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Investigations Underway In Death Of California Man After Drawing Comparisons To George Floyd



  1. These smokescreen investigations are a fraud. Pressure on the chest cavity can stop the heart. Take this case to the Grand Jury…people of common sense for an indictment. The rest is just a bunch of posing.

  2. I live in Jamaica and police dont handcuff you den put you on the ground and put his foot on you.what kind of training is that for a first world country shame on you America .Jamaican police cant do anyone yo madddd after we a nuh animal.thats violating your human rights.

  3. You cover this but didn't cover what happened in Nyc of a|black|woman|that|killed|a|cop. Disgusting! Criminals now are victims. Give me a break!

  4. Sergeant Robert Justin Alford green at Nellis Air Force Base Deborah freedman and Renato Santiago Nelson where is my daughter Jahmela and her 4 children and what have you done to them.

  5. These snow bats and snow bay supporters gotta go!!! Natural selection isnt fast enough… China needs to sends another shipment of they fav past time entertainment…

  6. your chest has to expand in Oder for you to breath. if someone is on your back for a period amount of time your can die from lack of oxygen . these people think we are stupid.

  7. It’s “exactly” like George Floyed. Both died begging for their lives and being held down by police face down. Both died in agony. Both were fine until “white” police interaction.

  8. Police are out of control nowadays. 2021 is getting more worse and worse, unlike 1930's to 1990's. Res in peace, Mario Gonzalez.

  9. Large person laying on there stomach is bad enough air restriction , then add two officers pushing there weight on his back. And again they just happen to be white and don’t know how he died.

  10. The blue pigs 🐖 🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖strike again and again, the justice in this country is absent, one rule one law one justice for the white privileged people of this country, for the pass 400 years atrocities had and being happening in this country and all those crimes committed by the police is sweeps under the rug is the American normal

  11. The training of police officers in the US should include having them lay down on the ground in a prone position with two big guys pressing their chest with their knees and elbows over for several minutes! Maybe this way these idiots will understand how does it feel and how dangerous this type of physical assault is for any person: black or white, tall or short…

  12. The US is a police state far worse than Russia, China or Iran! My experience with the local police traveling in these countries was so good! The police in these countries is trained to treat people with respect!

  13. He died because he cannot breath … air. The police/s who are pining the victim down using his knee and hands is intentionally stopping movement to the victim's chest making the victim cannot breath. And the reason why they do it despite that there is a body cam was because they think that they can fool the audience that the victim died of other medical reason. He died because he was murdered …

  14. Unfortunately the cops in this case will be found not guilty and that they were in the right to handle it the way they did. The victim will be blamed and they will be justified. Almost guarantee that's what the outcome will be. Just wait and see. I hope I'm wrong but I don't think it will go any other way.

  15. I didn't watch the video because I just cannot watch another murder by cops but I heard that he was begging for his life. He said "please don't do it." "I'm sorry." He knew he was dying. The cops knew he was dying. They murdered him in cold blood because they thought he was a "nobody" and nobody would care about him. Sadistic cops must be removed.

  16. Death comparison give me a f@#$king break the media is ran by psychopaths im convinced of that now

  17. Police are always lying on they reports. This is very sad for we need accountability. We got you Mario, Rest In Peace brother.

  18. Poor man, he should never been on the ground.. there is no reason this poor man should be dead…Lord help us all.serve and protect means nothing anymore…….does it.

  19. Put your terrorist killer cop's on death row and let me put a needle in there arm

  20. OMG….. You people need to pick a side….. You want the cops to come and do something then when they do you go crazy when something happens the person that WOULD NOT PUT HIS HAND BEHIND HIS BACK WHEN TOLD TO DO SO……. Ok then we will let him go and if and when this person that could not even talk as if he was high or drunk is let go because he would not DO WHAT HE WAS TOLD and he comes down and kills you your family or any of your loved ones…… I DON'T WANT TO SEE YOU ON TV OR IN COURT SUING THE CITY AND POLICE because they did not take him in…… Your brother was so kind and he had a 4 year old daughter that he took care of his mother and an autistic brother…… HOW…..??? How did he take care of them in the state he was in…. When you lie make sure you lie big so BLM will show up and burn down the city and you can get paid a big fat check…… YOUR BROTHER WAS NOT DOING WHAT HE WAS TOLD TO DO….. HE COULD NOT EVEN TALK……. AND YOU THINK WE ARE TO BELIEVE THIS PERSON WAS TAKING CARE OF OTHERS…….. ( LIE ) He was DRUNK OR HIGH….. and you know it…. Now you want us to believe he had no health troubles….. HERE I'M 58 6'2 and 200 pounds and you can come put your body on my back and see if I die…… bring both cops they can do it I bet I get up…. Fed up with you people….. you want what you want till something happens then you want what you want till you need help again and you ask where were you needed help and you did not come….. PAY ME….!!!!!! KARMA IS A BIT@H AND IT WILL GET YOU SOONER OR LATER…….. I hope sooner then later before you ruin this country……

