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Angry! What do you smell? I should eat too Hello everyone! Welcome to the Seoul Survival Guide

I'm Paul ~ I'm Paul for foreign travelers Salty I will introduce 'real Korean language and culture' that only Koreans know and use! If you listen to me, you can take a trip in Korea! Why foreign travelers love Korea! Because there's plenty to play! In Korea, there are a lot of fun activities that you can enjoy 24 hours full time, day or night The first representative thing to introduce is Coin Karaoke! Nowadays, it is popular in Korea “Hon

No No! I go to a coin karaoke alone ” Let's check what coin karaoke is on the screen You can go anywhere in the vacant room! 500 won per song! 1,000 won for three songs! Call as much as you want! Wouldn't it be exciting to be able to sing your favorite songs at an affordable price in each private space? You have to choose songs to sing in earnest! However, all karaoke books and karaoke remotes written in Korean will not be easy for foreigners to understand I'll explain in detail from now on Put money in the banknote slot If you put in money, you'll see how many songs you can sing

Now, shall we sing in earnest? This remote control is used to select songs This button displays the title, This button means singer, This button means lyrics By country, each country's song is played I'll search by singer Here, you don't have to press the enter key, you have to press the select button

Then, all the songs of TWICE will come out I'm going to call TT here TT Here it is! Let's start It's only 1,000 won for you to relax and have fun! Is it really amazing? And if! If you want to go to karaoke, you can go to the regular karaoke! Unlike a karaoke room, you can pay for 1 hour in advance and sing and play with your friends in a spacious and comfortable room for 1 hour! In addition, there are places in Korea where you can record the songs I sang in karaoke You can even take your songs home with USB or mail ~ Wondering how you can get this special gift? Press the record button on the remote first The recording mode will appear Then press the Select button in the window that says Record You will then see a screen that says you are ready to record

Choose a song to sing again Press the Listen and Send button to listen to the song you sang earlier When you come back to the menu screen, you can download the song you sang There are two ways to do this, one is to connect the USB to the device and the other is to send mail The second entertainment culture to introduce Oh, what are you doing? welcome Can I help? Yeah! Help! How do you use it? Please select a payment method first

Pay with your card and choose whether you are a member or nonmember Nonmember rates are a bit more expensive, but it's usually better for travelers to choose a nonmember because they'll end up using it once Then choose your time Make a payment with your chosen form of payment Get the code and sit in the seat you want ~ If you're engaged in the game for a while, you'll smell delicious ramen or hot dogs somewhere

If you smell it, you might not stand it I'll let you know how you can eat the food that the person next to you is eating ~ What's that smell? I should eat too! There are so many different kinds of food Add the food you want to eat in your shopping cart There are so many drinks here There are so many kinds of ramen If you put food in your cart, you have to pay I will pay by card and press the order button When the food is ready, I'll bring you where you are

You can also pay at that time! Wow ~ It looks delicious! Isn't it awesome ~~~~~? Fast internet Cool atmosphere A comfortable chair Delicious food affordable price Until 24 hours open ~~~~~~ I want to live here In addition to this, there are various indoor entertainments in Korea Unlike an open café, it's a private room café, where you can eat a wide variety of food You can read comics in the comic room There is also a cafe where you can play VR games There is a cafe with massage You can have fun and relax in these places

Today, we learned about Korean (indoor) entertainment culture! Is it time to fall in love with Korea again? If the information you informed me was useful, subscribe and like! please! Next week, the Seoul Survival Guide will bring you real Korean and Korean culture that you must know when traveling to Seoul! Then I will go to the coin karaoke to sing

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