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hello YouTube DutyRon a Retired NYPD Detective reporting live active shooter situation in Jersey City New Jersey it's reported all over all over the news and all over social media here locally till you guys Jersey City looks like two perpetrators of male and female inside a bodega okay I've been listening I've been listening for over 35 minutes and it's it's been a chaotic scene with lots of shots fired seems like two officers were ambushed initially and shot I don't know what their conditions are I do know it's an active situation two of the perpetrators are supposedly down I heard personally with my own ears an exchange of gunfire that was out of this world like nothing I've ever heard in a long time and um it was you know and still is okay that there's there's a school right across the street and it looks like looks like the suspects are down one of them's down in the vestibule in the front of the door hi bells reborn thank you for joining so we're in Jersey City New Jersey I'm coming to you live here from New York but this is a Jersey City New Jersey police shooting so killer whale thanks for joining hello art and soul by Yvonne I just want to listen to what's going on it sounds like both perpetrators are down the threat right now is over but there was a lot of gunfire over the radio like when the officers were speaking you can actually hear like it was almost a combat zone you you you heard so many gunshots going off it was chilling to hear this so this is just a reminder of what our men and women a law enforcement do day in and day out for our safety I believe the initial officers were ambushed the initial officers were ambushed hold on so a hold on a second guys hold on I just want to listen to this they're in a school there's a school that's right across or right adjacent to this shooting location I think it's across the street I'm listening to live police more shots fired now so this is it officer says an officer reporting more shots fired right now I'm gonna stand by here and listen to this live feed NYPD is there our Police Department my Police Department the NYPD ESU is there because we're so close to Jersey City so our NYPD ESU is on the scene adding giving giving back you know giving back up to Jersey City PD so the men and women of my Police Department are there so all the officers that are pinned down or waiting for relief from a tactical that's somebody in the military regalia police officers with heavy body armor so they're pinned down and they're waiting to get kind of rescued and relieved by practically all police officers in uniform need to be really be by tactical those are police officers in the school Demitri those are police officers shooting at the perpetrators in there's there's no shooters in the school there's no shooters in that school that's that's not a correct report it was police officers returning fire back at the perpetrators inside the both bodega right now we have two known police officers shot I don't know what their conditions are and I heard a third one saying he got hit hello Paul Peck good to see you so this is what we do this is what we do so this is a very dangerous situation but I believe I waited to go live when I I waited to go live when I heard that the perpetrators were down but it doesn't mean that they're there they're incapacitated they were both perpetrators are shot but state but they believe one is still alive 3:31 obtrusive baby we have a clear view of gurus come on and okay give yourself alright there's a lot of reports that are being reported out there of different injuries the school is definitely on lockdown definitely definitely on they're gonna clear the school for them right there work how well can you guys hear this audio is it too loud is the audio on this – they're not evacuating the school children are safe how scary you got to keep these kids down on the ground I heard I heard myself dozens and dozens of shots fired in the background as the officers were speaking and these guys these male officers that I heard were so calm and they were either taking gunfire or sending gunfire out as they were broadcasting the children are down on the ground there's a ton of police in at school it's a ton of police school there was a one male and one female shooter one male one female is what I heard Bella Mack good to see you thank you for joining guys if you haven't invited or or shared on to social media share it out so the message can get out there this is going to be the most accurate information NYPD's ESU is on the scene it seems like the worst of this is over right now but right now is a time period where they have to figure out what casualties if any we have on the police personnel side we must say prayers for our law enforcement and the Jersey City Police Department that's the police chief right there so they need to confirm that the two police are that the two shooters are down this is a chaotic situation right now they don't want to move any of the children obviously unless they know everything is clear so they're not going to move those children out of that school until they know the situation is clear Thank You Barry I appreciate that thank you hello Daphne great to see you thank you for joining Thank You Lora again thank you for the super chats I missed two super chance I'm sorry Paul Peck thank you for that super chat thank you for the super love appreciate that this is not inside a school Laurie's crochet corner thank you so much for you love thank you for sharing Marley this was not in a school this was at a bodega I don't know if it was a robbery in progress or what the initial call was that'll come out later but two police officers were supposedly ambushed at this location and there is a