  21. American police should stop the way they pin people on the ground. Hands on the back while they lay their whole body weight on them is just not acceptable.
    Just stop pinning people on the ground.
    I think handcuffs could be done while the person is standing.

  22. Not placing any blame on anyone, WHY ON EARTH, was armed police dispatched in the first place??

    The Coroner's report should seriously consider "negligent homicide". It takes a "village" to neglect.

    As retired judge Cordell opined: "Mario was clearly in need of mental-health intervention. Not cops who are trained to arrest"

    Where was the psychiatrist? Where was the addiction counselor? Where was his family practitioner? When was the last time Mario had an appointment with any of them for treatment and monitoring, for his mind, as well as his heart, and weight?

    Did he lose his health insurance? Did he lose his job? Did the pandemic cause it?

    Did his family know where he was? Was there a 'missing-person' report filed?

    Sure, let's go ahead, and do a criminal-investigation on officer-conduct. Let's also investigate department training and policy.

    But, if we truly care about the Mario's of the world, the investigation should not end there.

    REAL GENUINE CARE would mean let's BEGIN with a comprehensive multi-disciplinary examination and investigation– starting with those questions cited above. Which would include a focus on EVERY ASPECT of Mario's life. Not just the LAST FIVE MINUTES, on display to the world by "viral" video.

  23. Wow haven't the police learned anything yet wow this is so disturbing it seems to be a on going problem that seems to have no end in sight . These cops are guilty guilty guilty .. end of story .. they should be punished .

  24. I hope we can decipher this incident and move forward with the proper punishment. My heart goes out to the victims families.

  25. Can’t compare to Floyd, since Mario is Mexican this isn’t news, the media is so biased how come Mario’s death isn’t getting attention? Where are all the BLM supporters coming out and stand in solidarity with Mario’s death?because he Mexican, fat and on the streets?
    Well I felt to call that out and stand in solidarity with Mario and his family. All Lives Matter ✊🏿 ✊🏾 ✊🏽✊🏻✊

  26. lol this is so funny.. its so obvious how he died. they killed him lol. its not that difficult. And yes they performed CPR etc but that was long after he died. If you watch the vid that last sounds he made (struggles to breathe is his last breathe and he passed. dead dead. simple…. America is a joke lol hahaha. cant even be safe from your own police lol

  27. Murder was the case…
    Police killed him ..the 911 calls say man wasn't a threat..tell the hole story .not parts of story..
    Norcan is only good for people on opiates heroin..
    You dont put a man on his stomach with breathing issues.
    Then put your knee on him with your body weight, straight murder.
    I wonder if a cop will ever sue a department for the training that kills people…

  28. Can't believe how stupid people are ,if kneeling on your back an you can't make air go into your lungs you die , plain an simple

  29. His lungs could not expand fully to take in air you have him on his stomach and two heavy set pigs on his back how could he breath this ain't a strangulation this is a suffocation on video right in front of our eyes are you ok with this this is not about color this is about him, you and me your kids your family members it's gotten where an encounter with police ends in a death sentence and guess what there won't be any accountability she's right this ain't like George floyed he was practically strangled MARIO was suffocated to death there was no reason to put him on the ground period absolutely none he was not a threat

  30. “Should we put him on his side? Na I don’t want to lose my position man.” Life could’ve been salvaged in that moment.

  31. What cops say are full of it. " no one knelt on his neck." It reminds as a kid, we would play dog pile. There would be 4 or 5 guys on you, not on the neck, if you didn't cry Uncle I now believe it could have led to a death.

