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Is Tana’s Manager Leaving Her For Good? Ep. 1 | MTV No Filter: Tana Mongeau (Season 2)


– [Crowd] Tana, Tana! – [Tana] What up bitches, I'm Tana Mongeau, a story teller, YouTuber, Influencer Holy (beep)

Damn it's so dope! Defining my life is kind of difficult Overall, emotionally, business wise, everything I've grown up like 10 years in this last year, and I am very grateful for that Last season, you watched me with my best friends and roommates, Imari and Ashly – [Imari] Right there, do you see it? – Please put your ass away I'm so uncomfy – I'm putting it away

– Imari, you and I are close, but not that close – I'm a little nauseous, I don't know if it's from the coffee or the new baby – [Tana] Oh my God, yeah, you need to take plan-B – How are you guys this irresponsible? – [Tana] And of course my manager, Jordan (screaming) – That was very responsible, good for you

– It was a crazy summer Oh look what that cat dragged in (crying) Not only did I turn 21 This is my birthday! (upbeat music) I got married to fellow YouTuber, Jake Paul I love you Jake Paul, and I'm excited to marry you today – I love you – That speech might be longer than the marriage (laughing) Hi guys, it's Tana Mongeau

I've been living my life in the public eye since I was 15 years old And now as my career is leveling up, it's getting harder and harder to separate my public from my personal life Something has got to give (coughing) Why is this also killing me? Yo, I'm never going to stop smoking – You're having a problem with a cough

– (crying) Yeah – It's a matter of time before Jake does something that's, going to upset me You still treated me like shit, you (beep) – Holy (beep) – You thinking about ending things with Jake? – I constantly feel like shits being like thrown in my way

I'm so tired mentally, physically, emotionally – I want you to be perfect – I know – So be perfect – I just want to step out of my life right now

Stay tuned, it gets messy – [Imari] Make sure it's still tight Yo, me to my (meow) Me doing kegels after getting railed (laughing) – I've never heard that come out of anyone's mouth before

– [Jordan] Yo, I still need to use a lot of this stuff though too, for actual packaging – [Tana] We can repurpose it – Reduce, reuse, and recycle We can take it right off Imari and then still use it for your stuff Jordan has been working out of my pool house for what feels like an eternity

And now he's moving to a bigger office space here in LA – [Imari] I love how were supposed to be helping you pack, but instead this is what we're doing – [Jordan] Why do you have to do it at all? – It just sounds so fun – [Imari] We're kids – (laughing) Dad we're your kids

(laughing) – None of them have asked me why I'm moving I love my job, I love being their manager I just don't love being their, their babysitter and everything else – So, what happens if like (laughing) – And so, I think this will create some form of professionalism

(laughing) – You need a photo in that for your Instagram – How are you going to sit? – [Tana] That's how it feels to sit in gowns at award shows Okay, I'm going to actually help you pack – I fell like Tana's probably super sad that Jordan's moving out of the office – I feel like there's a lot of stuff in here

– [Jordan] There is – Because I know, even seeing Jordan literally brightens, her whole fucking day Her whole week Her whole month, sometimes – I feel like glass things, – Yeah

– You're going to have to wrap in stuff or in the moving process they're going to break But a lot of the glass things your have here, like this candle per se, could just be, like thrown away verses the effort of that – [Jordan] Yeah no, just throw that way, I don't care – [Ashly] Why are you even packing anything if everything looks like (beep) – Okay yeah, so should we even pack anything, should we just throw everything away? – No, just pack everything that you can that's not (beep)

– Okay, that's (beep) Where do I put (beep) than? – Get a box for (beep) shit – Okay Why am I filling boxes right now with stale dog treats and glitter? Just throw it away Just start over

– Why don't we have, a yard sale? – I'm down to have, a fun yard sale, making money normal people, not influencers – [Jordan] Your house is actually getting gross – Yeah, I want to make upstairs really cute I need to do that – Honestly, if you do it I'll just sell a lot of the, little stuff in here too

– [Tana] That's actually fire – [Imari] I'm already packed – [Ashly] Can we please pop all of him? – [Tana] Yes (laughing) – Yo, let's see if we can all, just, get on him – Let's see if we can all just step on him

