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[INDO SUB] TWICE TV ‘TWICE Entertainment Mission! Accept the Approval!


[TWICE TV] [TWICE Entertainment Mission! Get an autograph for approval] [First approval document from Na Daeri (assistant manager) for Sa Daeri] [From Na Daeri to Sa Daeri, hoping to dance "MRTAXI" (like during the first audition) I came to get approval

[Sa Daeri smiles] [Anger] [I'm looking forward to it] You will do it, right? [Na Daeri who is excited about asking for approval] Sign here [Sa Daeri who signed by force] When will you do it? ONCE, the scream! Extraordinary [Pensive] [The second approval document from Dup Daeri to Chaeng Daeri] [From Dup Daeri to Chaeng Daeri

Do a homemade rap and dance without music to Dahyun] Chaeng Daeri-nim Hello I came to ask for approval Dup Daeri wants Chaeng Daeri to do Homemade rap and dance without music for Dahyun Please allow it

Are there other choices? You have to do it This is a must [Chaeng Daeri, you aren't crying, right?] Why are you guys like that? – Homemade rap without music? – Yup Yo, Da Daeri – You are so beautiful, you are cool

Yo – Yo! Yo, bro! [Wow, Chaeng Daeri is so cool] – Please show the dance too – dancing – dancing without music – dance? Dance without music? Dance What style do you want? Sexy or

– Can I choose? – Yes, choose – Number 1 – Section

– Number 2 – Sweet Number 3 Poppin [Dup Daeri's choice number 4 is merging] Then number 4, merging I can't believe it Okay

[Maybe sexy ] Let's get it! How? That's very satisfying This is like punishment

[This is love not punishment, Chaeng Daeri] Great, Chaeng Daeri Great, Da Daeri This is for approval [Mo Daeri's third approval document for Jeong Daeri] [From Mo Daeri to Jeong Daeri Doing a solo dance break at the end of the year event] Jeong Daeri, I came to ask for your approval

Yes Can you see it From Mo Daeri to Jeong Daeri [Just hoping] I hope you do a solo dance break at the year-end event How? [Mo Daeri persuades Jeong Daeri] You rarely do this But because you're a great dancer, there are comments that want to see your appearance like that

I can approve this I can do it [Very firm] You really have to do it – If you agree – No, I can but [Looking around

] – Does the company allow it? – Of course – I can't determine it myself – You can do it

I will speak [Charismatic] Mo Daeri-nim [A hot place of approval] This isn't something I can decide by myself

– If you sign it – Yes I will discuss it with the agency

[Mo Daeri will not back down] You want and have to do it You will do a solo dance I will not sign it

– Jeong Daeri – Bring this again I will give you another chance

Please change this – What change? – Create your hopes again – This is true – Please think again This is what I really want

[What Mo Daeri wants to see = What ONCE wants to see] What I want to see, Is what ONCE wants to see too I'm not sure if this can be realized, so I'll just sign half Half? – 5: 5 We still don't know yet – 5: 5? I can promise, but maybe this won't happen

Maybe the concept isn't like this Maybe we also will not appear So, I'll just sign half [Mo Daeri confused] Half [Signer: Yoo Jeo] Like this! – Yoo Jeo? – Yup Okay I agree with only half I may or may not be able to do it

I will look forward to it thanks – I'll look forward to it too – Yup – Be careful

[Too bad, Mo Daeri's proposal ] [The fourth approval document from Mi Daeri to Mo Daeri] [From Mi Daeri to Mo Daeri I hope we can continue to connect via "Monji Alji" (you know, right?)] Momo Daeri-nim [Momo is shocked] Yes

– Mo Daeri-nim – Yes, I'm Mo Daeri I came to ask Mo Daeri's autograph I hope we can continue to be connected via "Monji Alji" [According to Mo Daeri's taste] I can sign this

– You know, do not you? – Yup I will sign it for you Yes, thank you Is this all you wish for? Yes, I hope you can live with this Live with this? With "Monji Alji"? I hope you become more known as "Monji Alji"

I will live with "Monji Alji" Well – Thank you

– I hope you do the same – Yup – I recommend it This will work anywhere You can use "Minji Alji"

