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Learn English with Breaking Bad


Hello guys, it's Ben here from Talk Speak English, the channel that brings you real everyday English that will help you sound like a true native speaker Today, we're going to look at a clip from the TV series Breaking Bad

And not only are we going to learn some useful phrases, but also some useful vocabulary Let's get to the video I miss this Walt Yeah Me too

Listen, we ought to get together more often Skyler and I would love to have you and Gretchen over for a dinner sometime Sure, yeah, absolutely You know what I mean, is that that you and I should work together again What are you gonna teach high school? — No, no seriously What's stopping us? Wait a minute Elliot, what are you? Are you asking me to come work for you at Gray Matter? Yeah, why not? You'd fit right in You're brilliant, you've got a ton of experience

How's it going guys? And I hope you're learning lots of new phrases and vocabulary Now if you are don't forget to smash that like button, but also subscribe for more great content Without wasting any time, let's get back to the video Now I I wouldn't really know where to begin I mean You have no idea

I spend my days just drawing out atoms on the chalkboard and trying to get these kids to learn the periodic table Look I understand you you you're a little rusty, but you're not seeing the upside here We could really benefit from a new set of eyes You know what it's like when you've been trying to crack some problem for months on end, you get tunnel vision One guy thinking outside of the box You may be exactly what we need

So there we are guys, another video done for you there and I hope you learnt some cool phrases and vocabulary that you can use to help you sound like a native speaker Now just a quick note guys to say that it is your comments and your support that really encourages me to make these videos So please leave me a comment telling me what you would like to see in future videos and feel free to leave me a like if you enjoyed the video Once again guys, thank you so much for watching and I will see you next time You

Source: Youtube

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