– [Ashly] Oh, my heels can pop them – [Imari] That's my ass (beep) – [Ashly] Oh my god, I'm sorry, I keep going in your ass – (laughing) So, let me present to you what I've got going on here So first, yard sale, 'cause were having a yard sale

"Venmo Friendly", and then I put the glitter on the Y-S-L, to remind then that, yes we're having a yard sale, but we are still in fact rich – [Natalie] It's a luxury yard sale – It's a luxury yards sale – This is cute – I'm going to keep getting crafty

– [Natalie] That looks really smart – [Imari] I'm an art hoe – Hey bitches (screaming) – [Tana] We're having a yard sale Jordan's moving out of the office, we need to clear out some things from the house

– Imari's writing his Venmo – [Imari] Oh yeah, it's venmo friendly and then, free beep on all purchases of $30 or more – (laughing) Wait, give me a poster board I'm doing 40! – Trevor Moran was my first real friend in Los Angeles, and in the YouTube space And Trevor does not live with me, however, it kind of feels it Trevor's always at my house

Trevor, I've literally been listening to your new single though, every, every, every second – Oh yeah, that shit bangs – Yeah, wait actually I'm going to listen to it right now ♪ Tired of this drinking ♪ ♪ Tired I'm just sinking ♪ ♪ Tired of everybody looking at me ♪ ♪ Like a freak show ♪ – I've always looked at Trevor as just like a pop star, an entertainer (Trevor belting) (piano music) Trevor walks into a room and everybody turns their head

I feel he's one of the few YouTubers in the space that people do actually take seriously as a musician I, actually relate to that song The lyric that I'm obsessed with is "hiding is a habit" – Yeah – [Tana] 'Cause I just think that's so fire – I wrote that song about my (beep) year and my (beep) coping mechanisms with everything that happened

– It's crazy writing songs that actually make you really really feel something – I know – I've been working on a song, I'm not you, I'm not a (beep) pop star yet, but I think, I'm on, the stair case, getting better Which is fire – Okay so you're singing

– I started making music as kind of a joke ♪ (Beep) on your bitch like I'm Hefner ♪ ♪ I take 10% like I rep her ♪ ♪ No fake in my tits but I'll check hers ♪ ♪ Your bitch give me (beep) like her neck hurt ♪ ♪ Tana, Tana, Tana ♪ And I didn't think I realized that, that many people would listen to it, and I was, damn if this many people are going to listen to this shit, I should probably make some other music, and try to get better I'm just so excited 'cause I feel like it's your help on it could make it, really good – Really? I'll give you my input Tana hasn't really made that many songs, and I to think of my relationship with Tana as very blunt and honest

If I don't it, I'm going to tell you I don't (beep) it – I really want to bring you to the studio with Mod too I don't know, I just think you would really enjoy it – Yes, take me to the studio – [Tana] Okay, fire

– Trevor can sing without any sort of auto tune, he can sing without music, he sings like a (beep) god Tana, it's (beep) different Everyone can sing, and some people shouldn't ♪ I want to go home ♪ ♪ It's sort of funny how ♪ ♪ I think I like it now ♪ ♪ Got the things that I thought I hated ♪ ♪ I guess I'll face it ♪ ♪ I don't like it now ♪ – Yes, yes, I was lightened by that

– This album's going to be so (beep) good – Dude I'm so excited – I met Mod through Tana when they were in some three-way relationship with Bella Thorne I don't really know, that is their business I vibe with him so well, and I think it's so awesome that Tana introduced me to him

– Oh! – Six hours late – Who the (beep) is that? – Hello friend – Wow, you're early for Tana time – Honestly, for Tana time I'm hitting right now – [Tana] The sun's out

– I love seeing you in these kind of environments – [Tana] Oh yeah – (coughing) Yeah – Me and Mod are like– – Kind of want a mask like– – Do we call 911? – I'm so uncontagious though, I promise I'm stressing out, I'm so nervous I kind of want to play you one second of the chorus

– Okay – And you tell me what you think Showing Trevor this, unfinished song right now, Especially someone who eats, breathes, and sleeps music is (beep) terrifying I know he will literally flat out look at me and be like, this (beep) sucks, if it sucks – Let's do it

