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Kiara Advani on Preeti from Kabir Singh not leaving her, breaking down while shooting for Guilty


what she told me my first question to her was who is the first person you confided in when this incident happen and she said it took me 2 years to tell my best friend that this happen and I said you lived with that for 2 years she said the minute I actually said it it became my reality Preeti is not leaving me Preeti is my middle name clearly and I don't mind it it's very flattering ya I've read all these really funny one's lastly been in a band I dated someone in a band in school and college I've been in a band The one girl who is roaring on the box office and as well now on Netflix is Kiara Advani and welcome to PINKVILLA first of all you know funnily I was just going through the trailor again today and something that really take me off was the comments section was filled oh after Preeti and I'm not kidding most of the comments was after Preeti we are so glad that this is what happens when Preeti breaks up with Kabir Singh That is see Preeti is not leaving me Preeti is my middle name clearly and I don't mind it It's very flattering ya I've read all these funny one's she has become Kabir But it's great that we get to play such different characters and that character got so much love and than even Monica actually I'm happy Goodnews came right after that than they were like she can be this punjabi girl and than some now Guilty is just it just so happen like I wasn't looking to do different roles I was hoping to but these films i was lucky that these were the offers that had to come to me Around the same time and I'm happy that they're releasing in this order I didn't know also how to I think this is your year there are back to back releases it's a lot of pressure But it's a year that even I'm looking forward to because in 2019 the two films had released were really really of course it was a special year for me but all these films are releasing this year I've shot for last year so that but now is the result going to come out because it looks like very intense drama that we're seeing wherein you're actually imorting more through your eyes rather than dialogues you know and this wild side we see to you and than suddenly the entire narrative changes what was the most challenging part if I had to ask one thing Honestly it's not one thing the entire character was a challenge because okay yes it's far off from my personality but it's also extremely complexed the look in feel is one part the physical aspect is one part but it's primarily because of the emotional aspect somebody Nanki she looks the way she's got these tattoo's and this white hair and these piercings but it's actually her mask she is trying to cover something she is trying to hide something that she doesn't want you to know it's someone like that extremely fragile inside she's someone who's got a lot of insecurity and she comes on like she's putting on front like she wants you to take her seriously don't mess with me attitude But inside she is extremely fragile I mean she is she can be triggered and you are like why is she behaving I mean she is such an there is so much inconsistansy and incoherency and complexity within her that sometimes I'm like why is she doing something like this of course is a reason which which is what's interesting in the film as a story goes it will unleash and for her you see the story through the girl friend she is in a conflicted situation because here it's her boyfriend who's been accused of rape there's a legit rape on him and she knows him better than anybody else so for her this is unthinkable but the other hand an allegation as serious as this has been made on the boyfriend and she cannot she doesn't know which truth to believe but there's also history with this girl there is also a certain judgement that she's made and than she's finding out through story she is whether she is on his side or she's trying to find the truth and what happens is she trying to find her own truth who is she and why is she like this How is she different from Tanu How much did Kiara as a person lend to this you know what I did so to be very honest has bone in my body that has had the expirence on is anything like Nanki so for me the prep was extensive and we did a lot of that But while we were doing the prep and Atul Mongya who has couched me through this with Ruchi back by my side realize through the process that you know you've been so sheltered in life that you never had a first hand experience and you need to now meet somebody who can tell you that so he got me in touch with rape victim and for the first time I saw it when we hear of these stories whether it's several cases in the country that has come to light and now finally there people are talking about the subject of rape we always look at it because we're an outsider but you empathize in very like you're angry and you want justice for the person But when I met this girl what she told me my first question to her was who is the first person you confided in when this incident happen and she said it took me 2 years to tell my best friend that this happen and I said you lived with it for 2 years she said the minute I actually said it it became my reality and minute I said it I had to admit that this is happen till now you wanna deny you can't it's something which is so you know you can't even she said but for me she's like that's not I wanted my life to be about That is not the person that's you know It's just I asked her so what would you want she said I don't give a shit about that damn justice because this is the part of my life it's a tattoo on my body it is there forever I cannot erase this incident it's happened as much as whatever happened I'll kill them It's still there in my life it happened to me and it will not leave me it's always just right there and that's when it hit me when my Honestly I was like I just broke I didn't even realise I mean we can't even imagine I would hope no one's has to deal with something like that so for me that's when I realise all I can do is put my truth and do this as truthfully and sincerely as I can and I hope you'll enjoy No I think it will be because you've given your heart and soul to it at the end of the day right that brings me to this relevant topic that is it is in the society today that I have heard so many actresses has come forward and said that we should stop looking at people who had to suffer this as victims and rather than that survivers Do you see the perception in society with the kind of debate that is going on and conversation that has happened changing Well definitely I feel they don't feel like they stand alone and you know you feel like now like at least 5 years ago it was such an uncomfortable conversation have today it's a harsh reality and until and unless we don't have it we will not be able to get grassroot of it having said that I mean I'm gonna lighten this up but what I feel is what really interested me and gage me to the story was the narrative and the was Ruchi looked at it from very different angle you know we've always seen it from open and shut case here it's not here it's bit complicated here it's the question of who do I believe in this situation it's a campus rape it's happened on a campus so you a group of students who honestly at that age when your life is about what you wanna do and it's your most formative years right you're figuring out who you're as a person so signing what college you wanna go what you wanna do in life you have your friends relationships in this case they are interested in band the wildness in them so all of them whatever you've done roadtrips everything that you've done in college life and no one expects something like this to become your or like to come so close to home we've always ready but the minute it hits you you're like everything has changed and everything changes not just for the two people but every single person around them and that's the angle the story the who done it situation who's actually guilty in this situation are we all guilty which we all are in some way and that's what interesting so that really engage me because when I was hearing the narration I kept thinking I know Okay I know what's gonna happen actually she did it and I'm like one second like she's outsmarted me again in this narration the directer has so I think Ruchi has really beautifully made it such a engaging watch so before we wrap up I have a quick guilty or innocent sort of a quick rapid fire for you I'll say a few things and you've to tell me if you're guilty of doing that or innocent Danced on a table in a bar Innocent realy dance ya on a table not a table actually no wait you're guilty of it guilty okay ever told a lie I think everyone is guilty of this ya white lies little bit but one can see it on my face I'm never able to convicingly okay kissed one of your friends No innocent Slept in untill 5pm ya oh like all night and than till 5 pm I can sleep a lot actually so Guilty Fallen a sleep while at work I am thinking of no not no I am too wired I've taken like afternoon nap we get the lunch break taken a quick power nap laughed until something you were drinking came out of your mouth ya ya water always comes out of my nose when I'm drinking water okay sang in the shower I think we all guilty of it had a boxing membership ya I love kick boxing okay lastly been in a band I dated someone in a band in school in college I've been in a band okay Thank you so much and all the very best for guilty I'm sure it's gonna be kickass fingers crossed Thank you

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