school across the street so the school is just a casualty of this violence it is not a targeted school shooting it is not a shooting that occurred inside the school it's just that the school was right there in the closed proximity and that is the unfortunate situation that the police are dealing with now and that's why assets were put into that school to protect those children to protect that facility in that building so this way none of these gunmen or shooters could run or flee into that building so they immediately did what they could do and the right thing to do is get assets into that school get the law enforcement officers arms in that school so they could protect the children inside that school from any violence coming in there if you guys follow what I'm talking about so that was a very sound tactical approach that our police officers took over there in Jersey City and I tip my cap to them I tip my cap to them because that is a very very sound decision to make at this time yes absolutely 100% Dylan 100% yes the NYPD ESU is on scene right now I'm gonna stay with you guys until we get for now until we get a definitive answer on what's going on here Thank You Desiree for coming in hello Katina thank you for everyone joining this is a quick live I didn't have any plans to go live today I wasn't gonna bring I wasn't gonna go live until later tonight but this is breaking news and I felt that I needed to bring this to you guys I wanted to wait until all I wanted to wait until everything was stabilized before I went live I didn't want to bring you a bunch of shots being fired in the background and I didn't want to compromise any of the tactics once I knew that the two perpetrators were down I came live and now we're just gonna you know we're gonna listen to some of the some of the some of the moves that they make to secure the scene you're welcome you're welcome half writer and thank you for the super heart super love thank you for the super chat I appreciate that and great to see Erin she won everything thank you so much for coming on in there is not a third active shooter there is not great to see she want everything in on the broadcast blondie thank you so much for coming in blondie I know this is close by you're welcome Kelly my pleasure Berlin the news is not correct the news is not correct I'm listening to it live and they know exactly where the gunfire is coming from they they have okay so now what they have going on is a crowd there's now a crowd there because they are now probably getting angry that the police are in or doing their job so this is common guys I'm not saying anything good bad or indifferent about this but now in addition to this whole mess that they got going on these police now have to send more units for crowd control because there's people from the area but may be saying things like what are you what are you guys doing why are you shooting why why why why when they should just be supporting the police and back in the fuck up crowd gathering they're starting to fight he said there's a crowd gathering it's starting a fight they're probably speculating the police unnecessarily shot somebody or some type of police distain going on here that's my guess Regina thank you so much thank you so much duty Ron life is wonderful with you in this world thank you so much for Gina I appreciate the super love thank you thank you for the love and respect so this is an addition to the already major clusterfuck that they got going on now you got these people out there protesting and questioning what the police are doing is just crazy this adds to the utter insanity of the job of being a police officer in this day and age so I tip my cap to these future Thank You hippie Thank You hippie love I appreciate it Denise thank you so much for being in here Thank You Bella Mack all right so they lock down and they don't want to put themselves out in the line of fire so they're locked down do you have good concealment and cover they have concealment and cover so he's letting them know they're in plainclothes there they're pinned down and they can't move yes always the engine block is the best cover it's a solid piece of mess you don't hide behind a door card or the metal you bullet goes right through it like butter um there was there was two officers who were ambushed by two perpetrators in Jersey City New Jersey and this is now the aftermath D shootout that in food unless massive amount of police presence a massive amount of assets the NYPD sent units in for backup there was numerous numerous shots fired and the NYPD is also in there are elite emergency service unit good to see my friend Dennis Desmond down over in Florida checking in retired NYPD detective fellow brother and blue who I worked side-by-side with in Brownsville Brooklyn East New York Brownsville Brooklyn PSA – my PSA – brother is in the building everybody say hello to retired Irish detective he is in the house is the police commissioner Melda thank you for being in here thank you this is a very very fluid active situation and I'm not speaking and saying hello to everybody because I want to I don't want to miss anything that's important here but what we do know as of now is the perpetrators both of them are down so allegedly a male and a female don't know their race I don't know what their hold on a second hold on guys our ESU officers are highly trained and can handle a situation right retired Irish detective you got it our elite Emergency Services unit and the units that they have there are well capable of handling they trained for these type of situations on a daily on a regular basis not on a daily basis upon our regular basis client no hostage situation at this time we don't know if there's any casualties we don't know if there's any casualties are