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Karen Refugees Fleeing Myanmar Military Airstrikes Forced Back By Thai Soldiers | NBC News NOW


  1. Can you resemble this another ethnic group Rohingya whom already cleansed by the country now it's for Karan..How long the plight will continue to survive in Mayanmar. Hey Almighty Allah kindly protect all humans 🙏

  2. Few years ago it was Europe n America creating refugee by war now Asian wat the mess
    Instead of war winning addiction make power they must totally banned making power means empowering the Satan .
    This is the point I disagree with you know

  3. Please🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 help these people
    भारत🇮🇳 को इन सभी मयंमार् जनता की सुरक्षा करनी चाहिए और सभी देशों को भी इसमें योगदान देना चाहिए 😭😭😭😭😭😔😔😩😟😢😥

  4. But while Suu was in office they did the same thing and no one cares about the Rohingya she was killing. But all of a sudden people care 🙄
    Myanmar's problems are not the world's problems.

  5. I think you may come here in the Philippines, we will never push you out but that is far distant – so sad. We Filipinos never push back our
    neighbor for help especially those in great danger and need help… come Duterte will not push people to die… ready to share.

  6. Aung San Suu Kyi, the hypocrite evil tyrant and dictator:
    What goes around comes around. This is the justice of God. A few years back, the very same Aung San Suu Kyi, who mascaraed and burned the helpless Muslims of Bangladeshi descends in that country and demanding them to leave. Justice comes sooner than you expect. Google and see for yourself.

  7. What? The Thai took Karen refugees in for decades, and their refusing now? Is it because of COVID? I want an answer.

  8. Lmao the rest of the world has real problems while Americans act like snowflakes who can’t decide what type of gender they are.

  9. First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—
         Because I was not a socialist.
    Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out—
         Because I was not a trade unionist.
    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
         Because I was not a Jew.
    Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

  10. Woo! Myanmar Army. Killing your own brethens and consider yourself as great warrior. Don't you have your brothers and sisters back at home ?

  11. At that time your Rohingya were expelled, killed, burned in the gun, now you are expelled from your own country

  12. Thank you NBC new , for the Karen displaced people suffering right now , hope US UK will take action as soon as possible in Jesus name I pray amen 🙏

  13. US should let them in before blaming Thailand or China. Boe Jiden is already doing it at the southern border, might as well.

  14. Thousand of refugees already here in Thailand, It unfair for Thai that all the media blaming Thailand for not helping them. We are not prepare for a lot more of refugees that keep coming. All the supplies, camp more importantly the COVID case but it doesnt mean we force them back, the truth is those soldiers blocked the way because if all the refugees fled into the area it cannot be control, We have the check point with food and doctors which allow the refugees to come. Sadly we taking care of this situation alone still no sign of UN…

  15. i hereby call upon all buddhas and bodhisatva and holy souls in the great power of universe and 大悲心陀罗尼
    and great karma law to salvage all kind being in Myanmar from current sufferings and to dispel all evils that are
    doing the killing and harm and these evils to meet its equivalent karma endings with immediate effect

    1)na mo he la dan na duo la ye ye
    2)na mo a li ye
    3)po lu jie di shuo bo la ye
    4)pu ti sa duo po ye
    5)mo he sa duo po ye
    6)mo he jia lu ni jia ye
    8)sa po la fa yi
    9)su dan na dan xie
    10)na mo xi ji li duo yi meng a li ye
    11)po lu ji di shi fo la leng tuo po
    12)na mo na la jin chi
    13)xi li mo he po duo sa mie
    14)sa po a ta dou shu peng
    15)a shi yun
    16)sa po sa duo na
    mo po sa duo
    17)na mo po qie
    18)mo fa te dou
    19)dan zhi ta
    21)a po lu xi
    22)lu jia di
    23)jia luo di
    24)yi xi li
    25)mo he pu ti sa duo
    26)sa po sa po
    27)mo la mo la
    28)mo xi mo xi li tuo yun
    29)ju lu ju lu jie meng
    30)du lu du lu fa she ye di
    31)mo he fa she ye di
    32)tuo la tuo la
    33)di li ni
    34)shi fo la ye
    35)zhe la zhe la
    36)mo mo fa mo la
    37)mu di li
    38)yi xi yi xi
    39)shi na shi na
    40)a la shen fo la she li
    41)fa sha fa shen
    42)fo la she ye
    43)hu lu hu lu mo la
    44)hu lu hu lu xi li
    45)suo la suo la
    46)xi li xi li
    47)su lu su lu
    48)pu ti ye pu ti ye
    49)pu tuo ye pu tuo ye
    50)mi di li ye
    51)na la jin chi
    52)di li se ni na
    53)po ye mo na
    54)suo po he
    55)xi tuo ye
    56)suo po he
    57)mo he xi tuo ye
    58)suo po he
    59)xi tuo yu yi
    60)shi po la ye
    61)suo po he
    62)na la jin chi
    63)suo po he
    64)mo la na la
    65)suo po he
    66)xi la seng a mu que ye
    67)suo po he
    68)suo po mo he a xi tuo ye
    69)suo po he
    70)zhe ji la a xi tuo ye
    71)suo po he
    72)bo tuo mo jie xi tuo ye
    73)suo po he
    74)na la jin chi po qie la ye
    75)suo po he
    76)mo po li sheng jie la ye
    77)suo po he
    78)na mo he la dan na duo la ye ye
    79)na mo a li ye
    80)po lu ji di
    81)shuo po la ye
    82)suo po he
    84)xi dian du
    85)man duo la
    86)ba tuo ye
    87)suo po he

