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Kaash Paige on 'Love Songs' Going Viral on TikTok & Upcoming Debut Album | MTV News


– Let me tell you about a funny story So, I was in L

A and I never knew about the dance Like I seen it, but I never knew how to do it So, I meet up with TikTok, and they're telling me how to do like a dance to my own songs They're like, "No, it's I miss my cocoa butter kisses

" I'm like, "All right, all right, all right!" And I could not get it down, at all It was too fast for me, I'm over here like, "Hold on, wait, like what?" I'm up here tryin' to dance, I'm like, "Bro, how are y'all hittin' the woah to this?" I'm number 3 in the world on TikTok, and that's crazy The name Kaash Paige came from just me calling myself Kaash My Checks at first My middle name is Paige, and so I went by Kaash, but I was like, that's kinda like, basic I feel like everybody at this time was calling themselves Kaash, so I was like, lemme add something else, so I said Kaash Paige and I was like "Mmh

" So, I was letting people listen to it and they were like, "That sound hard" And I was like bet, but I have to make Kaash mean something, so Kaash means, "Kill all arrogance, stop hatred" So, "Kill all arrogance, stop hatred Paige" I used to hate myself because I couldn't be like the group that I was around And I'm just like, you don't have to be like somebody else to be cool or, you can't put on a different persona, you just have to be yourself

And be real with yourself, 'cause that's where everybody loves you the most I graduated early because I didn't really like school When I was in school, I was surrounded by so many different personalities, I was losing myself 'Cause you know, high school— big bullies Middle school— big bullies

I can't be around that 'cause at that time I was gettin' to learn myself 'cause I'm growing up and I'm like "Dang like, "am I cool because I hang out with this girl? "Or am I lame because I hang out with this girl?" So, it was more like, I had to get out and I wanted to be different I'm like, I want to do music See, I always get stories sent to me, but when somebody sent me Kylie Jenner's story, I'm like, all right, they just sayin' she bad I'm like, "Ok" So, I look at it, and I hear my song

I'm like, "All right," so my heart dropped a little bit And then as the week goes by, I start seeing every single song from my EP So I'm like, "She must really, mess with me" And it was just like, I was getting sent stories every single day Every single day

When I seen Kylie Jenner listening to it, I just felt like it took the song to a whole different amount of people's ears I feel like people are like, "What sound is this? "What artist is this?" So, I feel like people started listening to the songs more, and listening to my EP and got more into me But at the same time, I still gotta keep goin' There's going to be way more artists and way more people that listen to my songs so, it was just like, it was just a blessing at that time because I would never think that, you know, Kylie Jenner would be bumpin' my music When I first made 'Parked Car Convos,' it was just literally me always being in the car with my friends

Just talkin' about life And so I was like, "What if I made an EP "that you can just turn on and chill and sit "in the car with your friends and just smoke, "or you know, just talk about anything" So, when I was in the process of making that EP, it was hard for me, 'cause I'm over here like what do we talk about in 'Parked Car Convos?' Like, what are the topics? The topics are everything Whenever I make my music, it comes from life experience, but at the same time it comes from just me creating a story And just, you know, saying either what I go through or what I've heard somebody else went through, or just something that teenagers can relate to

I'm nineteen years old like, I don't go through a lot So, 'Teenage Fever' actually came from– I don't know if y'all listen to Drake I like his song "Teenage Fever," but it had more meaning to me than just his song It was like 'Teenage Fever,' I want to drop it before summer time, because I feel as if, that's the vibes summer time because I feel as if, that's the vibes

'Teenage Fever' and 'Parked Car Convos,' they're going to be completely different, completely different albums I feel like 'Parked Car Convos' was more of– That's like my pregame That was more like, just showing people what I got I feel like 'Teenage Fever' is more me, showing the production and the growth of my music My goals for 2020 and more years to come, I want to be the biggest artist in the world and I'm going to be the biggest artist in the world

So, y'all just stay tuned for that one 'cause, that's just my goal, I wanna be the biggest artist in the world, the biggest business lady in the world at a young age I want to have a record label, I want to have a lot of stuff I just don't want to do music for the rest of my life, so I'm going to branch off, have an artist become an A&R, and do a whole bunch of other stuff Just take over the world and put on for Dallas

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