innocent people that were inside that store we don't know if there's people still alive inside that store to see what he just said maintain the scene time is on our side they're gonna wait this out as long as they can to make it safe they're gonna wait this out to make it safe hello Bea lady operator this is happening why right now this is happening right now hey on the roof they're police officers have direct view at the inside of the store from the school and they see that both perpetrators are down one is prone one is prone laying facedown with the weapon still but there he is he or she is not moving so they can they cannot tell 100% hello Alice welcome in from Australia thank you so much I don't know Norma I don't know if it's on TV they wouldn't have live coverage of this Amanda's blind and chronically illness life thank you so much for being in my first live stream that you've been in I welcome you everyone go and check out her channel she is um doing great stuff she is blind and has a channel guys she is not she's spreading peace and positivity her channel is awesome I went and checked it out so I I highly recommend you guys go check her out a little bit too busy for me to go into details okay this is an emergency message yeah everyone go check Amanda's channel out hi Gemma there you go Beryl I agree a hundred percent yeah this is liven up this is this is on this is what's happening at moment to moment right now blessings right back to you a man the love and respect always hello Edwin Vasquez thank you for coming in the lady a Pieri always a pleasure to have you thank you Paul Peck everyone go check out Paul Peck drywall tube as well he's another great channel Oh over 70,000 subscribers he's doing something right over there Regina Smith TR a fun guy thank you so much for being here thank you turquoise kitten all right I have two two stations going but I'm not gonna look played the tactical channel because I'm not going to give up some tactics there's a tactical channel that I have access to but I'm not gonna play that on him hello boxing MMA good to see you schools across the street all the children and all the kids are safe at this time that's what we know there's not been one reported casualty in that school there has not been one reported casualty on the radio I would think if there was any injuries I would have heard it Milly god bless you right back thank you hello mark good to see you mark the children are safe school is on lockdown Jersey City New Jersey Betty I'm gonna remain silent for a minute I want to listen to this activity to disputes and a motor vehicle accident close to the scene they're asking to see if there's any pending calls in that area that's the police commissioner asking if there's any pending calls because now they want to make sure that everybody in that surrounding area is safe if there's additional calls so this is something else that a lot of people don't understand is that now these police officers all of the assets of respondent to this active shooting situation they want to make sure that the rest of the city is safe and that their need for other police officers to respond to new calls are being covered that's what you just heard they're most most people wouldn't decipher that but that's what was just went on in that exchange between a police commissioner or a high-ranking police official and the command center they want to make sure that the rest of the city has police coverage and if there's any calls they want to send assets to those calls so in addition to dealing with this and a lot of resources there they need to also make sure the rest of Jersey City is covered by police a half writer I didn't get confirmation on that I'm not gonna speak about that but thank you for sharing it thank you for sharing it and if that is the case we're gonna pray that is not a life-threatening injury a shot in the head could go could go either way there is not a third shooter that is not true and she commands I got those nine three three times in offices where you need them movement could mean people that are innocent that are trying to escape movement could be further perpetrators but I don't think so ginger locks mom thank you for being in here thank you for hanging in there Erin if you want everything rouse truckin is in the house yeah that's that's what's happening they're all worried for their children okay this is just maybe this let's just hear what happens here I'll give you guys a little heads-up on this Ralph I didn't even see it but thank you for sharing it with me thank you god bless you Laurie's crochet Corner go check her channel out everybody check out rouse trucking all the great ones in here I'm remaining quiet because I don't want to miss anything movement inside the store folks this could be innocent people who are in the store we don't know okay this could be a third subject it could be a third bad guy or it could be people that are trapped in there that were there think about it if there were people inside that store when is this is this is this is movement in the store you know if there are people that are in there that feel that the gunmen are dead or down they might be trying to get out that's what's dangerous about this making sure my eyebrows are on point you could have been a patron that was in there thanks Ralph thank you for the eyebrows on point Millie this is not an active-shooter situation this is this this is an ambush police officers were ambushed this is not an active shooter there's a you hole in the back of the building and they're saying that it's hot meaning that there could be somebody in there there meaning what they're saying is the you holes hot meaning that there may be somebody inside of it no bomb nothing like that it's a mom-and-pop store