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Kamil McFadden, Marvel Rising's Patriot, Answers YOUR Questions | Ask Marvel


Hi, my name's Kamil McFadden I play Patriot, and I'm here to answer your questions

[MUSIC PLAYING] What is one thing you like most about your character? I like Rayshaun's by-the-book mentality He's very, I want to follow the rules They're given for a reason We should all follow them That's endearing

I admire that I wish I was a little bit more like that What is your advice to people going into the voice acting/acting career, and how should they start it? Because I'm dreaming and trying to start off my acting career, so spill them wise words So one of the first things I would say is to take up training for voice acting and live-action as well If you have an issue with performing in front of crowds, large crowds I'd say getting into your local theater, your local church plays is a great way to start

Voice acting, after training, is just meeting the right people, getting a voice reel, a voice demo reel so that you can shop it and get representation, so that they can help you get jobs How is voice acting different from on-camera acting? Well, the main thing, they don't care about what you're wearing So you can come to work in pajamas– although, I never have [LAUGH] Yeah, and just relying solely on your voice As voice actors, we still act it out as you would on camera, maybe bigger than you would on– If you're being seen on camera

But they have a lot of similarities How does it feel to be such a role model for young people? It's incredible I really don't see myself as a role model I just see myself as a person who just tries to do good Me knowing that there are people that look up to me definitely influences my decisions, even more so, to just do the right thing, and just to show people all of the possibilities

Acting is my industry, but I would like to inform young people of different avenues, of architecture, science, other jobs that we need, that young people need to be a part of to affect change So I think that's one of my biggest things Who is your favorite Marvel hero? I would have to say my favorite Marvel hero is Black Panther, T'Challa– just what he stands for, what he represents as a black Super Hero The fact that he is the king of his own country, Wakanda, I think that's just such a powerful statement, acknowledgment of his worth and his value and things from his country that are also of value So I think that is– sheds a lot of light on, I think, a lot of African-American boys and girls, that we just want to be seen, and we want to be acknowledged, and we want to be praised

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