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Investors expectations on Pakistan financial budget | BREAKING NEWS LIVE HEADLINES | ShakeelReporter


Good corporate financial results, extraordinary interest from domestic and foreign investors for profit and the formation of a democratic government after the elections were the main reasons for the rise in Pakistan's largest market share And the market is seeing the highest level in history in year 2013 Smaller shares have also risen in the market due to the good performance of large companies and institutions Economic analysts say tax rates in lucrative sectors should be increased in fiscal year budget And market-friendly products should be introduced in the market for small investors Small investors are not getting any benefits Large investors, members of stock exchanges and large investment institutions are given tax breaks While the cost of small investors is higher The budget for the current financial year is expected to raise several taxes, including the gain tax rate Transparency is essential for the promotion of tax culture in the country Analysts say big stock tax payers' figures for the stock market should also be made public Reporting Shakeel Ahmed khan, Karachi Pakistan

Source: Youtube

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