correct police officers were ambushed and met with gunfire at a call to this location all right they looking to move resources hello Mr Graham thank you so much we'll find out more as it develops right now I can't speculate on if you know if and what this is right now let's just listen and I will break down what's going on for you as it as it develops we don't know at this time Aaron possibly two police officers okay life of Alan sounds good hi Norma Thomas thank you so much for coming in message agreed to our message agree duty blue I want to say thank you to Dylan in Texas thank you for updating me as well thank you for the super love Josh thank you so much welcome hello melody thank you for joining you're welcome Riley nobody likes this out-of-court thank you so much for the super love thanks Ron prayers to all involve prayers right back there you go Paul thank you I'm a wreck how did you do this work every day we just did it and there's a there's a retired Irish detective screen name in here who was a confirmed fellow worker who worked with me fellow law enforcement professional who I worked with in my early police days he did a great job as being a New York City police officer a housing police officer and then an NYPD detective he's here retired Irish detective his first name is Dennis he's a great guy and he is here in the chat they want everybody in the surrounding buildings it's a very cluttered building it's it's a whole row of buildings on the block both sides so now they're gonna get on the loudspeaker and tell everybody to stay away from the windows so they don't get shot the u-haul being hot means that there may be somebody inside the u-haul it means that it may be occupied by bad guys that's a simple statement and simple tournament let's use Thank You Amanda for the 1999 super love thank you for that super chat super love and respect right back to you Amanda thank you Amanda's blind and chronic illness life says blessings to you duty Ron praying for all Thank You Amanda thank you hello pepper Kentucky living Thank You peppers in Kentucky Ralph's sorry about that man it's going quick Ralph that's trucking everyone go follow raus trucking thank you for the super chat thank you for all the super love norma thomas duty ron thank you for all you do god bless guys you got to realize i got over 200 people in here the chats going fast and i apologize to anybody that i missed a special thank you to all patreon and all the supporters of duty Ron's family we have a very very nice chat and a nice channel going here all all the participants are always respectful and friendly so you're always welcome to come on over here Paisley dream all the great ones that are in here well someone's right next to them with the radio so it's echoing thank you whispering soldier okay another person popped his head out looked around and then popped back in thank you bells reborn everyone go follow bells reborn nursery her and a mom they do a great job on on each individual Channel and I always go over there and I'm not you know into the reborn dolls or anything like that but I'm into the people they're great people they were very very respectful very wonderful full of goodness type folks and that's what I like to surround myself with so everyone please go and check out her channel well the cemetery is adjacent as well so the adjacent all the adjacent locations are being utilized by so that's what's going on and they have this whole building surrounded so everything around it is is occupied by lauren faust my guild skills good to see you too there's no pipe bomb confirmed those are those are speculations there's nothing confirmed about that nobody's coming with a pipe bomb to blow up a bodega just so you know I mean that's if they're gonna do some type of target like that they're gonna go to a place where there's more people than four people inside a mom-and-pop bodega in Jersey City a lot more is gonna come of this later on guys you'll see a lot more will come there they're closing everything down because everything's all bottle necked diary of the mine thank you for joining anybody oh I've missed I didn't miss you hold on we got an emergency message I don't know what that is I don't know what this is right here it's somebody making a call Jersey City New Jersey Oh no confirmation at this time Simon hello Gervais good to see you thanks for joining guys if you haven't given the stream a thumbs up please give it a thumbs up share it out out also if you're not subscribed if you're new to the channel hit the subscribe button subscribe to my channel for all things breaking news all things related to true crime I am a retired New York City police detective with 20-plus years of experience in law enforcement and I'm bringing you live breaking news and all other different types of criminal cases we break things down we speak about it I give you a police standpoint a police point of view it's a very different aspect than what you're used to getting on YouTube because there's not many of us that do this that's the uniqueness about my channel is that you're gonna get it from a police perspective unknown at this time be lady I don't speculate on anything I don't know I don't know the u-haul could have been there before they got there and they could just be utilizing they could have broke the window and got into it it could have been what they drove there we don't know at this time it could be filled with anything anything so we don't know it said one officer was shot in the head and the other officer was shot in the bot and the in the in the center mass it didn't say where said in the body so I don't know I don't know we're waiting to hear about that I have no reports I haven't been able to check or look anywhere else for any of those reports