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Juliette Is DEVASTATED by Alyssa's Pregnancy News | Siesta Key


♪ I'm like a shark by your side ♪ (drink pouring) ♪ I just wanna take a bite ♪ ♪ I just wanna take a bite ♪ – [Brandon] 'Sup babe? – [Camille] Hey, you look so good! – Like it? – Yeah, I love it So handsome

– Well – Bellissimo – This is it, you like that? – Yes – First day on the job, you know I try to clean up a little bit

– I got you a drink, it's the special Here, let's cheers to your first day – You're excited Huh? – Yeah, cheers! – First day, cheers – How was it? – Super long

It's like my dad gave me a bunch of textbooks The only book I brought was this one – [Camille] Let me see – For dummies – Well, let me quiz you

– Babe, I'm not like, – Just one question, come on – I'm not like I'm not there yet – One question – I don't really know – You need a study buddy

Like, I feel like you need someone to like be on your ass about this Otherwise you're going to like, – Well, it's my first day, babe – Can I please just say something that what is going on with that bag? – It's like a backpack I had from high school – You need a nice, like leather work bag Like a briefcase! – This is what you want? You want to working man, that wakes up in the morning and puts a tie on

Goes, sits in the desk That's what you want? – [Camille] That's what everyone wants That's I mean, the man that I want is to be with Someone like that, yeah – Not someone in the music industry? – I mean, you know, music, you're great at it and whatnot, but like, it's not like, the real job, you know? – Whoa

(speaking in foreign language) – I don't know what you're saying It sounds good though – [Camille] What do you plan on doing once you start saving your money with this job? – Investing into an album and getting a Tesla – Are you serious? – Yeah, I'm serious – [Camille] That's unrealistic, but okay

So how long do you think it's going to be 'til like, you save enough money for us to like maybe move in together? – Moving in? – I mean, – Your music first, like, – That's like, kinda fast We've been together, like, I mean like, that's like, – I mean, I get it, You're focusing on yourself But like, after everything we've been through, I thought you'd be more like, – You need to to slow down Like, that's just, that's like a big step You don't really just like throw it out there the way you did, like, – Well, I just didn't, (intense music) – [Brandon] I just really wasn't thinking about that right now

I don't really know I just sorta like, there's so much things I need to do before that I need a car (tense music) – [Camille] Alright, but Brandon, I'm not saying tomorrow I'm just saying in general, like before, after you get your car or whatever, it's just like a time

– Whoa I'm not giving you a timeline, I'm just asking, is that something you think about? – Moving in, is that realistic for you right now? – Is that something you could do right now? No, but I'm just talking about it It's like, You got a new job, so like don't you think about like, – Well yeah – Your next move is gonna get a car Your next move is for your album

After that, what's your next move? Sit at your dad's house though? Or like, move on with like, someone you love? – I don't really, I mean, I don't like, really I'm not thinking like, you're thinking so far right now Like, I just started today with my dad And you're talking about moving in together – Yeah, I just wanted to bring it up

I thought it was something that you'd be happy about Not be like, Oh my God – They say most relationships end when you move in But ours already ended over something else So I don't think anything else we can top that

(tense pop music) ♪ Nothing's invisible ♪ ♪ Under the blacklight ♪ ♪ You'll see everything ♪ ♪ Under the blacklight ♪ – Hello! – Hi – Hi – Hello! We brought wine and pizza – We brought wine and pizza! Just come sit, like now – Like now? – Like now? – [Chloe] Please? – You can't open the wine yet? Trust me, you'll be drinking out of the bottle

– [Madisson] Where's Juliet? – Juliet's in her room I went over to Alex's today and talked with Alyssa Alyssa is pregnant (intense music) – Holy (beep)! – Juliet's not gonna be okay (beep) – [Kelsey] What'd Juliet say? – She's devastated

I knew she'd be upset, I didn't think she'd be this upset – [Kelsey] This is literally it She's always had hope – She still had hope in her heart that her and Alex would work out one day – No matter what he does, – [Chloe] Like in any, – she always will love him

– [Chloe] And she would take him back – Yeah, I know she would – Yeah, well, that's over now (mumbles) – She's not gonna be okay for a long time This is going to be so bad

(beep) (somber music) – I was praying they were going to break up and look what happened, so Who the (beep) knows – I'm so sorry babe (quiet sobbing) – [Juliette] I always thought one day maybe we'd be friends again – [Kelsey] I'm so sorry

– [Madisson] We love you – I'm gonna be drunk for the next week – Well, that is not what I was expecting – Surprise – I'm excited to be hearing all about it for the next eight months

It's just going to be really hard going around now – [Kelsey] I know – They've been together for like four months And they're having a child? – [Madisson] It's not like they planned it though – [Juliette] My ass

You're 15, it's a little different 'cause you're stupid – You're 25 and you get pregnant You're planning it – [Madisson] That was definitely planned – [Juliette] Like, she's literally probably stopped taking her birth control, knew his dad had money, knew she didn't have a job

Knew she didn't have a house – [Madisson] It's strategic – I mean, it's just like, so hard I'm gonna go in like, a huge self spiral ♪ Waking up without you is ♪ ♪ Just like a knife ♪ (quiet sobbing) ♪ Cold ache in my chest ♪ ♪ Aint no medicine could mend my broken heart ♪ – [Kelsey] He's getting thrown into this with a girl that he clearly doesn't truly love

If he truly loved her, he wouldn't have cheated on her like that Believe me, Alex is probably just going to like be with her for a couple more months, and then (beep) it up, and they're gonna break up – I think this is the one thing that's actually going to allow you to get past Alex You're young, you're gorgeous, you're smart You deserve a whole hell of a lot and you're gonna get it one day

And I know right now today sucks, but you're going to get it – I just didn't want to know – [Kelsey] No, but you were gonna to find out eventually, and it's better to hear it from your friends then to hear it randomly – I feel like if I had done other things, this literally wouldn't be happening If I just didn't, If I didn't date Robbie, like

He wins, he wins – [Kelsey] You're gonna win You're gonna end up with an amazing guy, and you will be settling down when you're ready – I hope he changes for her ♪ Remember just how good you felt ♪ ♪ Oh they say the truth sets you free ♪ ♪ So why does it hurt me ♪ (sobbing) ♪ Like hell ♪

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