– I'm scared though, it's still, it's not on the final matter, if he's just doing it now, I'm nervous Oh my god, I'm so scared The eyes closed, I'm so nervous ♪ I know that I shouldn't care ♪ ♪ But I can't breath without you ♪ ♪ And if the truth isn't there ♪ ♪ Then I want to lie with you ♪ ♪ I want to cry without you ♪ ♪ I can't get high without you ♪ – (laughing joyously) Mod what? ♪ Without you I'm just ♪ ♪ In too deep ♪ ♪ I'm loosing ties to everything ♪ – Oh my god ♪ I can't even, fall asleep ♪ Okay that's it, that's all you can hear

(screaming) – What the (beep)? – I did not, hold up I did not expect that from you She sounded incredible That chorus hits Screaming, angry, the bitch had emotion

You can't beat that This is definitely, showing growth as an artist And it's (beep) awesome – Oh my god, (beep)! You (beep) with it, really? – So, look, you know the one part that we have to do The, ♪ Took in too deep ♪ The last line in it

– Okay – Can you sing today or no? – I can't sing this year Watch me try to do that right now ♪ I can't get high without you ♪ Like that, are you kidding? – What happened? – Why? – My lungs are just, failing me right now – Your lungs? – Yeah

– Well that's not good – Yeah, no no, I know Tuberculosis (beep) is actually getting so much worse – Why don't you stop smoking weed? – Honestly, I'm a (beep) addict, and it sucks It's just trying to fit that into life has, been difficult

I'm sure we all can relate on that one – Cleaning up isn't lame, you know what I'm saying? – It's not (beep) lame I don't know if you know this, but I recently made the conscious decision to go sober I just had a really, really (beep) year and I don't know really, I don't really know how to deal with things on my own, so I just started drinking so (beep) much You're just stuck in this hole by yourself, and it's really (beep) dark

– I feel I've really seen Trevor struggle in a lot of ways behind closed doors over the past year There's no (beep) way guys it's like 7:30 in the morning Trevor stop, please There was a while with Trevor where I was kind of going to sleep at night Praying that he wouldn't die

Which is really dark to say So to see him thriving, getting better, becoming more sober He's glowing, and it's a really beautiful thing to see – Right now, I need to focus on myself, my craft, my music, my artistry, and have a clear head – How old are you Trevor? – 21

– You're so young, to be able to, to see the things that you can fix about yourself – Thanks friend – And you got to take care of yourself, you keep taking care of yourself, and you make sure she takes care of herself I'm kind of worried about you too – I know

(laughing) You are literally such a motivational speaker You give me advice and I'm "fine" – I'm serious You're a singer now, and Adele has never smoked (beep), I promise you I (beep) promise you

And yeah I'm going to compare you to her right now 'cause that's what we're shootin' for – We're shooting for the (beep) stars, the moon – Yeah if we miss we'll land on a tree or whatever – Shoot for Adele, if you miss, land of Fergie (laughing) – Holy (beep)

– That is (beep) up – We're having a yard sale – Yard sale – [Imari] Come buy our (beep)! Honk if you're horny (car honks) – [All] Yeah! – We're out here on the street, advertising our yard sale

I know exactly what I'm doing, I know exactly how to give the people what they want Attract them to our house, we're hot Free (beep) on all purchases of $30 or more – Is this like prostitution? – If yours is prostitution, mine is definitely prostitution – Ours really just looks we're tryin to get (beep)

– This is a good shop, I think we're going to make a lot of sales today – You think so? – Yeah look at this, who doesn't want a bed skirt This is the world's, most offensive yard sale, I think – I brought an electric wine opener As of now, I won't be needing it

There's already something in there Did you just catch that? – If I was a customer at this yard sale, I would leave almost immediately upon entering – I also brought an Amazon Alexa that I don't ever (beep) use – Good, well Now no one can use it either

– Half off everybody (Beep) – I honestly, I'll be surprised if we have one sale – [Tana] Where's your stuff for the yard sale? – Yo honestly, I ended up just throwing all my stuff out from the office – Wasn't the entire premise of this yard sale to be selling items from Jordan's office? And now we just have a table with bras and boxers

Well, here's your money bag, man – Why don't you do money bags? I don't want to do money bags – I'll be here – All right, I'll do it What are you doing? – I'll be here

