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Lana Condor, Noah Centineo & Anna Cathcart on 'To All The Boys 2: P.S. I Still Love You' | MTV News


– Hi, you guys! We are the cast of 'To All The Boys: PS

I Still Love You' I am Lana Condor – Noah Centineo – I'm Anna Cathcart – And we are gonna play- – And we are gonna play- – And we are gonna play- – We're gonna, we're gonna

– And we are gonna dive into MTV News Dive into? Wait, what is it? – Ladies and gentlemen, here we are We're about to dive in I just figured I'd try it – Give it a go, give it a go! – Dive in with MTV

– With! – With! – And we are going to dive in with MTV News – [Noah] Oh, my turn? – [Lana] Get in there – I like this one I don't even know what it says Has Lara and Kitty's relationship changed since the first film? – I feel like Kitty's a little bit meaner

– I feel like that, too – Like, she gets just sassier as she goes – Yeah, she gets sassier by the day – Yeah – I think we fight more

– Yeah – What's the word? Not quibble That's not a word – That's not a word – We like, ban- – No

– Like, takakaka (laughs) Like back and forth bant- Like, banter in a negative way – Banter, but in a bad way Yeah Exactly

– Yeah – [Producer] Bicker? – [Both] Bicker! – Thank you, bicker – Bicker I still slam doors in your face – Yeah

– As I do in real life – [Anna] What was your worst Valentine's Day ever? – Ooh – Oh, I don't know They've all just been like, you know – You're like, listen they haven't been great

– They've all been pretty, no, they've been, I didn't say that, they've been pretty good, they've all just been pretty similar you know Wear a red shirt, pretend you're celebrating Valentine's Day, – [Noah] Yeah, yeah – tell your friends you love them – That's nice – It's a good Valentine's Day right there, see

– Back in my old elementary school, it was kind of boujee but like we used to like write each other Valentine's Day cards – Oh wait, okay I did that too – You, you would put them all like in each other's desks and stuff – That was really fun

– And like, some people get a lot of them – And some people don't – We were an inclusive school, we just gave it to everyone – And some people don't get that many – You got chocolates by the end of the day, it was good

– It was third grade, Mrs Pierce's class – Mrs Pierce – Oh, my heart was pierced

Yeah – Aw, Noah – I hate Valentine's Day! [Noah] The movie begins with Lara Jean and Peter's first date What's your idea of a perfect first date? – I like dinner and a movie because I think that it's important to see – It's cliché

– But listen, but listen, – Dinner and a movie, you know? – I think it's important to see if you can sit with someone in silence and be comfortable – You won't be You won't be – Ever – The first date? – But, if this person is the one

– You sit there, just like eating pasta, looking at you silently – Lana, I got a question – No one would enjoy that – I got a question When you first meet someone, – Mhm

– you don't know if they're gonna murder you, you don't know what- – [Anna] Okay – what their intentions are And the first thing you wanna do is sit with them in silence in a cold room? – That took such a dark turn, what? – [Anna] Explain the plot of 'PS I Still Love You' in emojis

Okay We can do this – Okay The girl emoji, no wait – Girl, guy emoji with the hearts

Girl, guy emoji when they're like together? – Wait no, no I think there is like a girl, guy, guy emoji Emoticon – Mmm, is there? – Oh – There might be, okay, nevermind

– Oh yeah, that's true – Like a love triangle situation? – I was doing it scene by scene, so (laughter) – Me too, I was doing like, "Opening shot" – There's definitely the heartbroken one – Yeah

– It should be the one where it's like and there's like a tear, like a sweat going – [Anna] Yeah, the stress – [Lana] The sweat one, that one – [Anna] Stress – With like a heart, heart emoji and then that one

(laughs) – Stress – Yes – And then, and then the purple heart upset emoji – [Both] There's a purple heart upset emoji? – No, no, no, I'm sorry, the purple, the purple like, demon – Oh, the devil

– [Anna] There's no heart involved, right – This one – [Both] Yeah, yeah, yeah – Okay Throw in like a cake or something 'cause you're always like, – Oh yeah, throw a cake

– making or baking or like, Cupcake – This one – Dancing There you go, we look just like them (laughter) – The dog! – Yeah

– Henry! – Yeah – A Henry – He deserves to be mentioned – Another purple demon face – And then, like the fireworks and hearts 'cause it, yeah, ends happy times

(laughing) – [Noah] And then the glasses – Oh, and the letter emoji – Oh, of course – Letter emoji too – [Noah] What song plays in your head when you're really in your feelings? – When I'm in my feelings, the song that I, um

"Let me be your hero baby" "Hero" by Enrique Iglesias – In case, they didn't get it from that clip – That's fantastic – Lana, there's so much food in this movie

(laughing) If you were writing a love letter to your favorite snack, what would you say? – Snacks? I go for meals Mhmm, okay (sighs heavily) Dear Pizza, My love for you runs so deep (laughing) I think of you every waking moment I think of the crust, oh the crispy crust

– Mmm – The cheese, the way to my heart (chewing) And I, I'll love you forever And I'm dreaming of you now (whistle) – Oh wow

– Love, Lana – [Lana] Okay you guys, this is the last question Anna, are you Team Peter Kavinsky or Team John Ambrose McClaren? – Oh my god Okay, like literally, everybody's been asking me this question forever because people keep asking me this and see, I already feel judged, I don't know (laughs) I feel like I'm gonna get attacked by everybody

But- – I feel this too – It's okay – But I have such a love- – We'll protect you – We're okay With either option

– He's right there, I don't know, he's just stressful – Wait, here, why don't you, why don't you- – Okay, okay No – She doesn't know who I ship, clearly – No, oh, wait, okay, I don't know

For me, as Anna, – Bum, bum, bum! -I feel like John Ambrose is more like my type of person, – As Anna? – Yeah – Okay – Like, right? But then Kitty's definitely Team Peter all the way for sure – Yeah – She like, doesn't even know he's in the picture Doesn't even know that John Ambrose is like, exists

So, she's definitely Team Peter And then like, for Lara Jean I, I, I don't, I don't know Me and Janel were talking about this and we're like, "Maybe, "maybe, Peter is like, right now boyfriend, great "And then John Ambrose is like, end game boyfriend" You know? – I've said that before

– Clearly, you have thought about this – So you're saying, you don't like me, huh?! – No! (laughing)

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