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INCOMING Is Here, and So Is SPIDER-HAM! | Marvel’s Pull List


[MUSIC PLAYING] Hello, Marvelites You're watching Marvel's Pull List, and I'm Ryan, AKA Agent M

And I'm Tucker Markus And every week, we read every single Marvel comic– even the weeks when there are nigh on 30 issues– and we tell you about four of them Tucker, what are we doing this week? This week, we're talking about every single comic Every single comic Every single issue out this week

We're talking about it because there's only four out this week Oh, gosh Come on What are we doing? Every individual issue on sale on December 26th And we're covering them here

And we're starting with PETER PORKER: SPECTACULAR SPIDER-HAM # 1 I am so pumped about this series I think from a writing perspective, from an art perspective– something so different, so familiar at the same time It's so funny That's the point

It's written by Zeb Welch, who I'm super excited to see take on this character But the art in here is really special– this kind of, I guess, unique meta take on different art styles, the different places and ways that we encounter this character It is something that I think Spider Ham fans will adore, but also, if you're just getting to know the character for the first time, it is the perfect intro I have incredibly high hopes for this series, and this is a great start Yeah

It's got so many great characters, too Deer devil makes his return It's lots of fun All right Our second book to talk about is another new number one, and that is DOCTOR STRANGE: SURGEON SUPREME

That's right– Surgeon Supreme because, as we saw on the previous Doctor Strange comic book series, Steven got the use of his hands back He can do them surgeries again And he has a moral obligation to help people however he can So he is now balancing between the magical side of things and the surgical side of things We get to see him in the hospital, trying to save lives, trying to stop demons and monsters and all kinds of cool stuff

It's a little bit of horror mixed with some really cool hospital drama on top of that– great big superhero action adventure And in this issue– the Wrecker– who is one of my favorite Marvel villains Next up, we're talking about VENOM # 21 This is the start of Venom Island, something I know that Venom fans are really excited about We're coming off the back of absolute carnage, which was one of the biggest events of 2019

And now we're kicking off the end of the year and into 2020 with a bang because not only do we have Donny Cate's writing, but we have Mr Mark Bagley on art He is unstoppable He does this entire arc The way that Eddie Brock ends up on the Eponymous Island– we will see

It's really interesting It's kind of familiar to the tone and vibe of Venom, but it's entirely different in ways that I really didn't expect Another thing I didn't expect was Eddie shaving his beard – Oh – He looks great

– Yeah – He looks great Hot stuff, baby If someone doesn't yell, get to the chopper, in one of the issues of this series, I'm going to have words with somebody But can't do that yet

I got to talk about INCOMING # 1, and it is 96 pages strong It is huge It is awesome And it really revolves around a murder mystery It starts out with the Masked Raider

It's a cool character we saw reintroduced in MARVEL COMICS # 1,000 Finding a body and then going from there, we get to see the murder mystery sort of touch Daredevil and Elektra, who then bring in Jessica Jones, who then brings in Carol Danvers, who then brings in the Avengers– and on and on it goes So it really is a cool tour of the Marvel Universe– a celebration of everything 2019 All these amazing creators involved in our Marvel Comics are here telling little snippets of stories, giving you a taste of big, big things on the horizon You're going to look at this issue and you're going to be like, OK, that all looked really cool

And in six months, you're going to read a comic go, wait a minute– I read about that in INCOMING So you definitely want to check this out if you're excited for what's to come in 2020 This is kind of the can't miss book for the end of the year You only got four issues this week They're all bangers

They're all great They're all books you've gotta pick up We'll tell you more about them on the podcast version I mean, we're going to go longer We're also– on the podcast version this week– going to talk about our favorite issues of 2019– all across the board

Do a little math Tell you some numbers and cool data, and get ready for 2020 Until then, I'm Ryan – I'm Tucker – And this is Marvel

Your universe [MUSIC PLAYING]

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