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Innovative Physical Therapy: Using a video game device for more than entertainment


3 goggles to look at eye movement, this week we are sharing how innovative technology is helping people Local 3's Rebecca 3 Bartelme shows us how a device is assisting people with their balance

3 Reporter: For most people, it's a way to play games(nat of game)But at Active Physical Therapy, the Wii is used for a lot more than entertainment Tousignant "And we have the balance board that goes with that or the WiiFit There are some programs built into that gaming system that are very basic that really make a difference for somebody to kind of learn how to coordinate with what their vision reflexes are saying and what their muscle and joint information is giving them to help them keep their best balance and reduce their dizziness"Reporter: Tousignant tells us balance and dizziness vestibular disorders comes from a miscommunication between the brain, brain steam and middle ear

Here's how this exercise worksRyan is on the balance board and using his balance, needs to roll the ball through the hole on the screen"Every time he shifts his mass, left or right, forward or backward, he's getting a visual representation of where he went So for somebody who has a hard time ingesting what they are seeing to help drive their balance for efficient shift This is a great way to get multiple opportunities to slightly go off balance and then resume balance

Because we don't have to use the extremes of our balance system until we are actually in the act of losing out balance so he have to figure out a way to train where somebody is getting maximum exposure to loss af balance events that will regenerate the recovery of balance events without giving them the opportunity to get hurt or fall?"Reporter: Tousignant graduated from physical therapy school in 1989 and since then, she says the evolution of technology has really helped her and others in this field"To really help us understand what the inefficiency is for that patient So using some of the equipment that we'll see today me twenty years ago when I started doing this

makes it a lot easier for me to help somebody because of those advancements"Reporter: Reporting 3 in Marquette, Rebecca Bartelme, Local 3 News 3 JAMES STILL AHEAD ON THE DAY

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