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Kailyn's Bad News ? Teen Mom 2


(tense music) – [Producer] I'm so sorry about Bear – [Kailyn] It's okay

He's been like a burden on me for a year because of this and I've been blaming him and so I feel guilty, so I was like, frustrated (sobbing) – [Producer] Don't beat yourself up about that – I know, but it's like I should have just, like, why didn't I think of that? Like, maybe he has an issue instead of being, you know what I mean? (sobbing) All right, I'm gonna go back in there Hopefully my face will de-puff If it's not one thing, it's another

– You good? – Yeah, they basically, she thinks that it's cancer – So what did she say? Just to them know, or– – She said that she will send him home with medication right now to like, keep him comfortable with the diarrhea for now, and like, me and the kids can spend time with him and say bye to him and probably get put down – Are your kids really close to him? – Yeah, especially Isaac I got bear when Isaac was two, and he's about to be 10 so Their birthdays are a couple days apart – Oh my god – But it's so weird 'cause I feel like was getting mad at him 'cause I thought he was like, spitefully going to the bathroom like that – I went through the same thing

– And I'm like, why are you doing this? – Why are you misbehaving? – So anyway, to come home, I was like, "Why are you doing this?" And then to find out that, it's like, I feel so guilty – Dude, I'm so sorry I don't know what I would do if– – It's okay (somber music) – [Makeup Artist] Okay, hi – Hi

– [Makeup Artist] You okay? – Yeah, I've got some puffy eyes now – [Makeup Artist] That's okay Oh my god, Leah, I don't even know how the (bleep) I'm gonna tell the kids Like, how do you say that? They're not gonna understand – I know it's sad, they're not gonna understand, but it's also a good thing

– They're gonna think that I'm killing my dog – No – Like, how do you explain that to them? – You just say, you know, he's sick, he's suffering and we gotta help him – Make him comfortable for the next couple of weeks – Go to heaven so that he doesn't– – Right

– Have to suffer and be in pain – And then, like, I don't really wanna take them to the actual appointment, right? – [Makeup Artist] No – I think you should if they wanna go – [Kailyn] If they want to? – Yeah – Okay

– [Leah] The older, I mean, especially Isaac – Like, not Lux 'cause he's too– – Like, I would with the twins If it was our dog and they wanted to go, yes – Okay (somber music) – It's gonna be sad, but

– I'm like, mad, like, why did I even get it, like, this is unfortunate, why do people have animals? To put themselves through this? – You've had that dog forever – It's tough, it's really tough (upbeat music) – Get up

– [Sean] Hello? – Hello – [Sean] Hey – So today's the last day for the rent to be paid and I already assumed that you or your brother wasn't gonna have it so I went online and paid the whole rest of everything so– – [Sean] Well thank you, I really appreciate that I've just been working to get the money, you know? You're right though, I don't have it yet Um, along with all of this, me being late on the rent and stuff, the water and the gas just got turned off too

– [Jade] So you don't have any water at your house? – [Sean] No, would you be all right with me just watching her at your house? – Yeah, so what do you mean? Are you wanting to stay for a couple of days or what? You can't not have water or gas You can't not be able to use the bathroom and stuff – [Sean] Yeah, that'd be cool, if I was over there – I mean, I'm just pissed off about everything, like the whole situation I should have never had to have paid your guys' bills 'cause you know that takes money out of mine and your daughter's bills and stuff here

– [Sean] Yeah, I understand that and I'm sorry that this whole situation is even happening, you know what I'm saying? – Yeah because I'm the one that's tied to it financially and even though, like, I'm over here holding my (bleep) down you guys aren't holding your (bleep) down and it's still gonna come back and bite me in my ass – [Sean] It seems like you're being extra rude – Okay, well, so how– – [Sean] It's like you do not understand It's like you're not understanding me – All right, whatever, so I'm saying how in the future are you gonna make sure that everything is paid? – [Sean] Now I'm– – How am I gonna get my money back? – [Sean] What we're gonna do is we're gonna have to get an attorney so I can get out of that lease and you can get out of that lease and my brother's gonna have to find somewhere else to go and I'm gonna have to find a cheaper place to live

That's what we're gonna have to do – No I'm saying, so how are you, like, are you gonna keep a job and have a job and actually be consistent to be able to pay me back money – [Sean] Yes, of course, that's besides the fact – That's my issue – [Sean] Yes, I know I'm gonna have the money

I have the money, I know I'm gonna have the money I know I'm not gonna have any surprise bills coming up, I'm going to be able to pay it, yes, and I'm gonna be able to pay you back – All right (tense music)

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