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Justin Bieber Reveals the Meaning Behind 'Intentions' w/ Quavo | MTV


(cheers and applauds) – Hey what's up world, it's your man Sway Calloway and we've got one of the biggest names in music in this building today Justin Bieber is here, (cheers and applauds) that's right y'all

He's shut down times Square with his lovely wife Hailey They're headed to our studio right now He just dropped his new single Intentions and his album Changes drops next week and today he's gonna pull up one his biggest fans right here on MTV, this is Fresh Out Live where anything can happen (cheers and applauds) (soft music) What's up MTV make some noise (cheers and applauds) All right, I'm your man Sway Calloway and this is Fresh Out Live, which is your destination for everything music, every Friday at 5PM

Kevan and Jamila will be here to get your weekend started off right With all the updates on your favorite artists, new and up and coming albums, and the latest single that drop, here first – I can barely here Sway and speaking of drops We're only one month into 2020 and we're already getting spoiled with some hot music and Kevan today is no different – Absolutely not, Bieber is back

(crowd screams) And better than ever, Justin was ready for 2020 back in January he dropped the smash hit, Yummy which even inspired it's own TicTok challenge and now he's given us a follow up single, Intentions featuring Quavo along with a very inspirational music video Let's check it out ♪ Picture perfect, you don't need no filter ♪ ♪ Gorgeous, make 'em drop dead, you a killer ♪ ♪ Shower you with all my attention, I will ♪ ♪ Yeah, these are my only intentions ♪ ♪ Stay in the kitchen cookin' up, got your own bread ♪ ♪ Heart full of equity, you're an asset ♪ – That's right, that was Intentions, part of Justin's new album, Changes Dropping next Friday, the 14th, that's Valentine's Day So don't tell me that Justin doesn't love his fans

(cheers and applauds) How many of you guys love Justin Bieber, make some, (crowd screams) Well be on the lookout for that, he just dropped a new video today How many people saw, Intentions? (cheers and applauds) Okay, okay, good, cool, I wanted to be in that video? Wouldn't it be cools? (crowd Screams) Look who just arrived ♪ Gorgeous, make 'em drop dead, you a killer ♪ ♪ Shower you with all my attention ♪ ♪ Yeah, these are my only intentions ♪ ♪ Stay in the kitchen cookin' up, got your own bread ♪ – We are on Fresh Out Live with the legend himself, we got your first right here, that's how we do it, Fresh Out Live Give it up for Justin Bieber (cheers and applauds) Wow man, this is so dope the Beliebers are going bananas right now, look at them, look at them

I want to thank you for coming here today, on Fresh Out Live, it really means a lot You just dropped a new video, Justin Bieber is back, he never left (cheers and applauds) (laughs) What does it feel like though, to be on the cusp of this new project dropping man? How does that feel for you? – I enjoy, I just enjoy making music and being able to make people happy, making my music – Yeah? – Yeah – You all happy? (cheers and applauds) This is how we do on Fresh Out Live, we make people happy, I was watching the Intentions video, it's very cathartic to see how much help you were giving random people, they had no idea this was gonna happen

You guys saw the video right? (affirmative cheers) What prompted all this generosity? – I think we just wanted to shine a light on social issues that are happening in our world and in our country and I wanted to just basically shine a light on you know, issues that people are often overlooking You know people are marginalized and overlooked and I just wanted to make people aware of you know, the hurting and broken people that are suffering in humanity And really you know, do my best to just make a difference in the best possible way I could, you know? (cheers and applauds) – That's amazing I've known this man a long time, that's amazing, man Very word, intentions, has a lot of connotations to it

It's a multi layered word, it's a very powerful word What made you decide to title the song Intentions? – Wow, I th ink again, I think a lot of us forget to, me included, forget to set intentions We as humans get caught up in our everyday struggles and worries and I think what we set our intentions on makes a difference in the outcome of our life and the quality of life that we live – Okay, cool man, Justin Bieber on Fresh Out Live (audience applauds) We got a room filled with your biggest fans and there's one in particular in here that we want to highlight, Jamila, who do you have with you? – Hey Sway, I'm here with Julie