Thank You Joshua H yeah shoulder and then the other they said was shot in the head and I'm hoping that that's not true they're taking the front of the building out with probably a heavy tactical law okay they're gonna breach it yeah they're gonna breach right now this is this is major major danger right here for everybody involved these this is why the men they're gonna breach into the front of that building Thank You boxing MMA thank you but I'm gonna I'm gonna maintain a little silence now to hear what's happening just saying a quick prayer right now saying a quick prayer hi Bela Mack correct BG correct you're welcome blondie my pleasure figure skating coach thank you for the prayers Taurus F so FOP welcome into the broadcast thank you for the prayers we're gonna get confirmation once it's cleared and that'll be shortly we should shortly get the all-clear yikes yikes ralf drive safe prayers my prayers are my thoughts and prayers are going out to the everybody involved in this right now this is very very this is very dangerous what they're doing right now and it takes brave you have to have a brass pair of balls to do something like this because i've been in on search warrants where we've taken doors and i've been the first one in and it's not a great feeling it's not a great feeling not knowing what's on the other side it is very dangerous very dangerous you know you don't know if they're in there with explosives and they're gonna blow the whole place up as you make entry it's all unknown to them there's so many unknown dangers but yet they do this job day in and day out so that's why I always tip my cap to these brave men and women because you never know what's on the other side of that of the wall or the door Thank You Jackson RC Aviation thank you for your service oh forget it be lady forget it it's not now if I was home I would have the laptop open and I'd probably look for some live feeds from the news or from helicopter I'm sure those they do that all the time they do it all the time TR you're welcome dari that's it's my pleasure that's what that's what my channel is all about I want to interact with the public and let them know about the inner workings of what the brave men and women of the police department do on a regular basis for our safety and our freedoms amazing right Demetri I don't know why they're not giving a confirmation of that they made entry and unless they go in and slowly that's my stream labs bot putting out the merch store president was briefed Wow thank you yes yeah thank you so much Ashley n it looked like it looked like 35 minutes ago they said both the shooters were neutralized both will confirm down is its least that's at least what I heard myself with my own ears I'm just going on what I heard myself that both shooters were down ABC 7 has the live feed anybody wants to see the live feed Tracy trailer Tracy Taylor said that maybe say ABC 7 has a live feed uh explosive Phoenix says do – I like how there's a channel like yours to educate people that it needs to be more channels like yours I I agree I can't do it all myself I need some of my fellow brothers and sisters retired a lot of guys who are active don't like to do this for obvious reasons but once I retired I made a decision that I wanted to start live streaming and I started it on periscope that brought me over here to YouTube and the rest is history so um I do the best that I can I'm not perfect at this I never claimed to be perfect at it but I'm going to give you a perspective from a 20 plus year veteran I know about what you know goes on behind the scenes I know what it takes to get a conviction in the court of law because I've worked so closely with the prosecutor's office at the District Attorney's Office in all the counties in New York City there's five County District Attorney's yeah I've worked with all of all five of those counties in prosecuting cases I know what it takes to not just only make a summary arrest but what it takes to get a conviction all the way down and put somebody away for a long time and I pried it I pride myself on putting evil away and make it sure that they didn't get out you know get out of jail so I did the best that I could while I was a police officer and a detective so Thank You purgatory paranormal you're too kind everyone go follow and check out purgatory paranormals channel of New York she's a wonderful paranormal investigator and she does a lot of great regular live streams I'm always in on her live streams I'd love to go into purgatory paranormal streams and hang out in there it's a friendly place for you to go you're not gonna get scrutinized there and everybody in there is really nice people so go check out her channel um you're welcome Aaron she won everything there's also a great Channel I recommend you go over there if you want to have a couple of laughs Aaron is full of lots she should be a stand-up comedian I told her she's a very smart woman and she knows a lot about a lot of different things but she's funny as hell go over and check her out this brings back bad memories from Rey yeah with all the silence exactly yeah user friendly fire so they were advising that it's the police that are shooting so other units don't shoot at them so this friendly fire going on right now I'm about 35 miles away from this 35 miles not that far friendly fire is they're advising that their own officers are shooting there their assets are shooting at the inside of the store that might be some type of when they made entry there might have been something for someone in there Thank You purgatory paranormal for the super love I agree I agree dairy all right I'm gonna remain quiet for a minute here I'm watching the comments but I'm not gonna talk I did not I did not talk about the UPS okay no students