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Joseph Gordon-Levitt Talks New YouTube Series 'Create Together #WithMe' | #MTVFreshOut


(upbeat pop music) – Hey, what's going on? It's Kevan Kenney and this is "Fresh Out Live" the show that each and every Friday on MTV, we bring you new music, pop culture news, and your favorite artists all in one place And this Friday, today, no different

We got actor and creator Joseph Gordon-Levitt stopping by He's gonna be talking all about his new YouTube series First, let's talk about the latest in music news this week Chloe X Halle delivered their new album, "Ungodly Hour" and the ladies described the entire sound as baddie vibes If you love their singles, "Do It" and "Catch Up," featuring Swae Lee, then this is the album for you and you definitely should be checking out "Ungodly Hour" this week

Leon Bridges dropped his new single, "Sweeter" The track also features Terrace Martin and sounds just like the title suggests And NLE Choppa delivers the fifth installment of his Shotta Flow series, along with a music video directed by Cole Bennet ♪ What what I'ma swing with pipe ♪ ♪ He's not cherishing it ♪ ♪ Straight jacket music I belong in psych ♪ ♪ Feeling me feeling me still with they keep on ♪ ♪ Sending me these recipes these deli's see ♪ ♪ I be dripping like relish ♪ – All right, and next up we have a very special guest, as I just mentioned a little bit ago, to talk about his new YouTube series Create Together #With Me He acts, he sings, he produces, he does it all, and dare I say, he's a creative genius, Mr

Joseph Gordon-Levitt – That's very kind of you, thank you – Yeah, I like to lead with a big hyperbolic compliment Thank you so much– – Yeah, that's a lot to live up to, yeah – I know this better be like the best interview ever

– I'm ready, I'm ready – All right, first and foremost, can you tell us a little bit about Create Together #With Me? – Yeah, so it's about exactly that, people being creative together, especially in this time right now where a lot of us are facing that feeling of isolation that's come from this crazy pandemic And you know making things together is a really intimate human connection It's different than other kind of things you can do online, where you're just chatting or reading the news or whatever When people are actually making things, and people make short films, people make music, people tell stories, and we're just kinda documenting that process

People finding each other collaborating online and making all kinds of art together, and coping with this strange time with that kind of human connection you get by being creative together with other people – Are you happiest when you're creating, would you say? – I have a harder time just sitting in a room all by myself and like getting an idea, being like okay, now I know what to make, I'll make it all by myself – Right – I grew up on sets, you know? Working on movies and shows and things like that So I'm used to collaborating

And online can be sort of a lonely place You're sitting there with your computer You're like, yeah I wanna upload something I made to Instagram or YouTube or whatever But it's hard to do it all by yourself And that's what HITRECORD is, is this is the community that I started years ago with my brother, and it's all about that kind of collaboration of people not just posting stuff they made on their own, but making things together

– That's awesome, how do you choose what makes it onto the show, just with so much content across the board? – Yeah, so every project has to have a leader And this is a big part of what you can do on HITRECORD is if you start a project then you get to be the leader And the truth is, it takes work to lead a project, to rally people, to gather collaborators, to keep them organized, updated, and take the project across the finish line That's what our app does, is kinda helps you do that and break your process down into steps, and complete 'em and update people But if you're the leader then you're the one that decides, like okay, I got a number of contributions to this writing step, I'm gonna pick which one we're gonna move forward with, and then move on to the next step

Now let's get actors to perform that writing So there's got to be a human being It's not like a computer algorithm making the decisions And it's not a popularity contest where people just vote and we pick whoever wins the best votes It's a human process, and with our series, I'm directing it along with a production team of very talented, hardworking people

And so yeah, it's got to be human artists driving those creative decisions I think – Have you seen anything in terms of the submissions, changes in creativity, with the new YouTube series, just given everything that's going on in the world? – The last couple weeks we've seen a lot of people expressing themselves and making art about what's going on in the streets right now in response to George Floyd and the tragedy that's happening right now That's really meaningful too, to see people express themselves together, find those collaborators You know, I think art is often a really productive way to get at those feelings when the feelings are really intense 'cause there's something really horrible going on I've been really proud of that, seeing our community rise to that occasion right now as well

– Yeah, what did you do with Ubisoft, though? That caught my ear – We actually have two games going with them We did something with their game Watch Dogs: Legion, and then we're doing something with their game Beyond Good and Evil 2 And the community is making music and other assets that'll go into the game So instead of them just taking finished music that's gonna go into the game, they'll come into our platform and say like, hey let's all work together on a song

And one person can make the beat, one person can contribute bass, someone else can add lyrics, someone else can sing them And we get dozens of dozens of people on each song And a lot of these are musicians who aren't necessarily professional musicians, who wouldn't necessarily have the opportunity to have their music featured in a big Ubisoft video game normally But a dozen or two songs that our community is making collaboratively are gonna go in this game So it's exciting

– And then finally, before I let you go here, Joe, can you share any advice for those who wanna start getting creative, making stuff, just like right now, immediate stuff they can start doing? – I really do think that reaching out to other people, for my personal experience, that's key Trying to do it alone is hard You sit and you look at a blank page, and you're like what should I write? What should I sing about? What should I make a movie about? I don't know, I have an idea, but that probably sucks, no one will care And you can go around and around in your head, and it's hard Where as if you have even just one collaborator, or a couple, then you have feedback

You have someone to anchor you, someone to give you encouragement, someone to say like, that is a good idea, that's not a good idea, let's do this, let's encourage each other, let's hold each other accountable and stick to it If you can be creative together with other people, I find, it's way easier to actually get stuff done And I guess the other piece of advice I would offer is like keep in mind why you're doing it Are you doing it because you want more followers? Are you doing it because you wanna be rich and famous? If so, just be prepared for disappointment, because ultimately, no matter how many followers you get, no matter how rich and famous you get, and I know some people with lots of followers and lots of money and lots of fame, that is never going to be what satisfies you and makes you happy, it just never is Where as if you can turn inwards and take satisfaction in the doing of it, in the creative process itself, if you can love making music, like you said, or making movies, or writing, or drawing, or whatever it is you like to do, if you can love it, because of that flow that you get into that we talked about a second ago, because it feels good to do it, because it's satisfying to finish something and to express yourself that's where, in my experience, the joy really comes from

– That external fuel, man, it runs out fast, right? – Exactly – Well, Joe, thank you so much This was awesome just hanging out I wish you were on drums to like play us out But in the meantime, if you're watching this right now on MTV be sure to check out the new series on YouTube, Create Together #With Me

New episodes every Monday, correct? – Yes sir – Beautiful And you can also download the HITRECORD app right now, where you can explore your own creative ideas and who knows, maybe you'll even find yourself on a future episode, which will be pretty cool As always, don't forget to tune in next week for a new episode of "Fresh Out Live" right here on MTV You never know who's gonna stop by

I'm Kevan Kenney, see you next time – Thanks buddy (upbeat pop music)

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