Now she's awesome, not only is she a student at Stockton University but a mental health advocate for her peers who's doing some pretty incredible things Plus we both love the Biebs (laughs) Julie just tell me a little bit about some of the powerful work that you've been doing? – Active Minds is a national organization working to destigmatize mental health and suicide prevention on college campuses 800 around the country – [Jamila] My kind of girl, give it up for Julie

– All right (cheers and applauds) hey, you know what Jamila? Now I got some trivia, did you know Julie's first concert ever, is this right, is a Justin Bieber concert? – Yes – [Sway] That's true? – What, (laughs) – Man let's make it even more fantastic here on Fresh Out Live, Julie, won't you come on up here and meet Justin Bieber (audience applauds) Wow Can you imagine, this is incredible

Here it is, you know what? Let me get this real quick right here Here on Fresh Out Live, Julie we have a surprise for you (audience ahs) (audience applauds) It's a check for $100,000 for Julie to advocate her cause courtesy of Justin Bieber, but hold on, it's not official until he signs it Okay, (laughs) you can't go to the bank with a blank check – Gonna have to take this thing to a big bank

– Yes indeed All right, give it up for Julie, thank you Julie for the work that you're doing You definitely made an impact on your community with such great Intentions You guys make some noise for Julie (cheers and applauds) All right, we were talking about Intentions, the video is incredible, before we get into that, I saw another video posted on a basketball court

Did you all see this? – [Crowd] Yes – With Justin, Quevo and Drake playing pick up basketball? (laughs) Who's the best on the court, you would say, on the one on one? – I gotta say Quevo's probably the best at basketball but he plays more than I do Speaking of Quevo, should we bring him out here? – Is he here? – I think he's here Should we bring him? – Let's do it – Quevo

– Give it up for Quevo (cheers and applauds) On Fresh Out Live, come on! ♪ Gorgeous, make 'em drop dead, you a killer ♪ ♪ Shower you with all my attention ♪ – Justin Bieber and Quevo on Fresh Out Live How you doing? Come on Baby, give it to me Come on, this is what we doing on Fresh Out Live Justin Bieber and Quevo

– What's up, what's up, what's up, what's up? – Okay Okay, let me ask you Quevo You guys worked together on Khaled's album when you all did the one right? What was it like working on this project with him, what's the experience with Justin like in the studio? – All I know every time Justin makes something happen, makes some music, we got like more records than we can put out but Something about like Intentions and I'm the One, it was just sticky – Sticky? – You're records real sticky like

– Yeah – So I'm the One, I already knew was the one – Okay – Yeah – Sticky, sticky? – I think what he means is it's catchy and I don't know

– Yeah – Is that what you mean by that? – I mean it stuck, it stuck on the, – Stuck on the, okay, okay – It's up there, stuck there – Okay, okay, real quick I saw the track listing

You also got Little Dickie, Travis Scott, as well as others, what's the vibe of the album like? – Ah man, it's super R & B influenced (cheers and applauds) – Okay – So, going back to kind of my roots, I started making music when I was really young obviously, and I grew up listening to a lot of Boys II Men and stuff like that, so Yeah, it's definitely very R & B, back to my roots – Okay, back to his roots, well, if you haven't seen it already, first of all thank you guys for coming to Fresh Out Live

If you haven't seen it already, give it up for Quevo Justin Bieber, the video for Intentions And don't forget Changes is out next Friday This is Fresh Out Live, your destination for new singles, albums, new music, every Friday at 5PM That's how we doing, it's brand new, we kick it off with Justin Bieber and Quevo We'll see you the same time next Friday

You guys have a great weekend Give it up for Quevo, Justin Bieber, Fresh Out Live (cheers and applauds) ♪ These are my only intentions, I will ♪ ♪ Yeah these are my only intentions, yeah ♪ ♪ Stay in the kitchen cooking up, got your own bread ♪ ♪ Heart full of equity, you're an asset ♪ ♪ Make sure that you don't need no mentions ♪ ♪ Yeah, these are my only intentions, only intentions ♪ ♪ That's all I plan to do ♪

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