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Kofi eats a spicy chip to save “Breaking Bad”: The New Day: Feel the Power, March 16, 2020


Going into drama, again [SOUND] >> [CROSSTALK] This will be good

>> Breaking Bad vs Dexter >> Dexter [LAUGH] >> Why are you moving, are you surprised? >> [CROSSTALK] I know, I know, I know, I know and that's on you >> [CROSSTALK] We've had this conversation >> No, 100% Breaking Bad, because of the start to finish >> The story of Heisenberg was more appealing to me in its entirety, I am the danger, come on, man

>> Yes, I echo your sentiments >> There you go >> They're echoed >> Don't just vote against Breaking Bad without any kind of logic, that's spiteful, bro That's spiteful man, my no! >> No

>> You gonna get a chip up >> This man is going to eat a chip >> Don't you do it >> All right- >> Hey wait, wait a minute >> Yes? >> What if I eat a chip? >> No

>> Then what? >> Somebody has to eat two chips then >> So wait, whoever eats the most chips- >> It's a homeowner champion >> Gets their vote through >> You >> Sorry, it was Breaking Bad

And so Dexter would get through and Breaking Bad would be out >> I'm gonna tell you something, the words you just spoke, I forgot what show Breaking Bad was up against >> I know you did, you don't care >> I want to hear >> [CROSSTALK] >> To get Breaking Bad out

>> I'm gonna eat this chip to make sure Breaking Bad gets squashed >> If I eat the chip >> Now, we're back to Breaking Bad advancing, because now it's one against two >> Yes, I like that >> And then if I eat another chip after that

>> Can you eat another chip for Breaking Bad? >> But then you can eat a second chip >> But I can also eat a second chip >> But then we're out of chips, then with the fist fight to the death >> I don't wanna die, I don't even wanna fight, let alone die >> [LAUGH] >> I say we get to it

>> Kofi, do you want to describe what is happening here for the audio listeners at home? >> We're just eating a pack each chip, the- >> That's not a good sound, that's bad stop there >> That's a terrible sound, ASMR did not go over well >> It was a mixed bag >> It was a mixed bag, is it fully intact? >> It was a mixed bag, is it fully intact? >> Is it fully intact or is it crumbly? Boy [LAUGH] >> It's pretty crumbly

>> It looks like there's a piece that crumbled off >> It's pretty much intact, I'm gonna dump all this You say it like I'm not gonna fulfill the whole deal >> Every time gentlemen, let's just get it over >> Let's just see what you do

>> Kofi and E, can you narrate what's happening here for the podcast listeners? >> Here's a was it a paqui? How do you pronounce it? >> Paqui >> Paqui >> It's a very hot chip, it says one deadly black tortilla chip And there's a picture of a skull that's red with a, no, these are peppers, the shape of a flame on its forehead and what looks to be flames coming out of the side of the skulls mouth >> On the back it says warning, eat at your own risk, not for the faint of heart, not everyone will enjoy the extreme heat

It also says after this, hell, should be easy, so that gives you any inclination of what you're getting into, that's it I've been here before >> On the bottom of a box, it also says, warning, it's straight from hell with a melting skull >> All right, here we go >> Get to it

>> My God >> Sir He's put the whole chip the entire chip is in his mouth in his mouth In his mouth >> He's chewing on the chip

>> The whole chip >> I could already see how- >> He's got the PRL, he's gonna drink it >> Pow, no >> He's gonna drink the PR, no, okay, he's putting on his hand >> His mouth is getting real steamy

>> Baby mouth, baby mouth >> I see tears starting to form The ducts are full, the tear ducts are full, you can see he's trying to tough it out >> You can't possibly hate a show this much that you are willing to put this spicy chip in your mouth >> It's done, Kofi? >> Do I love the show as much as you hate the show is the question

>> You already, I thought you agreed to it >> I didn't agree to it >> You didn't agree? >> Did I agree? I said what happens, I didn't say, I'm going to do it >> So do you need a chip or not? >> I don't even have milk, see >> The boy is hurting, but he's he's- >> Is he that hot? >> Don't vomit near me or towards me, turn the other way

>> It hurts, I don't feel good >> He said, he can eat another chip to also eliminate Breaking Bad the feature? >> Yeah, yeah, absolutely >> Are you gonna to try to eliminate Breaking Bad if I had a chip? Tell me straight up, if I a chip? >> I'm won't tell you anything >> If I eat a chip right now you're gonna eat >> I'm not telling you anything

>> [LAUGH] >> Yeah, none of that sounds good >> Shoot >> Kofi, what are you looking at? >> [SOUND] >> [LAUGH] >> Is it that hot? >> Yeah >> All right, Kofi is reaching for something >> [SOUND] Let's go, let's go

Be a man, will not go down at the hands of whatever show this is >> God bless you, man >> Let's go, man >> This can't be worth it >> I'll be damned, I'll be damned if you have Breaking Bad go out like this

>> So Kofi is now opening up the bag of chips >> Kofi? >> Yeah, we have no milk for you, we just wanna let you know >> More >> You didn't provide milk for me, this is BS >> Aah! >> Just full disclosure

