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La historia de Breaking Bad contada por Jesse Pinkman SUB


Okay Start from the beginning When was your first encounter with Walter white? I first met Mr

White In the freshman chemistry class He was my teacher You don't look anything like how I remember you in class You and me working together Taking care of our backs It's what saved their lives Walt is unforgiving Would do anything to protect your interests except when it comes to you He cares about you Is my partner and if he doesn't go I don't go Because the Because it does what I say Loyalty? Only maybe the wrong guy because i trusted him Coward Secrets create barriers between people Look, I know how upset you are with what happened to this boy I am as annoyed as you Are you really? I'm sorry the boy doesn't see it, but I do You are a time bomb Tic, tic, tac And I have no intention of being there when you explode If we just do these things and nothing happens What's the case? NOT! What is the point? You and I have done horrible things! Yes All the people we kill

Gale and the rest I believe that if there is hell, we are practically already going there, right? Everything that really mattered to me It is gone! turned into shit dead! Everything since I came across the great Heisenberg I do not know; maybe it's all my fault Mr White

me I was never so alone I have nothing! What do you have in your life, huh? nothing To nobody! To nobody Okay, it's all gone! I'm sorry about Jane I loved her I saw Jane die I saw her overdose, until she died He may have saved her Let's go! But I did not I did not kill Mike I need you to believe me Just tell me you don't give a shit about me I think he is dead and and that all this and you know it it's to kill me just like you killed Mike Do you want to know what he did? Do you want to hear it? He poisoned a little boy He poisoned Brokk and you helped him! And this is your way of hurting me before you leave! Just admit it! Admit what you did And all because of that Mr White trash? Admit it! I didn't do this

! Shut! DO NOT LIE! He can't keep getting away with it I ran over those gangsters! I killed Emilio and Crazy Eight! I did all of that to try to save your life as much as mine But you are too stupid to notice! Put that bullet in my head And kill me right now I will do it DO IT! Do it Do it Say you want this! He really has hurt you, hasn't he? Nothing will happen until I hear you say it I want this So do it yourself I was thinking Maybe you and I should partner Do you want to cook meth crystals? So is!

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