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going down doing it he's going for the sliding method not exactly walking team 19 hey yo what's going on everyone its Papa Jake and we are back with a brand new video it's a brand new day it's a brand new century Logan worries 120 now it's the future we got flying cars we got hovering boats we even got brand new Papa Jake March you guys can call via the official Papa Jake's store of course link always in the description down below if you guys want to get some of this awesome merch not only is it super comfy but Logan we're standing literally in snow and I feel like I'm on an ice floor to beat right now this is just so warm and cozy which brings me to my next point Jake today we are gonna do something extremely cold that's the opposite of warm and cozy Logan you realize you see this Jake that's a lot of ice right there that's a big old block ice are we making ice tea no Jake we are not making ice tea today we are doing that do not break the ice challenge all right well that sounds like a challenge for me what we have here guys is a block of ice the only thing is this ice is not solid there is two feet of water beneath it and me and Logan are gonna compete against each other to see who does not break the ice of course just standing on the ice is not gonna break it but by the end of this video one of us is gonna freeze so we have this spinny wheel of challenges and some of the challenges aren't very good one of them is to drop a weight on the ice while you're standing in and that just can't be good so we've got increasingly difficult challenges including using a sledge hammer boiling water jumping doing push-ups running across the ice all of the things that could break the ice in fact there is one in here that is submerge yourself in the ice water which I really really hope I don't land on now of course guys this is a Pappa Jake versus Logan challenge and the winner is going to get $200 towards an ebay mystery box that's right so if I win I get $200 for my mystery box and in a couple of weeks guys we're gonna do a Mystery Box challenge video where we both get to buy our mystery boxes with however much money we get so if I win every challenge and I've got you know like 40 million dollars I get a really sick mystery box and Logan gets socks the thing is I am the ice master logan me and ice we go way back see I respect the ice hold me marry her me take my hand is literally freezing off its my cone is so cold oh this is gonna be a batch to be a challenge itself oh I'm getting a little bit scared 3 2 1 pop chick never loses no this is advanced paper oh the first base come on give me something good give me skip a turn the gonna be drive car across ice even me Jade oh I think I know what it means that I am very scared she cannot drive across this ice it will break know what Logan we're about to find out all right jake has gone to get himself a car for the first challenge car now of course I can't drive an actual car across here but I've got the next best thing it's a mini car I think the car is gonna go in the water I think it's gonna go in the water look at in that could you go in the water with the car the car on first hey guys just for a reference yesterday I stepped on it and it just completely broke I don't know about this guy Jake doesn't make it get across he loses the first count trying distribute my weight here oh no there's the water oh you're pushing the ice down and I take home the money I can't believe that worked Logan the the weight of the ice kind of like I said guys there is two feet of water it is this is essentially just one big iceberg pushed it down and kind of flooded it a little bit but I think it's gonna make it move I'm already getting a little cold Jake looks like you're up next it is my turn to spin the wheel here we go relax this time let Logan go across the ice something baggy probably I'll ruin the ice alotta 20 push-ups on the ice you lose gonna freeze my hands yeah and if the ice breaks I'm just gonna plop right in up next guys comment down below who do you think is going to break the ice first I honestly thought I was done with that first challenge gotta do 20 you got a nice slide on 2 3 4 5 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 what I could hear the ice cracking one of these gonna give I am very happy to say I'm completely dry soaked but other than that I'm alright your turn up next three two one let's get something bad no I want to say that was rigged but it's not I get to stay out here in the nice moderately still freezing weather Logan go spin buddy you're up next alright guys looks like I'm up walk across the ice if it hit hammer the ice no Logan is going to have to walk across this way to the other side if he reaches it me wins if he follows any losses you guys know the rules to think I can do it all right all right guys Logan is on the other side of the ice he needs to walk across without it breaking okay now there is a lot of skill involved here you normally want to get your body separated so that the ice does not feel the full weight oh oh looks like he's going for the sliding method not exactly walking but we're gonna let this slide plea I think that's two points for me I get a point for skip at earnest though that's two points for me so we're actually tied here here we go guys let's see it come on skip to turn again something easy I'll get the slip I just found I just found thirty seconds if you got skip a turn again I would be so