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It’s the VANS Slip-On Challenge | MTV Sneaker Wars


– One minute, one minute – [Brittney] Oh my gosh

– [Sean] 60 seconds – It's getting hot – We're down to 30 seconds And the looks on everyone's faces change – What's popping everybody? I go by the name Conceited and welcome to MTV "Sneaker Wars

" We're the only show where two shoe customizers go head to head and kick to kick But not only just for bragging rights, but for a chance to take home the Sneaker Wars trophy Each sneakerhead must take one classic kick, one fire theme, and one secret element to remix them into a never before seen creation You guys did not make it easy on us one bit And of course you know I did not come alone

You seen her on "Wild N Out" She's also an NBA host and sneaker influencer, Brittney Elena – Gang, what's good? – And also, we got the man who needs no introduction Co-founder of Round Two, my man, Sean Wotherspoon – What up? – Now, let's meet our customizers

To my left, we have my man, Justin – I'm Justin Heidrick I've been customizing shoes for about seven years What I brand myself on is trying to transform the actual shoe itself, instead of just putting a good painting on the shoe So that combined with my photorealistic painting ability, I try to mesh those together and create something unique

– And now going against Justin, we got my man, Michael – I'm ready I'm Michael, I'm 28, and I'm from Sacramento, California My sneaker customization journey started five months ago I had some friends over to my house

I had everybody bring Yeezy 500s We all dipped them in different colors and that was kinda where the process grew, starting to see that you could bring more to the silhouette than you're actually seeing on the shelf – Now y'all ready to see the shoe we're gonna be customizing today? Let's bring them out See what we got – [Justin] Whoo! – The West Coast staple

Forever imitated, never duplicated Today's canvas is the original waffle bottom skate shoe It's the Vans classic slip-on Now, there is a theme here Now the theme for this is cyber punk

A wonderful combo of high tech mixed with a broken society – So cyber punk to me is a dystopian future It makes me think of "RoboCop" It makes me think of Tesla's cyber truck – But there is a hidden element that you must use

You must add spare shoe parts to the final product Zippers, velcro, patches, anything a slip-on wouldn't have organically This is something you don't really ever see on a Van Are y'all ready? – Let's do it – All right, let's get some time up on the clock, and let's get it popping

– At this point, I've done some competitions in the past, so I'm definitely comfortable with what I'm able to do – So this is crazy I've only been doing this for about three, four months I'm ready to give it my all and bring something really different to the competition – I used to wear Vans

– Slip-ons? – [Brittany] Yeah, I used to skate in them – I mess with the slip-on I wear them skate high – It's a shoe that'll never really go outta style, especially for skaters – [Sean] Dang, those look like he's about to jump start that one

– Yeah – Some jumper cables – Vroom, vroom – Yo Nail in the rubber

– That's real cyber punk – Big Mike – How you doing? – What you got going over here? So you put tape around it Let's us know what you're gonna do with the shoe – So, I think I'm gonna add either some aglets here and here to add some sort of lacing system around the sides

I could take the lace locks, using them as the braces to funnel the lacing system through, and add open circuitry, thinking back to the days of having a Game Boy Color that was translucent Something that you could see the internals of – It's a lotta big words, but I understood it – Yeah, yeah, yeah – You know I understood it

– Dang, what you got going on? I like this – Yeah, so it's pretty rough at this point, but trying to just sketch some things out I wanted to start with a portrait on the front panel, since that's a smooth canvas that I can use and kinda demonstrate my painting abilities And then I definitely wanna add some details, like some hardware and some industrial aspects, and work with that – We only got 30 minutes left

Cooking, cooking – And the looks on everyone's faces change – I see no nervous sweat or nothing These guys are just like– – [Sean] Maybe they're so nervous they can't show it – I woulda dropped the shoe mad times with mad skill

– Over there like – [Conceited] The colors on Justin's are popping like crazy – He actually really drew a face on it – Mike's going detailed over there I'm ready to see some real intricate line work

