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Learn English With Breaking Bad | Walter Meets Tuco


Aww Yeah! We're back with a kick-ass English lesson with one of the best series of all time series of all time, Breaking Bad So, in this scene, we see that a meeting was arranged between Walter White and drug lord Tuco Salamanca, and you're going to learn a ton of slang and curse words

However, this may be offensive to some viewers By the way, if you're new here, every week we make fun lessons just like this one with Breaking

Bad so that you can understand fast-speaking natives without getting lost, without missing the jokes, and without subtitles For example, Somiya says that she now feels more confident when she speaks English So, if you want to improve your fluency and confidence as well, all you have to do is hit that subscribe but ton and the bell down below so you don't miss any of our new lessons Hey! Do you want to understand connected speech like this? Well, there's no more fun way to do it than with our Fluent with Friends course In this 48-week course, you will master the principles of connected speech, greatly increase your vocabulary, improve your grammar, and so much more with the series Friends

You can try it for FREE right now with our 3-part Masterclass All you have to do is click up here, or down in the description below to learn more and sign up, and we're really looking forward to meeting you inside Hey! If you're a fan of Breaking Bad, we actually did another lesson a while ago also featuring this tremendous series You can check that out after you finish this lesson Alright, I hope you had a lot of fun with that epic scene

If you've never scene Breaking Bad before, then it is a series I highly recommend, it will not disappoint you And you might want to check out one of these other fun lessons so that you can continue your learning And now it's time to go beyond the classroom and LIVE your English! Aww Yeah!

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