do that I haven't done yet So I'm always working with people, so I always want to work with people But as far as anyone out there that I have specifically to work with, Lizzo I would love to work with Lizzo

– I heard you got a little track with DaBaby that could be coming out – Me and the DaBaby? – [Jamila] Mm-hm – Yeah, yeah, definitely That one ain't come out on an album, man? – [Man] You got one on his album – Okay, but yeah, yeah, yeah, that's how I told you it goes

You do one for me, I do one for you, so that's usually how it goes – That's old school That's you do something for me, – That's how it goes – And I'll repay it off of good faith Now, I have to ask the question because- – You got to lock that in with the good, with the top artists though

When you get with that relationship with them Jay-Zs and them Beyonces, that's when you got it – [Jamila] That's when you got it – I do one for you, you do one for me 'cause you know I ain't paying you (laughing) – Now, you look like you had a damn fun time on "The Masked singer" Tell me about that experience

What made you say yes and just go out there? – "The Masked Singer," I watched, I was a fan, I am a fan of the show – [Jamila] Okay – I've been watching since the first episode because the first episode when it came on I knew it was T-Pain The first episode I was like, "That's Pain" So that made me watch every episode

Because of that, I told Mac, (mumbles), I was like, "Let them know I'm a huge fan" And I wanted to get Nicki on there – Yes, oh! – I was like, "Man, tell them I would love "to get Nicki on there" And it came back like, "Man, they want you on there" I was like, "Me?" And he was like, "Exactly

" And he was like, "Yeah, they want you" I was like, "You're sure? "Ask them again, man" He was like, "They want you on there" So I said, "All right, I'll do it" And that's how that came about

– Was Nicki (mumbles), she was like, "Yo, bro, you was supposed to, "what you doing up there?" – No, she ain't even know about that This was gonna be a surprise to her She probably would have told me, "No, I ain't doing this" So we don't know how she would have felt about that – [Jamila] As they say, don't say nothin', won't be nothin'

(chuckling) What made you want to get locks? Was that a spiritual journey? – Got tired of getting it braided (chuckling) Once you get to a point where you stop, tired of hitting the girl up, she get busy, she get popular after you done got a little popular, she braiding the hair up, she done got a little popular You can't even get her to come over like you used to Might as well just twist it up – Mm-hm, where she now talking about her day rate

– Twist it up – And lock it up What's your favorite part about being a father? 'Cause I'm a daddy's girl, I love my dad Love my pops What's the best part about being a dad? – Watching

Admiring Observing That's my favorite part, observing Just to see, just to know, "What'd you just say? "What you gonna do about what?" – [Jamila] They hit you with the dab – Like, "What you gonna do about what?" And just to sit back and admire it, and also to think on it

Just the thought process I think that's the best part for me, just the thought process of what did you just say or what are you gonna do about this situation And so then it's a nice time for me to think about would I have done that? Did I do this? Should he do this, should she do it, and those types of things The thought process, that's the best part – What moment are you most proud of in your career? – As far as career wise, the most thing, the thing that I'm always the most proud about is putting my friends on

Yeah, just knowing the fact that Young Money is what it is and when you ask, "What's Young Money?" Or, "Who runs Young Money?" Every name you name, that's his homie from school, that's his homie from the city, that's his homegirl, that's what I love about it to be honest, that I've never changed it – Have you ever asked yourself, "Why me?" – I ask that I don't ask it to myself though I may get on my knees sometimes, once a day or twice and ask that question, but I also don't want the answer Yeah, not at all

I don't question it I may, like I said, I never question myself so that's why I said I don't ask myself the question I may have asked someone else, a higher being once or twice, but also I don't want the answer because I believe if you do know what the answer is then then what? (electronic music)

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