  16. These Karen people had gone through this about 75 years and the world just know it now😩😫☹😥😢

  17. This time UN must receive these refugees to it's new tork HQ itself.

  18. To the Thailand Government for God sake why turn down these Myanmar people refugees seeking shelter from the Brutal Military Junta for humanitarian sake their lives has already been shattered live out of fear their backs has been pushed in the wall they have nothing to live for just taking their precious life of their families and children you will be blessed and will be stronger if you side and have a pity on these poor people don’t let another Rohingyas crisis unfolded where tens of thousands flees to neighbouring Bangladesh after ten thousands are massacred have pity in your heart how can you sleep and eat well when your neighbours are beaten and massacred to death by this Evil Myanmar Military Junta! Who just love power for their own sake holding it whatever means it takes for 6 decades now! Have Mercy! K

  19. I didn't know there was an ethnic group called Karen. Guess we have to stop using it to address self absorbed people in America and come up with a new term

  20. When rohingya was killing, the people of Myanmar were watching and dancing happily, now it feels like they are shooting the people of their own country.

  21. The United state and United Kingdom should help Karen people know as KNU who help them during the WW 2 and help them defeat the Japanese, but the u United Kingdom broke their promise to Karen people until now.

  22. I couldnt afford to help so much effectively for our karen people 😓except donating some money,clothes and toys online! I feel really bad that they have to go through this for over seventy years!As a burmese person,I felt really bad that I couldnt do so much efficently for others!i just wish this time we won the fight to put an end to this decades long civil war!I couldnt do much but Im gonna quit my government job for fedral government to be quickly implemented and I promise from now on Im gonna spend half of my savings in helping ethnic communities grow stronger!I know its hard for me especially when my family is in deep debts but people are dying daily and this is the least I could do for my country and its people

  23. On top of the already 80,000 refugees their for 15 years now. Thailand gets more Socialists fleeing.

  24. If y’all don’t know about those beautiful ethic group Karen people in southeast Asian please do more research. Burmese military treaty them like animals and they have been going through this more than 70 years.

  25. This must end. It’s have been more than 70 years , Karen pp are running for their life till now because of Myanmar militaries. It’s sad how the world just watching and not doing anything at all.

  26. Thank you for highlighting them, this civil war has been going on for 70 years. And people in the capital city in Myanmar don’t even know about it. I want the world to know about it.

  27. It is time for change in the country. We can not watch and see this is happening. Why are so weak to stop this kinda stuff from happening? We need to stand up and protest the military government.

  28. They done the same to a million Rohingya Muslims. These wore the very same people that supported the military back then

  29. This is terrible. The Chinese supported military government is killing everybody. We need to stop it.

  30. करेन रोहिंगिया की तरह जंगल कैंप में रह रहे हैं और ये भी धर्म के नाम पर अलग देश मांग रहे हैं

  31. last year, they forced Rohingya to leave their country
    And, know they forced by their "Hero Milatary" to leavy their country

  32. If neighboring countries backed the rebels and successfully overthrow the junta, they probably would receive favorable future concessions from the new government . This civil war is probably inevitable and this junta is relatively weak. The faster this conflict ends the more resources and infrastructure can be saved for future growth. It’s a tragedy but also a great opportunity for change.

  33. ไม่มีการศึกษาไม่มีงาน..ไม่มีเงินเป็นปัญหาสังคมอีกร็ฐบาลต้องรับผืดชอบ

  34. She was not shot dead by the army, but shot to death by a force with a tattoo strategy, whoever wants Myanmar without peace, that force is plotting to tattoo Myanmar, not the Myanmar army, just like America before. All Myanmar people should unite, Myanmar should unite, Asian countries should unite.
    Asian countries have common ancestors, so unite, even the Chinese people should unite to regain justice for their ancestors.

  35. I have bad new Thailand don’t let We Karen people take food to Karen people how do you guys thinks ! We already have food for help Karen people but they don’t let we go.

  36. American must take responsibility of Myanmar people dead. All this coup effect start from US and the allies took sanctions to Min Aung Hlaing who is Junta general in 2019 for genocide of Rohingya. MAL now very wild and have no place to run so he coup the country. But US and allies watch Burmese people dead and only issue condemn letter. No even single penny for human right rescue is given to Burmese people. Hope US take better action than condemning with letters. We need military help, weapons help to defenseless citizen. Dont just watch us dying. Remember to stop the fire that you started. If you want to help ,help all the way to the ended. Not just sit there and watch. We die due to your sanction to Amry and MHL. Hope u can arrest him as well.

  37. guys do you remember before killing Myanmar Muslim's and some of go to other countries.. and now I wanna say for everyone's…YA Allah Pak Rahama 😓😭😢 show everyone's right way INsha'Allah ameen summameen from Pakistan…. Allah ho Akbar ☝️

  38. Now the world will Know about Karen people suffering and thai army lie to Karen people and work with Myanmar Burmese army , And they don't let's Karen people helps each other , just like suppply foods and other more. It's a shameful thai Military.

  39. The Burmese are attacking their own people through the military junta.It now looks like the army at war with its own helpless people.It is clearly an act of betrayal of its own people.Earlier it was the Rohingyas and now the Karen people.




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