are injured as of now dairy alright guys anybody that's just checking in hi Kim anybody that's just checking in this is a two officers were ambushed earlier about an hour or so maybe a little bit longer than an hour ago in Jersey City New Jersey at a local bodega it's like a grocery convenience store they were met by gunfire they backed out hold on a second hold on the schools across the street there's no school involved in this all right all right so again what we have here is two officers that were ambushed I don't know if those two initial officers were shot but we have an you know right now it seems like a situation that's just getting cleaned up and and and neutralized they made entry with heavy equipment into the front of the store the bodega they're now gonna do a casualty assessment to see what they have inside it could be a scene of carnage it could be everybody in that store killed it could be just the gunman it could be just the you know we don't know at this time so it would just be pure speculation on my behalf and I'm not a speculator I don't like to speculate so right so right now what I know this is just this is a this has nothing to do it is oh that's a fire so so Jersey City shares their fire and police together which is weird I don't know why they do that but they have firing police together so that's just a it's a fire call so it could have been a robbery in progress it could have been a dispute that they would dispatch to at the store and then the reports were that they were ambushed so we don't know what the initial call was at this point I'm gonna wait til a news conference comes over so we are going to hello grace my god thank you so much for coming in so right now we're gonna use extreme caution and what we say but what we aren't what we do know is two police officers have been shot they were there it's been labeled as an ambush the report of what they initially responded to is is unknown to me at this time so right now I'm gonna use extreme caution in my words because we will find out more as they provide us with more information at a news conference so that that's what we do know that's a Mary boy good to see you Matt all right if anybody's new here that you're watching for the very first time let me know where you're watching from your city and state so I could give you a shout out I'm gonna end the stream in a few minutes so I just want to say hello to everybody if anybody is new subscribe to my channel for all things breaking news all things do tear on right here hit the subscribe button hit the notification bell and make sure you give a like to the stream I'm going to close it out in a few minutes and give you a hold on a second hold on a second well I just I just gave you moderator so this way you didn't you didn't have to worry about this the what should we call it I just I just upgraded yes so this way you can put links in a stream and stuff like that I just saw one got muted so that's just built in like that so I just I just added you on there poll welcome in from Caldwell Idaho thank you for joining new subscribers from Jersey City do not move the kids they don't want the kids moved yet new subscriber listening from North Cal Northern California born in Elizabeth New Jersey carte diem Texas Jackson RC is Aviation in Maryland who else thank you always for your service duty Ron pet peppers thank you so much West Tennessee says frog pusher I on weather yeah TR I don't I don't stand for any of that that stuff will get immediately blocked hello from the UK epitome thank you Northern California Karen Wyse she's not Luke Lockhart Texas hello Florida prepper Bob good to see you D Kelly Bell 14 from Delaware okay they're gonna make an announcement to teachers Northern Illinois Germany says Frank Hart thank you so much here in Wisconsin sending prayers uh hello Dexter's nightmares hello from Missouri Oh explosive Phoenix hello new from Los Angeles California life of Allen West New York says Bellini apiary thank you Judy Ron for taking time to provide us with the knowledge puss-in-boots you're welcome it's my pleasure all right it looks like everything's been looks like everything's been neutralized guys I'm not gonna drag this out any further I think we've covered everything that we need to cover really what they're gonna do now guys good day from Australia put another prone on the barbie great to see you in on my broadcast thank you for joining I don't think what's gonna happen Lenny thank you for coming in I don't think that they're gonna do any more you know what they need to do is figure out it when it's safe to get those children out of that school and evacuate the school so that'll be what's going to come up now is a vaca evacuating the adjacent buildings and evacuating the school first and foremost so um again that's really what's gonna be going on from here going forward I don't think there's a too much police activity that's gonna happen you know where as we saw we heard and saw the bull code okay that's interesting detectives from the bomb squad from the NYPD hold on the bomb squad that's a premium it's a premiere unit if they called the bomb squadron and they may think something's going on with that truck yeah yeah then des they may suspect there may be explosives in that truck but this might be them just using extreme caution you know we don't know they just didn't know what's inside there it hasn't been cleared so if it's not cleared it's considered hot meaning it could be more perpetrators it could be anything I'm gonna stay just a little while longer I'm gonna stay a little while longer it's a u-haul truck could be anything is possible at this time the beeping is just to clear the air Matt it's just to get everyone's attention and not let anybody broadcast you're welcome