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Kahin Deep Jalay – EP 17 || English Subtitles || 16th Jan 2020 – HAR PAL GEO


Hasan? You packed your bag Where are you going? I am leaving mama

Where? Leaving this home, I cannot live here For God’s sake son, don’t say that, your mother will die without you Brother Faham, Hatim, all take sister in law’s side, no one believes their younger brother Brother Faham has never scolded me till today and today… What is my fault? What are you punishing me for? Asim, my love, you leaving won’t matter to anyone but your mother will die without you, I am telling you Don’t talk about dying mama

Fine, I won’t go, but just for you Just for you Just say in simple words, you cannot be a father Its so difficult to live alone at home, its boring Even Zeeshan isn’t home, let me call him

Hello? What happened mama? You are crying? Mama, tell me what it is, I am worried Nothing Rida, I heard your voice after so long, so I got teary eyes I was missing you too A mother and daughter relation is such You sound worried mama

No, nothing like that, you tell me when are you coming back from Murree? We came back today Mama fell…Oh, and you didn’t even tell me Mama, this is what I called for, now you tell me, why are you worried? It feels like my house is getting ruined God forbid, what are you saying? Brother hadn’t stood in the way of another, the servants weren’t considered suspicious, there was no misunderstanding between mother and sons, but all this is happening now

All this is happening because of sister in law Shamila Why don’t you talk to brother Faham Rida, what should I tell Faham? Faham and Hatim are in her control completely Mama… I had heard that Rida instigates you against all of us, I saw it today too No son, I called Rida

Mama, please, I don’t want to talk about it anymore What I wanted to talk about doesn’t matter anymore Oh God Oh God, what is happening with me? Zeeshan, where were you? I was waiting for you, for so long Are you ok? What happened? I am fine

Just saying that, you got late today Got late, so? What happened? I will get you something to eat I don’t want to eat anything Let me get water I don’t want it

Have water at least Hey…what are you doing? If you had fallen down and gotten hurt, then? Nothing would have happened, I am fine Can I ask you something? Go ahead No matter what happens, you won’t leave me, right? Why are you saying this? God forbid something like this happens, I can never leave you No matter what

What do you mean? Anything Anything Something that is not in my control and happens, not even then? Not even then Hey, you are still stuck on that, hey Zeeshan its ok we came back, we came for mama, we can go again That is not the thing, I… you won’t leave me, right? I am seriously really scared, don’t talk to me like this, lets go to mama, I will just get my bag

Asim You are really upset? I mean, really really upset I am sorry man I know I got really hyper, I shouldn’t have misbehaved with you I really misbehaved with you, but I was really stressed

You don’t know how upset I am nowadays, there is an issue from all sides Anyway, you look at me I am a really bad brother After papa left, I have brought you people up like a father all my life, I have treated you all like my children I have acted older than my age in front of you

Don’t I have a right that I scold you if you do something wrong You always have been like a father, but now you are an elder brother You have grown old man, you say things so deep Ok, tell me, what did I do? You give sister in law Shamila importance over me, you think she is right, you don’t even know that she… She what? No, Faham doesn’t know, if he finds out all hell will break loose, you won’t call Faham, you swear to me you won’t Nothing

Asim, try and understand, the poor thing left her home to live with us, she is my wife, your sister in law, how hard would it be for her to adjust to people and their habits Brother you don’t know…I know man, listen to me, I am trying to tell you something, try and listen to me You want to say she is short tempered She speaks in between, so what? Give her time, she will adjust Once she adjusts, you will see that you will take her side

Stop being upset Ok, lets do one thing, I slapped you once, you slap me twice What? Yes come on, I will feel better What are you saying brother Faham? No please, slap me Come on hit me

What are you doing? Come on man Before I too get emotional, you end this hunger strike and have breakfast Come on, be a good boy Hey Zeeshan, take your reports from the lab, you had to get them Why? Why my reports? I mean, my mother is in emergency and you are worried for my reports

Please Rida, come on mama must be waiting for us Yes, yes, I am on my way to the office, I will be there soon, please wait for me there, I will be there in maximum 15 minutes Yes, bye Sir, hello, yes, you reach there, absolutely Yes, we will finalize this deal today

I am on my way, I will put down the phone, I am driving Rida You are still here? Didn’t you go home No Hey Rida, you are still here

Samra, I told you to take her home No, I was here Zeeshan…Zeeshan, is mad Samra, send her home, she came from such a long journey, she must be tired I am fine