– Check it out it's Tana if YouTube didn't exist (all laughing) – Okay what the (beep) are you doing? – [Jordan] She's getting REM – Who's underwear is this? – Underwear – [Jordan] That's mine – Actually? – Yeah, I thought, well I didn't want it anymore so I thought it would sell

– I feel Jordan did not do his (beep) part, he brought his (beep) underwear You can't just sell underwear I think – Oh my god you guys, we have customers – [Tana] Welcome to my yard sale

– Let's do 10 – Okay – $10? Beep, oh my god We made a sale (all cheering) – I've been to a yard sale maybe once or twice, and normally the people who are selling the (beep) are sitting down, relaxing

This is a full blown car dealership – $20 – This is $5 – This is $5 Come on, you're practically stealing from us at this point

– This is $400 because I used to wear it? – We got more customers (all cheering) – More and more customers started arriving, they did a phenomenal job advertising How are all these people coming? – Welcome to my yard sale, you can actually buy this service – I got $15 – [Imari] That's more than enough

– Trevor could absolutely be a fire, high class stripper in another life, okay He is slaying this lap dance – [Trevor] Oh yeah, put it in my (beep) Look I may be a sober ass bitch right now – Yeah

– But the party never stops Thank you so much – She's "bye I'm suing" – 154, 155, 160 – Wow

– No (beep) way – Wait, give me your ass – Hey, oh good more of this How'd we do? – [Ashly] That shouldn't be happening – [Imari] That's disgusting

– What? No one here has ever eaten a dollar bill, one time Just me? Okay – That dollar has been so many places – Yo, how come when I came to you guys, and was like I ate (beep) There's no one batted an eye? – I'm sure, whoever's ass was cleaner than that dollar bill

– I don't know – That is so (beep) gross I can never get over that – I'm proud of you guys, this is really big stuff – Thanks man, we're proud of you too, for your new office

– All my stuff is out of there though Like, it's completely empty – Damn, I'm so happy (laughing) – It sucks that you're leaving, but I'm really excited for the space – Honestly the second you move into that office, you're dead to me

– All right – Our group of friends typically gets off on dark humor, and being rude to each other all the time So, I think its a lot harder for us to get across our point of, sadness and appreciation for Jordan just because of how we are as a group – Oh my god Here you get the little one

– Jordan, I'm really happy that you're moving to a new office I'm excited for you I met you when you were working at a company that sucked horse (beep) And I counted down the days for you to leave, and I took you in a charity case, into my pool house – Are you okay, today? I think Tana's loopy and really, really tired

(laughing) But at the same time, I think she might be hiding the fact that she's a little sad I'm leaving Or I to tell myself that, who knows? – What is this? – We got you a gift Everybody really came together, and made you something for your desk – Wow, that's actually really nice – That says, "Jordan Worona, World's Best Manager", and then I got you one, but you know I want to go above and beyond

I got a wooden one, I wanted it to be a lot heavier This is actually solid gold, and then I personally engraved this, as well – Personally? – Yeah – Thank you, that's really awesome Seriously, I really it – [Ashly] What does it say? – World's Best Manager

– That says, "Jordan Worona: World's Worst Manager" – Oh, I thought they both said best until just now – No, no, no Tana said the, the worst manager, honestly I thought it was really sweet I mean, it's just showing that there's balance in life

You can be the best manager, or the worst manager, and apparently, I'm both Fair enough guys, thank you so much for the gifts – But you know, it's because we love you more than anything, we'd all be dead without you – All jokes aside, it is slightly bitter sweet though It does feel like the end of an area, in a way that Jordan is moving out of the pool house

But at the same time it is so dope to see him bossing up this So I'm excited for this new chapter I also got you this bottle of water, and this dollar bill, and this TV remote, now if you could just get the (beep) out (laughing) On the next episode of MTV's No Filter – Hi, you have to be ready in five minutes – Oh my god

– Also hi wife – Mixing business and a personal relationship is just so complicated I'm going to set you up on a blind date – You're not going to tell me who it is before the date? – Blind date Riley Reid is the world's biggest adult film star, it's like a car accident, we want to look away but we can't

I hope you guys enjoyed a little inside look at my life on today's episode If you're enjoying this season, make sure to click over there and like and subscribe

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