mad okay so nice for 30 seconds I can do that I listen your ice I'm winning 200 bucks you and me we split that both ways if you hold up for me just gonna sit real nice 30 sec you up timer got a timer ready Jake 30 seconds starts now monkey out oh gee it's cracking its cracking over there and meditate Logan it won't break all the hoping take it all cracking Shh and you ice we're in this together don't break five more seconds you guys the problem is every time we do a challenge the ice gets weaker and weaker weaker guys I don't know who's gonna break it first all right Logan you're up next a look he just changed into a wetsuit because I'm uh I'm starting to get a little fluid service it's gonna break we're hearing lots of cracking what it's tiny got a little worried cuz yes there are a lot of cracking noises all right well looking well it is your turn next so why don't you go ahead and spin the suit you get here we go scuba tank skip pattern skip four chains skip pattern skip a turn skip but turn a sledgehammer sledgehammer sledgehammer look gonna be okay okay that's not that hammer this hammer it's a we hammer okay how many times you have to hammer it how hard five is that fair five maybe ten times times hey not only do I have to hammer the eyes but I also have to walk on it essentially so there's two ways you can break this might be bad guys can go here smash that like button and however many likes we get Jake has to hammer the ice that many times okay ten hammers ten everything get off this thing three two one four five six see a really large crack in the ice and go this way oh there's a big crack right there I don't know I feel like you should have done 20 hammers oh I didn't know I basically broke through the ice get but turn skip my turn camera get hot water much hot water I get to boil a kettle of hot water port your feet hopefully that doesn't crack you do fresh out of the cattle up act it's still in the cattle but about to be fresh out of the cattle I actually don't know what's gonna happen I'm kind of curious so I'm gonna pour it like around you because obviously I don't want to burn Logan's feet this doesn't break the ice all right three two one going on the ice and I'm taking you guys with me why here it whoa see it's cracking oh definitely melting it but well okay hey ever the ice is melting all right looking ya'll you're 30 seconds ago so I mean technically survived the challenge but guys between the hammer the hot water the car any second all right that's another point for me Jake you're up sledgehammer I don't know if this is on fortnight dance Jake I don't know man it was it was like it was really on this side of the Pens Oh guys calling it down below that's a breach of rules Jake it is for this plan champ Oh guys just walking on the ice at the sledgehammer he's gonna go right through I'm hearing very sad music as Jake goes onto the ice it's cracking a lot just one really big hit okay that's fair yeah just one one big sigh jammer Jake I smile I just feel like I'm gonna fall through five seconds okay here we go three two what oh gee there's a big crack he gets cracking Oh No Oh Jake there's some big cracks ow Oh Boyce coming up she got one ounce of crack there there's a grab there it's cracking all around right now oh no I'm gonna have to get my way over there Jake you just got one point and you deserve that point now Jake it's up to you do you want to continue to play oh I thought I thought I got through that challenge then when I went to go pull it out I saw a crack and I was like I probably should have ran but I was if I run it's gonna be way too quick oh okay all right I have an idea though Logan since it's already broken and we've done a lot of challenges and I'm already freezing how about for the next couple challenges we have to erase all the ones we've done and leave only the hard ones that means I'm going in the water got a nice fresh block ice over there oh here we go okay this is uh I don't even know if I can survive on the ice it's just gonna it's just gonna sink all right well I say you have to walk out in the middle and just drop this from yo maybe like high that's just going in the water okay guys I'm gonna do this as quickly as possible and win this challenge if you're with me smack that like there's only one way to end this game and it's for us to do the Polar Plunge the only way to decide a winner Polar Plunge wins alright I mean that's fair we both broke the ice honor both of our last turns whoever can do the Polar Plunge for the longest wins okay get it back out bad guys is Logan not way more out than I am look at him okay I don't want the $20 I can't do it I can't do it oh I give up on you in the polar ice challenge all right I give up I can't do it I am crazy I need warmth and blankets that's what I thought I mean technically Logan you didn't fully submerge yourself either so I mean you're still not technically cooler burns myself right now Jake I'm going to do the Polar Plunge here we go oh gee come give me a hug no no no you did right there bear gee alright guys this is where we're gonna wrap up the video for today of course guys do not forget if you want to join the squad you will never miss one of our awesome videos all you got to do is smack that Bell button hit the subscribe button and leave a comment hashtag squad down below but of course it hasn't pop Jake and Logan and we'll see you guys next time for another awesome challenge video

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