[Mo Daeri: "Monji Alji", Mi Daeri "Minji Alji"?] "Minji Alji"? – "Minji Alji"? – "Minji Alji"? Then, square "Minji Alji" [Daeri who enjoy the little things] – That's not bad – OK – Thank you – Thank you – "Minji Alji"! – "Minji Alji"! [Sa Daeri's fifth approval document for Jyo Daeri] [From Sa Daeri to Jyo Daeri Since we are a couple, when approval is complete] [I hope you say "SaJjaGi Daeri, approval is complete"] Jyo Daeri

I came to get an autograph [Glancing ] What does this mean? I do not understand

You do not understand? [Cold] Yes Is it true? [Cold 2] Yes [Don't lie] You understand, right? I do not want Why? That's work! This is not work I do not want to do it

[Sa Daeri looks disappointed (cute)] – I'll raise your salary – Please fix this

I'll raise your salary How can you raise my salary? We are both daeri I will share my salary How many? Around 5%? [Very disappointed with 5%] I do not want I came to get an autograph

[Jyo Daeri KO with Sa Daeri's cuteness] I understand – We just returned after the holidays, right? – Yup Doing that now is very That's ridiculous and difficult From now on, let's try to be an idol star again – SaJjaGi Daeri, approval complete – Thank you [A shame that cannot be hidden] Oh my God

Done! Cut! – Jjak! – Kkung! [Sixth approval document from Jeong Daeri to Dup Daeri] [From Jeong Daeri to Dup Daeri If Dup Daeri has a request for Jeong Daeri] [That's Jeong Daeri's request] Dup Daeri-nim [Jeong Daeri comes to get an autograph] Yes, Jeong Daeri – I came to ask for an autograph

– OK Jeong Daeri's wish is my hope – To Jeong Daeri? – Yup Yes, right [Courageous] Please sign I just need to sign here, right? I did not expect anything That's the reason I signed it

Now enough [Shrewd] What else should I expect ~ If there's anything you wish for, just say so – You know my number, right? – Of course – Thank you – Yup

– Spirit for today! – Have a nice day – Spirit! – Yup See you later [Seventh approval document from Jjeu Daeri for Mi Daeri] [From Jjeu Daeri to Mi Daeri I hope your appearance is more masculine] Please agree to this ~ Yes [Let's see what Jjeu Daeri wrote

] Let's see Masculine appearance? – Am I too feminine? – Yup I also want to see a masculine appearance

OK I understand – Then, in the future I will live cool – Yup! thanks

[A very peaceful signing situation ~] thanks 1, 2, 3! [Eighth approval document from Chaeng Daeri to Na Daeri] [From Chaeng Daeri to Na Daeri Looks like you're interested in rap] [I hope you show a serious rap appearance] [Silhouette approaches Na Daeri who is playing the game] Na Daeri-nim! [Free spirited Chaeng Daeri] – Yes – I came to get an autograph – Yup – I came to get an autograph

– Ah yes Wait a minute [Sorry, isn't this still working time?] Wow, Na Daeri-nim is indeed great [Pen] [Shocked] Ah, yes ! Approval Oh, yo Do I just need to sign here? Great

[Na_Daeri_senang_memberi_tanda_tanganmp4] – Thank you! – Yup! – Want to play one round? – OK Na Daeri ~ Na Daeri Chaeng Daeri, I'll give an autograph – Okay, good, good – Rap! Rap! My rap spirit isn't dead yet! [An outrageous spirit brings harm] My rap spirit isn't dead yet! My rap spirit isn't dead yet! Show, show, show! Approval! [Ninth approval document from Jyo Daeri to Jjeu Daeri] [From Jyo Daeri to Jjeu Daeri

I'm still only Daeri, why are you also Daeri, magnae?] [I hope you become Sawon (staff) again] Hello Hello I came to get an autograph You can do it, right? Okay Easily like this? Thank you! I will go down to being a regular employee

[Latest news] [Jjeu Daeri goes down to Sawon!] – Going forward, work well – Yup Bye! [Until the end of Jjeu Daeri ah, Jjeu Sawon remains polite] See you later Gosh, Jjeu Sawon – Yup – Do you want to get a bonus this month? – Yup – Work well

– Yup I see I will work hard [TWICE TV]

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