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Italy starts trialing 350 alleged Mafia members | DW News



  1. ggrmany is where local german mafia and ndrangheta made biggest crime businness in the world in the last 10 years… german local mafia learned very well from ndrangheta,,, remember duisburg … local germanic mafia helped duisburg killers from italy

  2. Da italiano dobbiamo assolutamente distruggere la mafia. Inquina il nostro paese e ci porta solo vergogna

  3. Phone recordings came out they launder money by building huge building all over Tirana, Albania. The prices there are one of the most expesives in Europe. They are connected with the major of Tirana

  4. Great video, but the 'Ndrangheta is not exactly the Mafia. It's organized crime yes, but it's a different organization

  5. Didn't the Sicilian Mafia convictions arrive quicker after that other chief prosecutor Falcone got car bombed back in the 1990s? The Calabrian mobsters certainly have to be weighing that risk…

  6. They also had roots in Albania . They had a lot of Albanian politicians in their pockets.The Albanian Prime , the Presidents Advicer , and i belive the capitals Mayor.

  7. My father once told me a phrase when I was little,when I asked:
    « Is mafia still around because we don’t hear about it anymore? »
    He said: « The less you hear about the mafia, the more they are surrounding us. »

  8. It's only the Hollywood that always displays Mafas cool in the movies, in reality they're not cool at all, they're dangerous.

  9. Haha this is where my grandfather is from.
    The Mafia doesn’t exist .
    You know this reporter is going to get a knock on the door later from Vito and Pauly!

  10. The fact that they are doing this during COVID helps as it thins out the crowds so very little chance of open area assassinations.

  11. If the government wants to get you, they will get you, I hope the getting dosen't happen other way around

  12. I hope that the prosecutor will manage to pull this through. This is a really big job. He's a Hero! He should be protected at all times. Next stop : Vatican

  13. The can’t bring them down the been tried that past 60 years the have members of family in police in supreme courts ndrangheta is worldwide the got there own people in governments

  14. Italy should take a note from Japans approach to the Yakuza. The Yakuza is a dying breed now and its hard for them to get recruits, but they are pretty much alive.

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  16. As an italian it's weird seeing how foreigners perceive Mafia, it's like they actually believe those Hollywood movies, most of the time they don't know what they're talking about

  17. how about trialing the figure taking over italy by means of an Undemocratic process EU appointee and Ex ECB banker. which will transform italy into a technocracy. like dominos western democracies are being destroyed and peoples rights along with it.

  18. All gang members don't deserve to survive. Gangs used to be formed because people literally couldn't survive where they were, now gangs/"mafias" form because they are too lazy to work a 9-5 job, obey the law, and maintain civility. They should be sentenced to death or used as free labor until they dwindle.

  19. Italy is trying to prevent their country from turning into Mexico which is already by thugs. Here in the states, Trump supporters tried to abruptly do the same thing. They all should be out down.

  20. Every country has organised criminals and billions made from drugs..its world wide international trade. drugs and guns trade will not be stopped always another person to take the place make lots of money

  21. the last 2 investigators who went against mafia got bombed, respect for them actually doing something about it and trying again

  22. The problem in Italy is that they essentially have to governments, the official one and the Mafia and they are linked via the economy.

  23. The South would collapse without the N'drangetta. Every now and then they seize a haul and the state sequestrates. Otherwise. Very little bona fide state money arrives to the intended recipients here in Calabria.. All the politicians are corrupt.

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  26. Do you want to know why Mafia is so strong?
    Because you think mafia is just in Italy, and not in your Country.
    Wake up people! mafia is everywhere.

  27. I mafiosi "devoti" alla mafia hanno sicuramente perso l'eternitĂ : (Hanno una sindrome, amo Dio e la Chiesa, ma amo molto di piĂč i soldi !!!!!!! E tutto era subordinato a questa idea, anche le materie della salute e della vita di qualcuno. Alcuni hanno fatto finta di amare Dio e altri la pensavano cosĂŹ, perchĂ© i fatti hanno mostrato qualcos'altro, mi dispiace per queste persone, precipitate 🙁 Anni di attivitĂ  mafiose specifiche sono passati, mentre le perdite si faranno sentire , molti decenni 🙁 "in quantitĂ , avvelenando l'ambiente. Sentiamo il male della mafia fino ad oggi e non finirĂ  presto 🙁 (A018)

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