>> It stinks >> This is Kofi is now eyeing- >> Is it that bad? He's thrusting his hips >> [LAUGH] >> Can I have the Purell, at least? >> Is that hot? >> Very slowly unwrapping it, you won't- >> Breaking Bad >> Taking his time >> You don't love this show

>> For Heisenberg! >> You don't love the show >> And he has now placed the entire chip in his mouth, he is chewing it >> I'm about to throw up >> So far he's handling it quite well, so far, it's very early in the process, but he seems to be okay >> You got 32 seconds

>> So far, handling it better, I would say then, yeah, he's handled it well >> I grew up on these spices, bro, I grew up on these spices, man >> Mm-mm >> Wow >> Is that Terry, it's definitely Terry, Terry

>> It doesn't happen instantly >> But [CROSSTALK] so sold it actually >> Yeah, it's getting hotter >> It's getting harder, because I didn't want him to eat one >> Okay, that was all performance, eh? >> No

>> Ooh, wow, that's not good God >> But you made it >> I'm gonna have some water >> Water?! >> [LAUGH] >> You want water? >> It doesn't that make it worse? >> I don't know

>> All right, we'll see >> Are we going to another chip? >> My God! >> [LAUGH] >> The water made it worse, right? >> [LAUGH] >> Do the water make it worse? I feel like water is bad idea, it makes it worse >> Its making it hotter >> [LAUGH] >> It is getting hot >> Give me the milk

>> He is gonna break his code >> I am gonna wash my mouth with it >> Yeah, drink it >> [LAUGH] >> Give me the milk Aah! >> [LAUGH] Give me the milk, give me the milk

>> Give me the milk >> [SOUND] >> Give me the milk, give me the damn milk >> It can't be worth it >> Aah! [SOUND] >> Do you wanna spit? Do you wanna spit it? >> Never spit, never spit >> Stop, stop, stop it, stop it

>> Sorry, sorry- >> He spit, Kofi spit, Kofi you're nasty, Kofi you're nasty >> This is not good >> This has gotten out of hand >> The milk >> You've got milk on you mouth- >> It's gross

>> The visual is not pleasant >> We've got two more chips, if you wanna get in on this Sir >> [LAUGH] >> You will not do this to me >> That's not happening

>> Breaking Bad >> [LAUGH] >> For Heisenberg >> [LAUGH] >> You feel good about your decisions to eat these chips? >> No, he spit, he spit, Kofi spit My God My mouth feels like- >> I don't smell

>> So another chip then, A dub? >> You better eat another chip >> I will not >> [LAUGH] >> Because, as of now, Breaking Bad has gone through >> Holy crap >> He still spit, he still spit

>> What a bad decision >> [LAUGH] >> What a terrible decision >> [LAUGH] >> I'm spitting on the floor, my nose is running >> Kofi is spitting on the floor >> Can this man get a napkin, can this man get a napkin? Yeah, we are at a hotel, a classy establishment

>> Just so you know, so you're aware >> [SOUND] >> Ooh, ooh, you're handling it pretty bad, Austin Kofi's really knows how it, look at him >> It took him a second, it took him a minute >> What'd I say? I said look at him, I said, I've been here before

Adam brought you down to my level >> Do you want more milk? >> [LAUGH] >> It's so gross, I'm gonna throw up, cuz of milk in my mouth >> It's almost passed, it's almost passed for me >> Throw up that way, throw up away from me >> It's almost passed for me

>> Vomit away from me >> I'm done with it I don't even feel the heat, I don't even feel the heat anymore >> Are you really gonna vomit in here? >> Kofi's gonna throw up, Kofi's gonna throw up >> You better give him the mic, give him the mic, on the mic, on the mic, have the mic

>> No one wants to hear throw up >> Yeah, yeah [LAUGH] >> Kofi's gonna throw up >> Plastic, plastic >> Plastic, plastic, protection, protection, >> Yeah, bag, just put it inside

>> This is sad to see, so this is a man, I respected >> Who brought these? >> It was Dan, second round is coming, second round of pain is coming Kofi, so you're aware, so you're aware this happens in three stages when you eat these chips So first it's the mouth, you're gonna feel the corners of your mouth are very hot You already feel that now, your tongue is gonna start to swell a little bit

It's gonna get very hot, the top of your mouth is gonna get very hot >> Why didn't you stop Big E? >> You're a grown man >> And then your throat, it gets very hot, and then as that starts to die down, it's gonna start to die down soon Then you're gonna feel it, traveling from your chest into your stomach And you're gonna feel like everything that's inside your body is turning to liquid

>> The concept of milk in my mouth is nauseating, dude >> And then when you sit down to let it come out the back end, you're gonna go through this again, but this time anally >> [LAUGH] >> It's not a pleasant experience >> And I see that your love for Breaking Bad is true >> I see that your hate for Breaking Bad is true

>> I respect you >> [CROSSTALK] >> My God >> He still punk >> God, what a

>> Yeah, I'll be that >> [LAUGH] >> I got no problem being that >> Looking at the two of you [MUSIC] Do you want more? Of course, you do >> Subscribe wherever you get your podcast and feel the power

>> Baby

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