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India: New Delhi locks down as COVID cases surge | DW News



  1. Indian medical infrastructure is built for half or less than half a billion people but irony is we are almost a billion and half

  2. Move that navy hospital ship again. We didn’t use it the first time. No reefers for the dead. No shortages of medical supplies. Nothing.

    This ICU nonsense is fear. Anything and anywhere can be an ICU. The military could set up field hospitals. This is fear porn and more about the failure of India’s government than anything else.

  3. Not surprising, India supplies the biggest number of doctors and nurses worldwide. These nurses and doctors were very keen to travel from the UK, the USA to India to visit their parents after working with COVID positive patients in the western world. Of course, it was expected to happen. I told off my Indian colleagues ( nurse) not to travel back home from the UK because will spread the infection. Now we see the result of very kind, clever Indian nurses working abroad!

  4. People are dieing out of fear and because of doctors who are giving them steroids and drugs which is not supposed to give all patients . They are just using hit and trial method on patients with medicines .

  5. Who is this tatti of a reporter from India side? She left out one of the key reason why Indian vaccine manufacturing has been suffering. Joe Biden.
    Yes , Bldy Joe Biden. He has put hold on export of crucial ingredients, after vowing to help India produce vaccine for rest of the world. It's so American thing, it is not even eating your words, it is called being out-right tracherous .

  6. India has the best hospitals and doctors in the world.
    There are no shortage of beds in India, India has the lowest Covid 19 infection in the world

  7. 6 days,ha ha ha… see you after 3 months of lockdown. Been there done that.😆😆😆😆😷😷😷😷

  8. In the past 12 months, COVID-19 claimed the lives of at least 24 national ministers and heads of state, 17 of these deaths are from the African continent, seven times above estimates of the world’s average, The deaths have an important symbolic value and have been associated with shifts in COVID-19 policies in some countries. They are also likely to result in some reconfiguration of the political space.

  9. মিয়ানমার কে দেখুন তারা মুসলমানদের মেরেছিল আর তাদের সেনাবাহিনী তাদেরকে মারছে এখন ভারত কে দেখুন যারা মসজিদ ভেঙ্গে মন্দির নির্মাণ করেছিল আল্লাহ্ ছেড়ে দেন কিন্ত ছার দেন না। আল্লাহ্ সবাইকে মাফ করে দিন।।

  10. Things will get better … people became careless for a while. That festival clip looks old Anyway that festival is over and Your India correspondence seems Biased to negative side.

  11. Virus never stop spreading, Lock down means not stop spreading but slow spreading. It means Govt should prepare for the Health infrastructures within Lockdown period to adopt nation health emergency. But what happens in India is GOVT ITSELF LIES TO PEOPLE and misguiding citizens.

  12. This situation is terrible: people who are not treated will have more infections. Insufficient medical facilities and crowded patients sharing the same bed are not only unfavorable for treatment, but also increase mutual infection

  13. 6 days lock down is not even harsh, look at what AU and NZ did to contain their virus. Indian's incompetence government has a lot to learn. Hiding the truth doesn't fix the issue and is not what true democracy is about.

  14. This virus and many others comes from animal flesh & fluids & products , so to prevent getting sick with it , go on 100% plant based diet !!! for the rest of your lives ( while also including B12 supplements inn your diet if your food is not fortified with it ) !! , it is very easy to achieve that !!!

  15. Biden administration is blocking exports of raw materials to India that it needs to make COVID vaccines.
    Indian Govt must have blocked the export of Remdesivir Injection to USA last year and watch them suffer 😌

  16. Worst is yet to come, as current vaccines haven't been tested effectively on this mutant indian variant virus. And don't fall for those lies about being effective. Every country should closed their borders to indians, if they don't want to repeat the same mayhem currently happening in india.

  17. in my village for example people are really good…the corona infected people are who got vaccine ?? whoever got vaccine got the fever, vomitings and cold and cough?? whats reason behind this??

  18. 6 days lockdown?… No wonder India is failing in the fight. Every other countries imposed at least 14 days. Why half hearted lockdown?

  19. India is fighting bravely, without help fr their closed partners. In times of disaster and crisis, friends are rarely around

  20. Suggest modi buy more American arms, the United States will help India reduce covid19 infection (physical disappearance)

  21. I think this virus will mutate more with time in different countries based upon the climatic zones. I won't be surprised if never variants continue to emerge in different parts of the world.

  22. Look at the visuals at stark difference being portrayed by DW at 2:23 and 2:41 carefully and you will see a proxy propoganda. And then they bring some unknown person who presents her opinion instead of reporting. And they are saying DW is unbiased.

