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ITZY: 5 Things You Don't Know About The K-Pop Girl Group | MTV News


– Last year has been like a challenge for us, and also a present for us – Yeah, present

– I would say challenge because everything was very new And I would say present because everything was very – Special

– Yes, special, thanks to our MIDZY – All in us, hi guys, we are ITZY – And these are the top five things to know about – ITZY! – Yay – [Lia] Okay, so I'll go first Something you wouldn't know about me is that I'm not really friendly with vegetables – Yes – Especially green ones

(laughs) – [Yuna] Yes – [Lia] I'm not very friendly with green vegetables (laughing) But it has been worse when I was younger But now, I can actually eat salads – [Ryujin] Yes

– [Yuna] Yea – [Lia] I became a little more closer with green vegetables, but not that close The worst green vegetable would be cucumbers – Cucumbers (all agreeing) – It tastes like electricity

Yeah, there's this weird feeling that I get It tastes like microwave Wavy electricity, wavy – What? – something like that – Microwave-y? (laughing) – Mine is I love jelly Jelly is like gummy worm, gummy bear

Jelly is very chewy, sweet, and I like it (laughing) – Yeah, great – Gummy, gummy – [Ryujin] She eat as a meal (laughing) So we

don't actually touch her (laughing) – Yes – Yea

– It's her meal – Yeah, that's right – So – It's important to her so we don't ask for it – You're so different – [Ryujin] Yea (laughing) (laughing) – [Hwang Ye-ji] Delicious – I like thin and crunchy french fry

– Potato, itself, she loves it – Yes – And now she's into the french fry – We normally don't like, go out and eat so we don't eat like, french fries a lot But since our showcase tour, we've been eating a lot at our hotel rooms for room service

(laughing) So yeah, very, almost every day – Yea – Mine is, I'm good at Aegyo Aegyo is a Korean word that means the cute thing Cute gestures, expressions, in Korean is Aegyo

When I have to make a favor to someone, – Yes – like, when she's outside and I'm inside, I wanna get the snacks, and I call her and, "Ye-ji Unnie," like this – Yeah (laughing) – And I think at like that moment, I am good at Aegyo – Mine is I love pizza

(group gasps) – Cheesy pizza! – It's real big – Hey guys, look at this pizza I love pepperoni pizza – Mm, too salty – Oh

– Too salty – Yea That's right, but I love that (laughing) When I was little, I always eating pizza, (laughing) I think When I was trainee, after we doing practice, I eating pizza

– Salty

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