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Jacquees Talks 'King of R&B' & Meeting Lil Wayne | MTV News


– You said, "Be prepared 'Cause R&B is heeeeerrrreeee

" with the e's – Yeah, is heeeeerrrreeee – Is heeeeerrrreeee What do you think has been missing for so long? – The classic feelin' Because some great records done came out, but I just think that everybody missed the certain sound, and I believe that's the sound I'm bringing to the table

I feel like I'm just filling the gap There was one puzzle piece missing, I put it right there – Congrats on the new album 'King of R&B' – Thank you, brother – What is it about that title that solidifies your spot? – Well this album's just gonna prove it, like I say, this music is good enough to prove that I'm the king of R&B for my generation

– Yes – You know, I'm hanging with all different styles of R&B The vocals amazing, the songwriting amazing, the production is amazing Everything about this album is a step up from '4275' – What qualifications does a person need to be considered a king? – Well the king of R&B, you know what I'm sayin', gotta put in some work

(laughter) You gotta have a personality too It's about the music, but it's about the person too, you know what I'm saying? It's about the whole thing – [BDot] Yes – [Jacquees] Hits

Of course a hit is a hit on Billboard, but you got hits that make Billboard If everybody know your song, it's a hit – That's true – That's how I feel like, if you get money and everybody sing your song in a crowd, that's a hit So, there's a lot of artists don't even know they got hits

– That's a good way of looking at it How long did it take to make the whole album? – We been workin' the album for like a year – Wow And I know you have a lot of tracks on this one, you said you recorded 18 tracks in three days? – I did like 20 – Wow

– Yeah, and I had my boys with me too, we was just all goin' in, pitchin' ideas We came up with like 20 records, no cap – How did you narrow it down? – We brung the fans in to pick I invited Team Jacquees to the studio in Atlanta and I told them like, "pick all the best songs" I narrowed it down

– One of the tracks that stood out to me is "EEeee" – Yeah – Can you explain the title behind that and what inspired it? – Well, I wanted to make a song called "EEeee," because everybody always playin' with how I say it (laughing) So, they always be like, "Man, you always eeeein," you know what I'm sayin', so "Aight, since you wanna keep playing? Let me do something" So, that record features my brother TK Kravitz and I honestly think that's one of the best records on the album

– Yeah – I think it's gonna be one of the biggest records on the album I honestly do believe that, 'cause the feel — It feels so good – You were suited and booted in "Fact or Fiction" video too – Definitely

– What was the inspiration behind that whole video? – [Jacquees] Well, that video was basically, it was supposed to be a couple in divorce court – [BDot] Okay – [Jacquees] So it was supposed show like a couple, like, going through it, but they end up staying together If you look at the video, you see me going through the motion like, you see me around the girls, you see me with my girl, you see me take a lie detector test, you see me just doing everything

You know what I'm saying? But, then you also see me in the midst of everything, but not doin' nothing – You know what I'm sayin, 'cause girls always have an opinion like, "Oh you around this person? You must be doin' that," but the video shows you I wasn't That's what make her come back at the end – So, it's just basically a video showing like, fighting for your love – You know, you see me in a court room, all those places

But, that's one of my best videos I honestly believe that's my best video I ever shot – Do you plan on doing videos for the entire album? – Yes I got some videos in the pocket right now, you know a couple of them in the pocket But definitely for the whole project, I plan on giving you visuals

People need to see the vision with the song so, I'm gonna try to feed it this time like all the way, I'm gonna try to give everything Like "Fact or Fiction," I tried to go back to my old style of shooting videos and so that's why you see a story line on the beginning So, I'mma do that with a lot of them, we're not gonna just get straight into the music – Okay – We're always gonna give you some dialogue, a story– we're gonna make it like a movie

Every time, that's how I'm comin' – You said some of the songs that didn't make the album are gonna be on a mixtape in 2020 – I'm not even gonna call it a mix-tape, it'll be on my next album – Okay – I'm droppin' another album

– Another one? – Yeah, another one – Do you have a title for that or do you– – Yeah, I think I'mma do 'Mood 2' – Oh 'Mood 2,' okay – Yeah, I think I'mma call it 'Mood 2' – Why that? – 'Cause 'Mood' was a project that I had in 2016

– Yeah – "BED" came off of 'Mood

' – Yes – And also I carried it along to '4275,' but I just feel like we about to make another classic, you know I'mma call it 'Mood 2' It's dope man, like this album's super dope You can hear the "Lost At Sea" vibes in it – Yeah

– Like from the intro, you can hear all my styles I brought together for this album Every style I have is on this album – Yeah And lastly, I saw this year you said that you met Lil' Wayne for the first time What was that whole experience like? – [Jacquees] Man, that was crazy man

Me and Wayne man, like, I always wanted to meet Wayne, you feel me? Like, Wayne my favorite rapper He was one of my favorite superstars when I was a kid One of the biggest inspirations for real but, when I met him I was– I almost missed him Stunna and them was out there shooting a video, and me and Nino was outside just doin' our thing, whatever, and Mack Maine was like, "Man, y'all gonna miss him, he in here, come in here" And I was like, "Damn Nino, why you ain't tell me he was in there?" Wayne was right there and Stunna was like, "Hey Wayne, this Jacquees

" You feel me? And Wayne was like, "What's up?" He gave me a hug After they shot they shot, Stunna was like, "Hey Wayne, Quee want a picture" He was like, "(beep) right" (laughter) – You feel me? And we went over there to take a picture I was like, I told my camera man like, "Reuben, take the picture

" He was hesitant, you know? He didn't want to put no camera in Wayne's face I was like, "Bro, take this picture" We took the picture, Wayne waited a couple seconds too 'cause it was takin' a minute (laughter) You know (beep), 'cause he usually get outta there, but he waited, and that's what let me know, I'm like, "Bro got love for me" – Yeah

– You know what I'm sayin'? I felt like, alright now it's locked, you feel me? Now I'm Cash Money for real – For real – I done met Wayne, 'cause just being with Stunna is one thing, you know what I'm sayin', but when you got Wayne, when you know Wayne (beep) with you, now that's a whole 'nother vibe – Did he give you any advice? – Nah, I didn't get to holla at him like that – Mmm

– But (beep), my little time with him meant everything – Yeah – You feel me? That's all I needed – That's all you need – Now I'm ready to get Ne-Yo, (laughter) aint' gonna talk about nothin' else


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