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Lana says Rusev is breaking the law: WWE Exclusive, Dec. 1, 2019


Open the door Where is the trainer? Where's the car? >> Lana, Lana, If I could

>> I'll be there How can I help you? >> I can only imagine >> Did you not see what just happened? Actually stop with all your questions First of all, Rusev, broke the law Do you understand that I have filed multiple restraining orders? The first thing I did when I landed in Georgia, I went to the court and filed another restraining order

And so not only he's breaking the law, I mean, don't you see that he's a danger to society is a danger to you, see? Yes, thank me Thank me please, say thank you >> Thank you >> Thank you for looking after my safety please >> Thank you for looking after my safety

>> Yes, I am such a good human I'm looking after your safety, the safety of Georgia, the safety of the WWE Universe by getting these restraining orders against that monster My soon-to-be ex-husband Rusev I mean it's just horrible You just saw what he did again to my Bobby

I mean, it's my Bobby, and he's just like he doesn't care He hurt him on Monday Night Raw, and then again breaking the law I mean, what is he, Bad Boy Rusev? Is that what we're supposed to call him? Breaking the law, breaking the law, breaking the law, Bad Boy Rusev? I mean, unbelievable But thank you for asking about me I'm gonna be okay

I'm gonna be okay >> What about Bobby Lashley, is he okay? >> Thank you for asking I'm handling it My Bobby is gonna be okay, and I'm gonna be okay, too Thank you for asking

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