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Katie Stevens, Aisha Dee & Meghann Fahy on Season 4 of 'The Bold Type' | MTV News


– I don't think we're done I think there is a world in which we're gonna come back and do another season and film again

– (Aisha) In the mean time, I say we do an episode just like this, babies – Yeah – Yeah! – [Aisha] Hey Meggy, I have a question – [Meghann] What's up? – What was your favorite part about shooting the wedding? – [Meghann] The dancing I love to dance

I also really loved the first time I walked on to that set and I saw that on each table they had all these little tiny photos of me and Sam And I yoinked one and I have it still as like, a little keepsake from that episode – I love that, so badass – Did you expect that Kat would get fired from 'Scarlet?' – [Aisha] Well, what I will say is that I expected Kat to get fired in the pilot – Mmm

– 'Cause she's been doing reckless stuff since we knew her I will say I was a lot more sad about it than I thought I would be – Mmm – I like, walked into the scene I was like, "Sweet

"I think she knows she's getting fired It's all good" And then sitting and like, staring up at Melora as she's like, "We have to let you go," or whatever she said I got very emotional – I got very emotional watching you get fired

– I did too Also, it's like, so strange like, how that changes the literal dynamic for us on set Like, shooting scenes without you in the bullpen It's so different, you know? So, it really feels like, you know, you're not there – [Katie] Now that Kat's not at the office, I think it was really fun to be able to do scenes where we all have to be together in like, a different setting

And it's kind of like when Jane went to 'Insight' and you guys were FaceTiming me from inside the fashion closet Like, there's a lot of that that goes on – Yeah – But, I like that we're developing some new spots for the girls to hang – [Meghann] Katie, how do you think girls could relate to your vertical on the show in real life? – Jane created this vertical to kind of show a millennial woman's perspective of kind of living in the world we live in, and how there's still a lot that we get wrong, and there's room for improvement for everyone

And I think that she kind of called it "The Failing Feminist" because she realizes, you know, she can't be creating this thing that feels idealistic It needs to be something that's relatable and she needs to kind of talk about her own failures and her own things that she needs to learn from and grow from And we're gonna see her hire people that have also different points of views than her that she can't necessarily speak on – I think that you should release some of the articles – I think– – Vertical is the new dot com

– I think someone else should do it– – Yes! – 'Cause I didn't actually write them – Katie don't be shy, everybody knows that you have written articles for the vertical as prep Because that's the kind of actress that you are – Wow Meghann – And I'm not gonna sit here and pretend– – Meghann

– Like you're not a talented writer anymore I'm not gonna do it anymore – (Katie) You guys, how do you think the girls' friendship has kind of kept them bonded through thick and thin, throughout all the things we've been through in the show? – Well, I mean we talk about this all the time and we, you know, talk about honesty being like, really important And, you know, having the like, freedom to be able to say what's really on your mind and be like, the most genuine version of yourself I think that's the only way to keep a friendship going, especially, you know, you've both seen me at my absolute worst, or almost

– I think we all have – I think we've all seen (laughing) – Yeah – All seen everyone's worst – And best

– I think your friendships, in a weird way, teach you about any relationship that you're gonna enter into I think that your friendships are the ones that you can be open and honest about how you're feeling, and things that you're going through, and learning how to be a listener without judgment, and to be a presence that is only that of love and empathy and support And I feel like you guys have always been that for me in real life and I think that that's why we're able to translate it onto the show so well, because we do it in real life – [Meghann] I think we're all sort of our characters in a way – Yeah

– I don't think it's the kind of thing where it's like, "You would never believe it, "but like, Katie's actually a Kat," like And she's not Jane, and none of us are fully, you know, our characters But, I think we, as human beings and actors, bring so much of ourselves to the characters, that's what helps them feel authentic to us – Well, and I also think that like, there's parts of all of our characters that like, bleed in with each other Like, I feel like– – Totally

– We're all like, equally wanting to be spontaneous like Kat We're all like, equally cracking jokes and, you know, – Yeah – being funny I mean, I wouldn't say that we're all equally planners (laughing) – No, no

– I will say that I most often make decisions for the three of us (laughing) – Yeah, we never know where to get dinner without Katie We just wander around, thinking about what she would tell us to do if she were there (laughing) – I miss hugging you guys I found a photo the other day

The photo from the night before we all left Montreal, where you two were hugging and it's so adorable You both have little top buns – Send it to me! – [Katie] As soon as I get the go ahead, I'm gonna be hugging you guys and not letting go– – Yes! – And kissing your faces – Can't wait – Yeah

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