Queenie my pleasure you're welcome Paul thank you for the super chat thank you again for that second super chat appreciated unknown at this time red like wine yeah it's to get their attention and to you know make everybody listen when we had the same thing on our job the NYPD had similar situation where they would hit a tone it was a duck unknown at this time unknown at this time hello Black Rose thanks for joining I agree Bren I think she's the best you're welcome Katina my pleasure thank you I'm a retired police detective Dexter I agree with that statement that's for sure ah Jane you're welcome thank you for being here Billy Dee thanks for that info I'm doing good Lindy no retired NYPD if you look at my profile you'll see it all I know you probably didn't have a chance to but I'm a retired NYPD detective New York City police thank you emergency services unit Julie ESU stands from emergency services unit yeah it has you're welcome thank you for thanking me crystal a uber I agree good afternoon from Tennessee great to see you I will I will do I'll do an update tonight at around 9 pm

Eastern thank you thank you for the merged or link yes I saw that half writer Thank You frog push I on whether I appreciate that thank you I know me too I wish it was better on the better circumstances but I do go live with whatever is breaking news regarding police and public interaction we don't even give it any any any we don't even give it attention and so please thank you around an hour or two ago around an hour or two tracy love and respect always thank you for being in here Trey Tracey Harvey what a great friend and supporter all-around thank you so much patreon messages comments much love and respect to you Tracy thank you those are fun I love the pawn broadcast you're welcome Linda thank you for being in here y'all feel good to see you thank you so much for joining it went by fast hello Judy running just joined on live downtown my son is still on lockdown at school it's crazy why would they lock down schools in Manhattan are you in Jersey is are you in Jersey second officer was stabbed I didn't hear any of that duty boo hey Timmy beers how are you my brother good to see you man stable non-static okay good okay good stable stable I'm doing good I'm doing good stable okay good I just met it went by fast so I I just I saw it quick I probably misread it thank you for the patreon link appreciate that internet love and respect right back to you from New York City to Denver he's at PS 16 why would they have that lockdown there you go BG that's what I heard I don't know you know what the confirmation is peppers in Kentucky live and thank you so much for being here everyone go check out their channel over there great great to see you thank you so much for being in hair on the live Vegas ghost girls paranormal thank you for coming in hello 43 schools are on lockdown Wow four three three schools on lockdown that's huge that's big the stream labs bot is smart it is it is a smart but 43 schools on lockdown in New York and New Jersey and one of our viewers one of my good friends has confirmed that her son's school is on lockdown I want to just reassure you anyone here in New York City any of your kids in a lockdown situation your kids and your children are completely safe and I would say that even in a in Jersey your children are safe there's many assets and there's police officers protecting them they're there in vest hands right now in the face of danger that's for sure prepper Bob I hope sooner than later I hope sooner than later guys all right listen so I'm gonna continue to monitor the situation I'm going to continue to monitor the situation closely look for an update an in look for an in-depth update from me tonight at 9:00 pm Eastern if you want to come and check me out I will give you the updates on anything that has broke from this point going forward its 322 on the East Coast 322 on the East Coast and I will like I said by 9:00 pm we will have more information that is you know there'll be a press conference the mayor police commissioner from the new Newark New Jersey that was a tongue twister they will give us updates stick to the news watch what's going on on the news but just understand this the at least from what I could see right now the threat and the two perpetrators or even if there were three perpetrators that they're neutralized at this time but they're using extreme caution because they don't know what's inside that building or that truck so they more than likely I hope and pray that they'll clear that u-haul they're clear that building and we'll everything will be everything will be safe going forward but they're using extreme caution right now they're using extreme caution right now because of the unknowns the unknowns extreme caution is for the unknowns and that's what the police are doing and that's the proper approach to take at this time that's the proper approach Thank You Devin hood thank you to everyone who has been in on the on the livestream all this whole time thank you for the soup thank you for my patreon supporters and all the positive interaction in the chat I greatly greatly appreciate the moderators and all my friends for dropping in on all of my new people anybody that's new thank you for subscribing to the channel and I will see you at 9 p

m Eastern Standard Time tonight on an update in regards to this Jersey City New Jersey shooting you're welcome I hope your son gets home safe and sound which I know he will and I hope you stay you know nice nice and calm I know you're a calm person so stay calm you're welcome you're welcome guys thank you to everyone being in on the live much love and respect from my house to yours duty Ron signing off peace

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