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Kanye West Announces Candidacy for President 2024. 'Breaking News'


is easy made it I the 350 for instance is that something you're gonna be able to bring here is it is it because it's designed probably with different tooling and things like that than this shoe will change the design will change it to something that has to be here when I run for president in 2024 we're gonna definitely know which I laughing it when I run for president 2024 we would have created so many jobs that I back of the run I'm a walk what I'm saying is when y'all read the headlines Tiny's crazy this is and there you have it once again kanye west announces his candidacy for president was did announce that he was gonna run for the presidency for 2020 you know saying but he decided not to because you know he won the lining so quit donald trump now i must submit this is really pretty genius from kanye west in the end during that time to on 20/20 he didn't have the following that he has now you know to even win a candidacy even the primaries maybe the only thing he would be able to make it to the preliminaries for real for real so what did Kanye West do as a marketing genius he started in lining his self with politics even heavily more you don't I'm saying he started having meetings with Donald Trump then he got his wife into philanthropy work and helping people to get out of jail that was falsely accused then he started taking the car out and doing the Sunday services and drop an album called Jesus as king so we've all that being done what is he doing he's priming you he's priming your brain to like him even more everybody knows that when it comes to elections especially presidential elections and Donald Trump has proved this it's not about how many people that you piss off it's about how many people that you appease and that likes you you know what I'm saying not never focus on the people that don't like your brand of your material you never focus on them you always focus on the people that like you and love you and never spend money with you and that will support you and possibly vote for you so that's what Donald Trump did he pissed off everybody but at the same time he appease a lot of people were fucking those groups that's how he was able to win the presidential candidacy which I already predicted before he won so Kanye West is priming people's minds he started off with doing the divisions that did at the White House and then start talking about prison reform and violence in the streets of Chicago let in white America know that hey not only my inner politics that I help with domestic policies as well as far as as litigation you're saying honey what has been pushing for laws to be passed in which he has got lost passed and he's not even ascended you feel me I wouldn't even technically classify him as a lobbyist you know he's more like off-brand unofficial somewhat pseudo advisor but Academy you failed so he already doing that the prime people's minds you know I'm saying not only just black America but white America too you know what I'm saying he can't just went on for the black votes not Obama the others and so he has to diversify his soul so he's doing everything that him and his wife is doing is to get the Ronald Reagan effect Wilma Ronald Reagan was an actor before he was the president you don't say he was fighting below lots and lots of people and that's what he was trying to do you know like almost nigger out like that so no the video Kanye West but now saying that he's running for presidency again for 2024 now y'all let me know in the comments section if you will vote for Kanye West let me know if you think he's even gonna go against Donald Trump beyond saying no he's not gonna go against Donald Trump Donald Trump he's a giant bug dealing with no baby no in the comment section section needs to the comment section I'm your Boise Street the whole sort of number one hip-hop news this GTV this poppin body trafficking all the time preciate you for watching the video

Source: Youtube

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