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K-Pop 101 w/ RuPaul's Drag Race Star Soju | MTV News


– Annyeong MTV News, It's Soju and this is K-pop 101 Idol is me, your K-pop drag princess

No, idols are singers in Korea and we call them idols because they're godly, you know, they're not supposed to be like everyone else That's why their hair are so colorful, you know, they're supposed to look pretty, and you know, that's why it pushes the boundaries a little bit and makes it really hard for people to become an idol You know what, it is something that I grew up watching, like, all the idols back in the day, and now, they're just so amazing and they mean so much to the Korean culture and that's why they're idol, 'cause we see them as idols So bias is if you love K-pop idol groups, there has to be one person that you love the most For me, in 2NE1, CL is my bias, of course, justice for CL

So bias wrecker is, you know, when you wanna cheat on your bias a little bit and you're just like you know this person might make me cheat on my bias Let's say in 2NE1 again, Sandara Park is my bias wrecker because she's so pretty But you know, I gotta keep it loyal I'm Korean, I'm loyal, so I'm gonna keep it with CL But that's what a bias wrecker is

So multi-fandom is when you can't just stan one group, you wanna stan both groups, three groups That's what multi-fandom is, if you can't pick and choose, you know kinda like my boyfriend I would say I am multi-fandom because I'm such a whore when it comes to K-pop music, I can't just stan one you know, it has to be all in different genres too Blackpink, stan, okay? Some OG's like Girls' Generation, 2NE1, BTS (laughs), Stray Kids, stan LOONA, obviously! I mean I thought that was you know, given 'cause I'm gay Gay's love LOONA, that's just facts

Facts are facts America Okay so in K-pop dance is very important Choreography is everything, it's supposed to be catchy and point dance is the part in a choreography where everyone can follow along It used to be that point dance was a little bit easier back in the day, so a lotta people could follow it, but now it's getting harder and harder so you really have to practice if you really wanna know it So comeback is kinda funny because everybody's like comeback, comeback after the six weeks of you know, promoting

But it's basically a way for you know idol groups to come back with a different song with a different concept It can be six months, two months, or a few years but mostly it's like a seasonal thing They like to change it up and it's different, it's diverse, it's changing, and it's different every time they come back So that's why it's a comeback Okay so killing part, in a K-pop song there's always that one part that grabs your attention

For example, I mean I'm showing my age but in Wonder Girls in "Tell Me," she's like "Ohmona" ("Tell Me" by Wonder Girls playing) Everybody in Korea would say "Ohmona," and that's the killing part because that's the part that kinda promotes the song Hwaiting is, I believe it means fighting, but hwaiting Don't ask me why they pronounce it as hwaiting but in Korea they're not really saying you know, violently let's fight, but it's more like let's go, like cheering, you know? Hwaiting like this So selca is a Korean word for selfies and in Korea selfie game is very strong

All the apps that you guys have on your phone, if it's a selfie app then it's probably from Korea Snow, B612, even– I don't know about Facetune but everything else is Korean 'cause Korean people love selcas And I used to have an LG phone back in the day, and that even had a camera in the front because that's how much Korean people love Selca Aegyo! Blink blink! This is aegyo Aegyo is kinda like kawaii culture

Aegyo itself is a culture in Korea and it's mostly coming from you know cute little girls like me trying to you know impress their oppa's Aegyo Oppa is older brother Anyone you know has an older brother, if you're a girl you can say oppa, it's just a really cute way of saying older brother UWU

Girl, I don't know how to say it It's the U, W, U It's the face that you make you know when you really really love somebody It's a smiley face It's an emoji but you can type it out

You know, Korean people love that cute stuff and that's why we love aegyo stuff too, it's just part of an aegyo culture but on the internet and you can type it out UWU (laughs) Maknae is the youngest person in a group, okay so that's what they're called maknae and maknae usually have a job to do which is to show aegyo because they're the youngest they're supposed to be you know the cutesy ones in a group In a K-pop group everybody has their parts that they need to play, you know the main vocal, the main rapper, the main dancer and maknae in itself is a whole different genre I am the maknae in the family and that's why I'm so cute

Okay so sub-unit, as you guys know, K-pop idol groups can be really big and sub-unit kinda focuses on a couple of the people in the group so that they can promote and you guys can get a chance to get to know these people individually, you know they might not have that kind of camera time if there is like, a lot of people So sub-unit helps fans get to know like the individual groups So K-pop music to me, like I said it transcends language barriers and culture barriers It's supposed to make you feel happy, like when you're listening to K-pop you're not only listening, you're watching the music videos, you're becoming part of the fandom The community is so strong

It is totally beyond just the music, it's becoming more of a culture and a community It's supposed to be catchy, it's supposed to be loud, kinda like drag and that's why I think I love K-pop and drag at the same time, I'm your K-pop drag princess, of course Okay to be honest, I'm 28 years old and I'm not really good at aegyo because I feel really awkward but you know what, finger heart bitch No I'm just kidding! That was too sassy to be aegyo, I'm saying blink blink! (screams) I hate it! Oh my god, I can't do it I can't do it

(laughs) – [Producer] That's it we'll put you out of your misery

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