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Khamosh Panjeb (Full Movie) | Pritpal Pali & Prithvi Raj | A Short Movie | Latest Punjabi Movie 2020


Yes, Where do you want to go ? Nangli I won't get any returning passenger from nangliSo you have to give double fare

the normal fare is 40 but i will take 80 Alright Sit then It is not safe to stay for a long time at this place I have heard that it is a haunted place as some aware spirits roam here What are aware spirits ? Those who dies prematurely known as aware spirits I have heard they usually comes on this road

Have you seen them ever ? To be true, i don't believe in these things I think that is rumour is made by one of the tempo-drivers so people gets afraid of spirits and they won't be able to go by foot So they get passengers Are you married? Oh ! i think you too innocent if i had been married, i would not driving in the midnight What's wrong with it now ? I have done repairing yesterday don't get afraid, brother

I am with you i think it will take some time Aren't you in hurry ? No, i am not Take your time looks like you are very much in marriage i have also taken anklets When my wife walked around the house wearing anklets then the house will be charmed The anklets feel good while chanting, but when it becomes silent then it becomes very dangerous

When the anklets are silent… what does it do to be silent wanna listen ? Let's first listen to you I fix an auto rickshaw later But there is one thing… Do not lie… I do not like and i have also heard that at this time anyone who lies or does not stick to a ghost There is a lot of ghost in this village You do this you tell me first What does the anklets do if they become silent Now listen this Do complete count of bricks bricks is decreasing further I also have to give full account to the owner 500 bricks have gone from my pockets ahead Out of this pocket, it is always empty

Please count I’ll Count Ok ok take it now Go now, go from here… now what I’ll bring band instruments for you Bring the band when I will climb a mare for marriage As you do You’ll not ride on mare People must give you a ride on donkey You don’t have good face atleast you can say good things See how Jealous is on the real thing…

Never trust girls Don’t spoil my mood tell me where the bricks I have to deliver? Be taken to the house of Let’s go Mirza’s mare Mirza oh really You know well what had happened to Mirza Brother please count No no it will be complete It was my duty to say, the rest is your wish Lets go Mirza's mare Take your precious thing that you had ordered from the city

It's too early to deliver you There is a responsiveness of Some things which is not ours Oh well, now I’m others responsibility No no why you are others responsiblity You are my heartbeat, if you want you can listen I have been numb several times From now on, let us talk carefully People are starting to doubt You are with me… I do not care for anyone This is your village but this is my in-law If something blows up Neither I will be the mother of the mother, more then in the in-laws You also love and scared also Not in need with anyone only with you so that you don't belong to anyone else Do not believe me? If you speak then will die for you i will take if you saw anyone else except me Oh!! No no never So what’s the plan for today As you say We are slaves of spades When you will say I’ll come You go inside

rest I’ll see Hey ! Do you have manners or not ? He is animal sir understands the language of love You fight with me ? I will cut you You cheap horse rider

Don't mess with us this animal is 100 times better than your vehicle plays with all ages Leave it brother !Why are you fascinated I will see you

Whenever you wish Brother ! Love spoils mind Iove’s ghost was on his head I have heard that both have an affair before marriage i also have heard something like that Brother, what is the fault of his lonely If she calls, then he goes Why don't we go to someone's house without calling I called her many times…but she does not listen to me… What is special in that horse rider Which is not in us What work are you going to do brother Once in the girls' wheel, the honor is gone or not found again

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