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Kehlani Is Stuck In Like However Inspiring To Get Away In ‘You Know Wassup’


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The day before this day (November 12), Kehlani went to the studio and recorded “You Know Wassup” in what sounds esteem a frigid, upsetting rage. She released the track on SoundCloud without it being mixed or mastered on narrative of, for her, it used to be crucial to fetch it out uncooked. Should always you hear to it, you are going to hear why. “You Know Wassup” is for like that has been unfold thin and or no longer it’s miles a smack on the attend of the head to relate you to wake as a lot as how privileged you are to be pleased her.

“You Know Wassup” is, seemingly, a response to dishonest allegations of her fresh boyfriend, rapper YG.  On Halloween, YG, who claimed he used to be under the impact of alcohol, used to be filmed allegedly kissing every other lady. Kehlani, who’s been rather quiet about the topic up till now, has bled over a noxious instrumental about deserving better than that.

It begins with a clip from YG’s 2019 Rolling Loud space when he known as Kehlani onto the stage for an stunning indicate of PDA. “We’re in Oakland,” YG acknowledged. “It’s handiest appropriate… Kehlani, arrive give me a kiss.” The moment then evaporates into a cloud of haze and from the smoke emerges Kehlani’s direct questioning a partner’s distance and being set second to every thing else that they are doing. “Why function I gotta beg to be chosen/Over your vices, over your liquor?/Why I gotta set a ask to for flowers/I deserve roses, I deserve bigger,” she sings.

On the chorus, she zeroes in, exactly, on the distress that the topic has introduced her. “I explore your demons cause me trauma/Now I’m triggered, all this drama, she sings. However, within the tip, she realizes appropriate how valid that like will most likely be. “We composed in like and this shit produce no longer terminate/Man, this shit produce no longer terminate.”

After releasing the track, Kehlani took to Twitter to focus on the vitality in tune. “The fireplace ingredient about tune is that probabilities are you’ll categorical the wildest and furthest system of the feelings you are experiencing, even appropriate the things the runt attend of your head direct is screaming.. and even the devil on your shoulder,” she wrote.

When fans began to count on about her attempting for assist for how she’s feeling, she confirmed that she used to be in truth stunning, asserting, “I’m an artist. I dive inward.”

Be conscious of Kehlani’s heartfelt track, “You Know Wassup,” up above.

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