I will talk to Zeeshan, you are saying this out of his fear Sister is right, you go home and rest, I will get you dropped, brother is downstairs Hello doctor Hello We are discharging her today, she needs to be careful when walking, I am writing down medication, she needs to take them on time

Thank you so much doctor Thank you This is great You call Zeeshan and ask him to come take us Yes, I will call him

This is such a good news you are going home We will go ourselves, don’t call Zeeshan, we will go ourselves Sure Lets have breakfast at home Yes, even I am worried here

Clean all the utensils and keep them Hello Hello Are you going somewhere? Yes, to Rida’s Zeeshan’s mother got a fracture

I am going to see her, she is back from the hospital Rida and Zeeshan were in Murree? They did, but hearing about her mother in law, they came back Oh, that is really bad with Rida Come on, let me take you Sister in law you too come along

Yes, why not, Rida’s mother in law is such a good woman, I should go, just give me 5 minutes I will go and change I won’t make you wait long Come on, lets sit here Don’t worry, I will take you Here you go, hot soup

I had told you I am not hungry What is this mama? You have not eaten since morning, today I will feed you with my hands You leave it I will have it later Hey, I will feed you myself, you are my mother too Come on a little

Okay Give it to me, I will have it Oh no Did your hand get burned? What is all this? I was giving her soup, I spilled it accidentally Where were you? It was just soup, no problem

I have told you so many times to do mama’s work carefully, where was your focus? I…I was holding it myself You go from here Go No one can take care of my mother, I will have to do it myself Have you gone mad, is this how you will talk to Rida

What is wrong with you? It was soup, it fell, it was my fault, I forced her to give it to me If you misbehave with her again like this, I will not tolerate it There are tears in your eyes? Why are you crying? Rida, I didn’t mean that you feel bad, I cannot see tears in your eyes, please wipe them, I cannot see you like this I didn’t want to make you cry Hey, what are you doing? why are you sitting down? Come up

Why are you crying? Please don’t cry Sit here and tell me what the matter is? I have been seeing for 2 days, you are reacting badly, if I made a mistake, I will fix it, tell me No I feel you are hiding something from me Why would I hide something from you, I am not hiding anything, I swear you have not done anything, you have no fault, its nothing

Mama just… You love me, right? Tell me honestly what is the matter A husband and wife are each other’s dress, they hide their lackings in them Now tell me, what is it? Tell me If I tell you and you leave me alone, how will I live Zeeshan, tell me what happened, tell me what is the matter? Tell me, what is it? Nothi

ng Nothing? I told you, its nothing You just don’t cry again Please

Then do one thing, send the driver to Zeeshan’s home Okay What happened? Nothing mama, brother Faham called me to his office I will drop you people and go, the driver will be there, so you can come back when you want Rida

Mama Hello How are you child? Are you fine? Yes, I am fine If you are fine, why don’t you look fine? Nothing like that, I was just cleaning up Rida, even Zahida cleans up at home, she doesn’t look as bad as you look

Nothing like that I said, you come and sit Rida, are you happy? Yes mama, I am really happy No child, you don’t look happy, you look at your dressing, your hair, your face You have gone pale You just got married child, why don’t you look like a new bride

Nothing like that mama Tell me, where is your mother in law? She took her medication and is sleeping You sit, I will get you tea It feels that your in-laws didn’t want a daughter in law, but a servant No one treats a servant like the way your mother in law and husband treat you

What is your problem? Why do you say such things? Tell me something, have I done something to you, or has Rida done something, did we make a mistake? Tell me, we will apologize What are you taking revenge for? Zeeshan, what did I say that you are blaming me? I am not blaming you, what I say is the truth, why do you do that with us? Aunty, I am really sorry, I apologize, I am sorry I am talking to your daughter in law like this, but I am tired Zeeshan What is this misbehavior? How are you talking to me? I am not misbehaving Zeeshan

Please, don’t say a word, I am tired of hearing all that she says What have I done to you? What has Rida done to you? I have gone mad listening to her, I am going crazy What am I saying? What are you saying? Should I tell your reality? You are blaming me? Should I show your real face to the world I am sorry aunty, I am going to do something so cheap that doesn’t suit someone simple, I am not trying to blackmail you, but till the time I tell you her reality, it won’t be clear Should I put on the voice messages, the cheap things you have said to me

Thisyou are innocent, I am ill mannered If I don’t tell you this, then I will stay ill mannered Hear this, hear this