  23. Clown of a leader and his blind followers, crowd gathering for festival celebrations and political rallies are responsible for all this! People still don't understand this. When you voted for temples you can't expect hospitals and a strong infrastructure. Could you?


  25. Guys…pipe down. DW news is the only thing that is panicking. ICMR scientists have already isolated the second strain and India’s local vaccine is getting adjusted for it. Everything should be back on track soon.

  26. I am a MBBS student from Kolkata. I got 2 doses of Covaxin but still I am Covid Positive. I have comorbidities of Peptic ulcer. Did not managed to get bed in my own Medical College. My spo2 is around 94-96. Feeling very weak. Don't know wheather I will survive or not. Feeling very helpless.Plz maintain social distance, wear masks and get sanitized properly that I didn't did after getting vaccinated. Don't Do mistakes. It can cost your and your family life .

  27. Our government is soon building some more temples and Maszids instead building good health systems to save our peoples….
    And doing massive election campaigns rallies,
    Encouraging peoples to have Holly bath in Ganga river together in hundreds and thousands…
    So I think all these activities should save our peoples from coronavirus..
    Feeling shame on my Indian system…😔

  28. Indias political God's have kept all the money in their Swiss bank accounts will save daily wage earners if it's deposited in their accounts

  29. Delhi ke malik bijli pani ka bill lelo magar khuda ke vaste hospital banao khuda se daro delhi ke malik jitna pesa add pe kharch karte ho utne mai oxygen ka plant lag sakta hai malik delhi walo pe rehm karo

  30. Delhi ke malik bijli pani ka bill lelo magar khuda ke vaste hospital banao khuda se daro delhi ke malik jitna pesa add pe kharch karte ho utne mai oxygen ka plant lag sakta hai malik delhi walo pe rehm karo

  31. Remember, Remember
    The rioting, The shooting
    The waves of bloodshed
    14 mosques burnt,
    1 Holy Shrine destroyed
    Here's the results of 2020 Delhi Riots

  32. I am from India and I thought that maybe India can set an example for handling COVID, but I was abysmally wrong. System is fractured and hopeless.

  33. The 3rd countries have the splash at the same time despite the fact that they are not travelling!

  34. My sincere condolences to all who suffer. But fir years mother Teresa dedicated her life to ensure the poor if Calcutta died with a modicum of dignity

  35. Hellllllllllloooooo
    Can someone please help the less fortunate and educate them about QUARANTINE.
    You not supposed to hold the people and cry when they pass away. Can someone take the ownership and educate the people in India. I would say they havo no understanding of the virus itself. I notice at most of the hospitals and outside the hospitals when a person passes on the other families are holding the DECEASED and crying. I understand their pain but from what Im gathering it is serious and by them doing that the virus is MUTATING faster and due to that the numbers are increasing. People are not wearing masks. You got to follow the rules of QUARANTINE which the disease itself ask for. I would say this is the root of the situation in India right now. I'm praying someone reads my message and take a stand on what Im connecting with and help the people to understand the virus and the mutations thats going on there. I pray somebody takes the responsibility and help the people accordingly in JESUS MIGHTY HEALTHY and WEALTHY NAME.
    If 4 patients are sleeping on one bed then that says enough about the LITERACY in your doctors and nurses. Please help the less fortunate with understanding. Their own behavior is driving the situation into a horrendous sight. To Stop it, the people who is ILLITERATE about the virus itself, must be educated by the LITERATE people in your country. All 5 fingers is not the same. Only the behaviour of the people can change the HORRENDOUS situation you are currently Challenged with.
    The virus is ALIVE in the patients. If 4 people are sleeping on one bed then therefore MUTATIONS are taking place, meaning the virus is like mating and creating more variants. The solution to the problem is the behavior of the people in Quarantine and understandings.
    I'm praying some smart person out there can RELATE to my REVELATION and get the right AUTHORITIES to assist the people accordingly. Thank you.

  36. As an Indian I can tell y'll that it's all coz of ignorance of Indian ppl . In the beginning and halfway everyone was properly following the rules and necessary guidelines but as soon as the no. Of cases seemed to decrease ppl didn't care much I've actually witnessed ppl not wearing mask or keeping it below their nose and it's all the result of that stupidity of ppl. Make sure y'll don't do this mistake.

  37. To my fellow Indians:
    You brought this on yourself. Your debates about whether congress is better or Bjp, but no debates on corrupted Hospital administration and fees of medical colleges being 50lakh.

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