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LANA WALKS AWAY? Lana Reaches Her BREAKING POINT As Bobby Lashley Story Line Goes Too Far | WWE RAW


Hey guys, welcome back to wrestling world! By now everyone has their own opinions on the Rusev, Lana, and Bobby Lashley story line Majority of fans hate the story while others still find it entertaining One of the main problems with the story is that there is not any real clear end goal for it And it feels like wwe is taking it one week at a time without any real pay off being planned Even the cast of wwe backstage all had negative feedback for the story Samoa joe said that it’s hard for the viewer to really know what the pay off is going to be here and they all agreed that the story should be put on the back burner Rusev and Bobby Lashley have both been asked multiple questions about their infamous on going story line and they both had similar responses Rusev and Lashley think that as long as it’s putting up big numbers and being the most talked about segments from raw then it’s a win for them However, Lana May have a whole different view on everything Reports claim that Lana absolutely hates the story line herself and has felt more and more uncomfortable with each segment that airs every week Not to mention the Manchester raw crowd from a few weeks ago, that wanted no part of this story Lana was booed out of the building with “boring” chants and she could barely be heard in the arena Luckily for wwe, the show was pre recorded so they were able to go back later in post production and get rid of some of the booing Not to mention that Lana and Rusev now have to hide their actual real life relationship from the public eye They can’t post pictures together on social media or be seen in public together because that’ll ruin WWE’s story of them being split up So it really is a lot of extra added stress for Rusev and Lana to keep the story believable outside of the ring So you might ask, why doesn’t Lana just refuse the story? Well before this story, Lana had been at home since early 2019 and was just waiting all year for an opportunity to return to tv and if she refuses anything from the story then wwe would likely go right back to have having no plans for her Have you noticed that Maria’s pregnancy cheating story has disappeared as well? That’s because wwe dropped it and implemented some of the main factors into the Rusev and Lana story Not to mention that Vince McMahon is reportedly one of the biggest fans of the story line as well So wwe has a lot of focus and attention on this this story right now, but Lana doesn’t seem like she’s happy with it at all What are your thoughts on this situation? Let us know what you think! Don’t forget to subscribe and leave a like if you enjoyed! Thanks for watching!

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