  32. This is terrible. These so called good cops are out of control and corrupt. If they are too soft and scary maybe they shouldn't be cops. IJS!

  33. We can now understand the magnitude of why shining the light on George Floyd's case was necessary.

  34. Maybe his neck was not compressed but what about his Chest….a person could easily die if his chest is compressed for even a minute and why the police always pin a person on to the ground like that why???

  35. Don't pee on my leg and tell me it's raining. Murder. We have a right to judge. We should have been judging all along instead of giving our power away.

  36. I would like to ask all the justice fighters here:
    Did you see the whole footage?
    Did you see the autopsy report?
    Did you see the toxicology report?
    Do you know what was the criminal or psychiatric history of this man?

    If your answer to these questions is NO, then shut up your stupid mouths and wait for the official investigation! We already had one case of an "innocent junkie", who died from the consequences of his severe heart disease and fentanyl overdose, and if the USA is not a banana state, the street mob won't decide who is guilty and who is not!

  37. People who call 911 over stupid reasons are killers. I never call 911 unless someone is bleeding and usly I want the fire department or Ambulance. Police only makes things worse they too much

  38. The death of Mario Gonzalez will be ruled justifiable ,
    even though it was a murderer , a killing that did not , should not have to happened . What is becoming more clearly seen is that the taking of the Life of a person of color is some kind of right of passage to being a police officer .
    Some where the line must be drawn , to continue to hear the excuses , the lies that the job of the police officers are so dangerous and life threatening , and when they tell a person to do what has been said to them and that person of color refuses or resist , then that police officer or officers have the power of Authority to use as much force as they feel is necessary to have control of the individual .
    Death should not have to be just one way , the life of a citizen is just as important as the life of the POLICE OFFICERS OF THIS COUNTRY .

  39. They didn’t ask him to be arrested… he was compliant, and then they attacked him! The officers kept a fat man on his stomach. He screamed and then struggled just before he stopped moving

  40. Maybe a death penalty for all officers conducting false arrest leading to the death of innocent citizens will raise alarm to the havoc and abuse of authority police officers are doing. The sense of authority seeps into them subconsciously and without anything keeping them in check, it will be easy to abuse and think that what you are doing is justified.

    If it was truly accidental collateral damage to innocents, then fine. But this was simply murder, driving force to a harmless unresisting man. And the punishment? Paid administrative leave. Disgusting.

    Ofcourse I'm aware there are many good police officers out there. But there are also a lot of them worse than the ones included in this incident.

  41. Those police officers should be fired . He should had been arrested thats all not pinned down

  42. He died due to having pressure on his back and him laying on his stomach not being able to breath.

  43. If police don't know any other restraint maneuver than a knee on a person' s back this is pitiful. This is a lazy maneuver. Plus for the video one of these officers looks rather hefty.

  44. They were on his chest and had his hands cuffed and were pushing them up his back while he laid face down. They snuffed his life from him! They kept saying stop fighting us, well he couldn't breathe, what did they expect him to do lay there and suffocate quicker?? He was in fight or flight mode. Its in our mature to fight to live. He was cuffed behind his back, there was no need to stay on him. And as soon as he stopped moving the officer said we're not on his chest. Yeah after he stopped breathing because he knew they messed up and when the other officer said lets move him on his side the officer said no i don't want to lose my position. This is sickening. He wasn't hurting anyone. Land of the free?? Nope don't think so..

  45. Land of the free. Where you can have no criminal record and be executed by the state for posing no threat to the public.

  46. So why aren’t we making a movement for this man that died in a Similar why to George Floyd? Is it because he isn’t Black? Do all lives not matter? See how humans can be so hypocritical and disgusting…

  47. Alas, violence ;has no friend or family, none career r fame. Violence goes by many names, & has none reason to be sane. & shall be thy final call as long as thee plays this game. human is of the mind, of the thoughts, of the heart. 4 God/Yah, made us perfect. we have become what we r. God/Yah, forgive us peace is good,will. peace&goodwill TT".

  48. a man died in police custody begging for his life. Its EXACTLY the same as George Floyds death… do better!

  49. Officers should be fired. But you noticed that they didn’t call him an unarmed “insert race here” man?

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