– Time's almost up We got five minutes left, five minutes – So we're at five minutes left I'm feeling a little like a fish outta water I'm looking over at Justin's shoe and I'm seeing all the elements he's added

He's put nails into the sides He's put lace tips on the back He's got nodes coming outta the head of the drawing that he did So I don't know what I'm gonna do – While I was working, I wasn't trying to look too much at what Mike was doing

It was a short amount of time and I was trying to focus on my work, but from what I did see from his, I am a little worried that my shoe's gonna be too busy in contrast to his, and that the judges might think there's too much going on – One minute, one minute, getting hot – Dang – I really wonder if they actually have everything done that they had planned – We're down to 30 seconds and they're still working, so

– They're still trying to get in their last minute touches – [Sean] It's kinda stressful – Time – [Brittany] Drop the shoe! – Whoo hoo! Yo Mike, let me see what you got going on over there, brother – Given a white canvas, I really wanted to bring some depth to a metallic look using the black, white, and silver metallic paint

Then I taped off a section here to show some exposed circuitry The extra laces were the mystery element that you guys threw in I've had a great time being here and putting this all together for you guys – Justin, why don't you show us what you made up over there – The one thing that I wanted to capitalize on was the fact that it doesn't have laces

So, it gives me a clean canvas on the front So I definitely wanted to create a portrait that kind of set the tone for the rest of the sneaker with this heavy cyber punk aesthetic, but I'm pretty happy with how it turned out – Me too Man, you guys did an excellent job You guys beat the clock

Present your kicks – Yeah – And unfortunately, I gotta kick you out 'cause I gotta deliberate with my homies to see who won – This is a lot to take in It's a crazy shoe

There's a certain level of perfection that I kinda like though You see how he did the lace locks? That kinda little detail trips me out I love that – This being in let's say a museum or something, I would think this is insane, crazy – I don't know, the more I look at it, I don't like the spikes

– Really? – It's just not for me – I like the spikes, but me, it's the wires To me, the wires are just too long But now let's move on to Mike's shoe As far as wearing, 100%

– I really like how the color varies from that dark to the light, and then it's got the glitter and the sparkles – I can imagine what this would look like in the sun It would really pop – It would be killer – Portrait mode, cha-ching

– You know what I would like to see was just more sole work Mess with the sole a little more Maybe cut some pieces out of it When I look at it, I'm still like, "Cool, Vans sole" – This is hard

– [Sean] Both of them have a different place, right? – Yeah, that's the thing That's the problem with sneakers There's no wrong or right answer You guys have a very hard decision to make Bring them in, bring them in

Now, we deliberated You guys did not make it easy on us one bit, but we are gonna talk about each individual shoe We're gonna start it off with Mike Brittney, take it away – First and foremost, both designs were amazing

Mike, I loved your shoe because it would be more wearable With me, I like to show my sneakers off on my Instagram I would automatic portrait mode the metallic, I can think of the sun Everything, bam, feed, Instagram, bam – I really like the lacing function

I think I could really rock those As far as my con, I think there could be a little bit more elevation to it I think maybe some more work on the sole, getting a little bit more crazy with it, but that being said, it's very wearable – [Conceited] Moving on What you got to say about Justin? – You killed it, just off the bat

The image on the front, just the attention to the detail I love your moments of perfection in there 'cause you can tell that you really spent time to make those holes perfect Each line is painted so straight I think my only con would just be it's a little too loud then The wires, I think, were maybe a little too much

The studs and that kinda stuff, a little too extra – You went crazy, with the spikes and everything I will say though, your shoe is not wearable I feel like it's a masterpiece in a glass box You don't even wanna crease nothing, do nothing to it

– Both of you were amazing, but this is "Sneaker Wars," and when you go to war, it can only be one winner It was not easy at all, but we have to pick The winner is, we're gonna go with Justin – I'm super happy with winning this competition I was happy with the opportunity to show my work

– There you go Happy, right? – Yeah – So that's yours And now we will see you on another episode of "Sneaker Wars," where we gonna kick it Peace

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