This relation was only done cause of you, you have thrown our sister in a dark cave We could have got such good relations, he has nothing, not money or home Wont you stay quiet? What is this nonsense Zeeshan? Aunt, aunt, there is nothing like he is portraying For God’s sake, I beg you, I will fall to your feet if you want, me and Rida are really happy in our lives, we don’t need your interference I am tired of hearing her, she has driven me mad

She tortures us both mentally This is the respect I get in your home, this is what you wanted You can stay here after so much insult, I can’t Come in Brother, you called, all ok? Will you have tea? Nothing, you called me, is everything ok? There is an issue brother

The issue is growing too The condition of the factory is not good, the consignments are coming back, the clients are not paying, we are at loss Brother, you never mentioned this earlier How could I tell you? You have an independent life, your job, you must have your worries, but I am tired now and the issues at home are growing and here work I don’t understand, I will not be able to handle it alone

Farhan also cheated me so bad it broke my heart I had told you to let me handle this Farhan issue, I will handle it my way, but no… Hatim, man, when you get fine? This means I shouldn’t share anything with you I am sorry brother, what is the matter? You tell me What do you want? Okay, what I want, will you do it? Tell me Leave your job, come here, to your own factory, we will work together and grow our work, recover from this loss

I need you Hatim I really really need you Please Please? Brother why do you say please? You want me to leave my job, I will I will come to you

I will do what you want Sorry man What is wrong? Come on sit, have tea You know the coffee in our cafeteria is great Should I show what is behind your innocent face

Should I play the cheap voice messages you sent me Zeeshan Ahmad Khan, I will take our your ego Zeeshan Mama…Zeeshan, listen to me Leave it mama

You misbehaved with Shamila? She was home, she was our guest She is not doing right mama, she instigates me against Rida, tries to create misunderstandings I know nothing, right? You think I am a stupid, mad woman, who doesn’t understand what the other person is doing Mama, I cannot tolerate it if its someone trying to separate me and Rida There is no one you are doing so with your own attitude

You get upset and scold me, then get normal, what is all this? What happened to you Zeeshan? You were not like this? Is there an issue? Tell me Some issue? Nothing happened to me mama Then? I am fine Zeeshan is not like that, okay you don’t worry, all will be fine I told you, don’t take it to your heart

Let me talk to your mama, I will apologize I called, she is not answering OK, let me talk later Don’t cry, I don’t like it What happened? Why are you sad like this? We went to Rida Faham, Hatim dropped us

So, what? What could happen? Our poor Rida is like a servant there, our Zahida is better than her They make her do all the work at home and you know when aunt asked Zeeshan, he misbehaved so badly, oh God, I have never seen someone so bad No, I am sure Zeeshan didn’t misbehave, I know him God knows how much you know him but if she is saying then I am sure something happened , You people don’t know if he can insult us and send us out, he can do the same to Rida

What? He misbehaved, sent you out, I will go ask him, Hatim, sit Sit He didn’t misbehave, nor did he drag us out, nor did he treat Rida badly I think Zeeshan’s mother doesn’t like a maid, so Rida has to work there, so I am worried If this is the only reason, then we can sort it out

We can ask sister Zahida to arrange a maid, we will send her to Rida’s and we will pay the salary, right? You are right brother, this issue can be sorted But is there any other issue? No, nothing lie that Zahida Bring food Hatim, its best that you don’t mention this to Zeeshan

Zahida, bring food already Why? How are you Rida? You forgot, I am Zahida’s uncle Zahida’s uncle? Uncle, you Hello Hello

This is my daughter Zareena Madam has sent us Yes, okay, come inside, come Come child Madam called that Zareen should be dropped here for work Hello

Hello, but we don’t need a maid, I think there is some misunderstanding Anyway, now that you are here, have tea before you leave Give them tea The salary is not an issue, madam will pay it Did she say she will pay the salary? If I cannot afford it, what was the need to tell her? Brother Shakoor you leave, Zareena you go in the kitchen

Go tell madam that we don’t need their sent servant and as far her daughter and my wife its my right Zeeshan You leave and you go in the kitchen Zeeshan, there is nothing like that you are taking us wrong Why would they do that? If I am not worth it, I cannot afford it, your family will create a scene in front of the world, make fun of me

Nothing like that This is not my thinking, your family doesn’t let a single moment to degrade me Why would they do that? I will tell you something Rida, please, you will not keep anyone here in this home without my permission If this is it then I will also leave from here

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