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Jordan’s Life Changing Proposition | The Challenge: War of The Worlds 2


– Make me happier? (suspenseful techno music) If Tori Deal would make me the happiest man in the world (Beep) – [Man On Stairs] Oh my God! No way! – (Beep) – Marry me

(cheering and clapping) – Are you (beep) kidding me? – [Man On Stairs] Ah! No-! – Get down there! – [Jordan] Will you marry me? – [Man In Ball Cap] Get the (beep) down there! – [Jordan] Will you marry me? (clapping) – Are you serious? – [Jordan] Yeah, baby – [Tori] Okay! – Will you marry me? – [Tori] For real? – Yeah! – Shut up! Yes! – Yeah – [Woman On Stairs] Oh my God – I'm gonna throw up! – [Woman On Stairs] Oh my God! – Um, my hand's sh- – That's your right hand – Oh

– [Woman On Stairs] Aww! (slow piano music) – I've known for a long time that I want to spend the rest of my life with Tori And before we left, I figured, hey We met on a challenge, so why not ask her to marry me on a challenge And I hope that this challenge has really showed her how amazing we are together (music swells) (clapping and cheering) – I've seen a lot in these challenges

I've never seen something like this Um All game aside, I'm really happy for Jordan and Tori

Uh, I've seen them from the very beginning into what they are now, and You know, I'm really happy for them – Shut the fuck up

(clapping, Jordan laughs) – It's an amazing moment I've got goosebumps, I'm looking at Josh, we've both got tears in our eyes So emotional, I might propose to Josh right now, too (clapping) – She's gonna be paying for that ring when he sabotages our team Sorry

– Are you kidding me with that comment? (aggressive string music) – Nope I don't wanna be that person, but it's kinda eye-rolly Fake as (beep) It's- I don't believe it But if it gets him to the other team, (beep) yeah! Get married! Peace, bitches! – I love you, baby! – I love you

– TJ! We're going to the UK (Tori laughs) – Alright, congratulations (clapping and cheering) – This mother(beep) tricked me and brought a (beep) ring on the show? I mean like I'm just so happy Just I'm just

Filled with so much joy It's like nothing matters anymore Like this is real life right now

And I'm just so happy (clapping and cheering) – Thank God Goodbye! Happy marriage, happy life! We can be a team again! Yes, Team USA! Peace, loser (clapping and cheering) (light, up-beat music) – Yay – Oh my god! – Woo, yes! Woo! – Now we lost Jordan and Team America did it to themselves

It's just a bummer to see this guy go But I'm just really happy for Jordan and Tori, and I appreciate them for bringing this positive energy into our lives right now (clapping and cheering) – Okay, that was quite the proposal (laughing and cheering) – I'm so excited! Yes! – I feel like this moment in particular is what everybody needed because this game can get so ugly, and we can walk around here so miserable sometimes, that when something like this happens, it just brings you back to reality – Oh my God, it's real

– That's pretty great – I'm actually very happy for Jordan and Tori, and I wish them the best It's an amazing moment, so congratulations to you two But, uh- When it comes to the game, I still want you out – Oh my God, oh my God

(fire smolders) – [Producer] Tori, show us the hardware – Oh, my God, hi! – [Producer] Talk to me What happened? – Well, you know

I went from screaming 'put a nail in his coffin!' (Jordan laughs) 'Kill him!' To, 'yeah, I do!' – Honestly tonight, the- the question was a hundred times more nerveracking than the elimination I knew for a long time that I wanna spend the rest of my life with this girl, so – I love you – Um You know, this has been a very, very trying time in this house, and the fact that we've done so well, and we've had each other's backs throughout this entire thing, and it's- It's only brought us closer, and with all the number BS that's going on just in case, I want, uh- I want everybody to know that She's mine forever – I love you

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