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Jon Favreau on 'The Mandalorian' at D23 | MTV News


– Does the Legend status mean that we're one step closer to the Happy Hogan Disney+ series? – I hope so, I mean Happy Hogan is definitely a big part of the MCU, certainly if you count the amount of films he's been in – And they're doing all– – I mean, he gives Nick Fury a run for his money

– I'm right there on his tail, and it's really fun to collaborate with them – I couldn't be more excited for 'The Mandalorian' man as a Star Wars fan and as a fan of yours, the last live action Star Wars series I saw, was as a kid, 'The Battle for Endor' (laughs) – Oh nice – So I'm assuming this is a little bit darker, where in the Star Wars darkness scale is this, in terms of 'Rogue One' and 'A New Hope,' what are you going for? – We're going for adventure, first of all, I think at its core

You know, George Lucas was inspired by adventure serials From the first frame of that film, when you said that I was a continuation of a story, it felt like an old theatrical Saturday serial And then it's also inspired by Samurai films and Westerns, we tried to go back to the source of what inspired the original movies But for the 'Battle for Endor,' we got you too We were inspired by that one

– That's not a bad one – We got Blurrgs, you know what Blurrgs are? – Oh my God, I remember Wilford Brimley, I don't remember the Blurrgs – So the Blurrgs are these big, bi-pedal, huge, piranha like pack-animals that were stop-motion huge, piranha like pack-animals that were stop-motion in 'Caravan of Courage' and I think 'Battle for Endor' And they only appeared there and they were the most awkward looking creatures and we decided, that's gotta be in our show – I love it

– I'm so happy – So we have an Ugnaught riding a Blurrg, you will see that You will see that on 'The Mandalorian' That's an exclusive – That's amazing, I'm so excited I'm so glad I mentioned it

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