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Kasım 2019 Komplo Teorileri – UZAYLILAR – Yeni Dünya Düzeni


We're only a few days from November November 3 November 11 and conspiracy theories for November 13 when we do a detailed research that these are only certain dates

actually in november too many conspiracy theories we realized What are these? Fake Alien Invasion Following the attack on America The beginning of the 3rd World War, earthquakes Population reduction project act These theories to be held in november it is expressed as events… Santiago Beirut Barcelona Baku Hong Kong Lebanon standing Who pushed the button? Why did the world capitals get mixed up? Welcome to the channel Watching the video carefully Remember to like Then we start looked Before talking about conspiracy theories What is conspiracy theory what is not it needs to be mentioned According to the Turkish language institution Against a person, organization or country the assumption that a secretly damaging trap was established all thoughts based on as also under this description one of the famous Turkish detective novels Ahmet Umit's saying is included

We're not trying to develop conspiracy theory, we are already in a conspiracy Origin of conspiracy Latin word conspirare means breathing together In line with malicious intent a moving person or a group of people is a secret plan he designed together complo Sure, we're not talking about any plan, a group of naughty children More than fruit stealing from the neighbor's garden, will have serious consequences, make an impact, it is often the product of a flawless design Conducting research on conspiracy theories prominent academics According to Michael Barkun, A conspiracy theory includes three propositions: Nothing is a coincidence

Nothing is as it seems Everything is connected There are many conspiracy theories about November Although certain dates come to the fore almost every week of november every day conspiracy theories are written and drawn separately Of course we can't handle them all in a video but certain dates and said events We will examine together For example, you major dates in november I want to talk about

November 11, 2019 Mercury transition will take place Observable over the world during this transition fake alien invasion claim to be realized In 3 november the same bet is talking about… and everybody take notes on November 11 very important something Do you know what this is extraterrestrial surely it will be an operation all over America especially 2019 November 11? 2019 November 11 standing on everyone extraterrestrial everyone writes that there will be something about such horizons The importance of November 13 is another the imperialists The first occupation of Istanbul Let us remind you that it was the 101st anniversary! Atatürk on the same day expenses as they come he said but this is on November 13 2 important people have meetings Our President Erdoğan and US President Trump I wonder who set that date? Even if Trump doesn't know Turkey 100 years of confrontation with the descendants of the man, Is it possible that he does not know this date? Or this date Is it still the day of a world war? Time will show that… November 3, 2019 In the American city of Seattle, At noon 1

05 noon American Football Competition there will be a big bang and World War 3 is said to start Even this topic The simpsons at predictive had also taken part in the cartoon According to a different theory Empire State Building carry out an attack Just like the twin towers As you know, the Empire State Building, After the Twin Towers It is one of the oldest and tallest buildings in New York An attack on him As after the twin towers attack will cause a great war In the attack of twin towers Iraq was completely occupied And we are the first We learned from the 1974 illuminati cards

We'il come to this Very curious and much talked about I want to enter another conspiracy theory US sovereignty over the world In order to strengthen alien invasion theater and edit this fiction Claims to run with NASA Conspiracy theorists make this claim for evidence last year, the New York Times Pentegon for UFO research Running a $ 22 million program revealing the article One of the conspiracy sites Return of Kings, false alien invasion theory wrote the following notes for No matter how crazy it sounds

The US government, a possible world alien invasion very soon preparing to persuade, this since September 11 greatest deception operation Fake Alien Invasion the whole country or the whole world combine against a common enemy and it can also be an excuse to seize power This is also an easy way to steal money As a matter of fact these sentences written here not too far earlier Even the president of America we heard these lines fake alien invasion claim to bring all countries together false alien invasion claim a subject that has been brought up before Ertan Özyiğit – remember that The economist 2 publications together horizon he had carried it to his cover and he was inside documents we said that period see soon you will see many very much horizons you will always see and started dating Haktan Akdoğan – will continue to increase Released in 1975 Illuminati Playing Cards Some of the cards fake alien invasion It is clearly visible Some important events of the future of the cards in the Illuminati Playing Cards news

September 11 attacks, such as many events these cards had informed us years ago A card on the empire state building It appears to have been attacked by aliens In the statement, the following is written; Alien drivers in hell with sharp machines that will destroy They're from Orion They make bad vibrations has already begun to bend the world off its axis Another card draws attention to this article; the moment you lose your power Launch a fake alien attack US Government on Earth it is clear that it lost its old power… What's more, last month pentagon verified ufo images it supports this theory In science fiction movies as described for years Plan an attack on Earth from space make people feel helpless before with later identified heroes repel Thus, they are the sovereign country of the world

they will prove What's more signals from space observed ufo events and ufo confess verifies them Again in these illuminati cards often stand out The subject of conspiracy theories another issue population reduction Located in the US state of Georgia There are 10 commandments on the monument called guidestone (Georgia Guidestones) One of them to reduce the human population to 500 million

There are many plans for this the population cannot be reduced as much as desired Like a vaccination program If you remember Bill Gates knowingly or unknowingly, he confessed in a speech But these plans do not reduce the population as desired For this with a virus outbreak population reduction by conspiracy theorists it is often mentioned now This virus outbreak plague, cholera, ebola, or may be a disease such as Spanish entry or evolved a virus that turns people into zombies… Conclusion or purpose to reduce population conspiracy theorists often address many aspects now Another bet for November a global power failure The people who have been drag into chaos this possible theory will take place in november

Azerbaijan, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Haiti! simultaneous, cut off electricity and formally short-term caused chaos Imagine a global power outage? In just a few days how to drag people into chaos Because right now everything is connected to electricity that is, we are made dependent The water systems we drink or up to the heating and cooling systems of our house sewage systems our money in the bank up to the payment of our salaries there is nothing manually produced anymore there is no one to produce When we people are so connected to electricity

Imagine that one day electricity goes completely kom If you say how they can do this briefly Haarp weapon or hacker attack it can sepeb even explosions in the sun may cause this scientists are frequently voiced by Occurrence in 2003 during small solar spray Swedish electricity network networks had stopped A series of solar jets in 1859, It caused the polar lights the economist 2019 cover also published in jet black a well-established and prestigious magazine like the economist Subliminal methods that give many messages when evaluated black fund what it means still a big secret

Maybe that black cover One of the conspiracy theories we're talking about right now associated with any We give this kind of theories to our channel as much as we can Don't forget to subscribe to our channel we're at the end of another video Until you see it in the next video goodbye…

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