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In-Flight Entertainment for Everyone : Mobile Application


Welcome to XX Airways Mobile Application Through this video, we will walk you through some features on the application to help you maximize your flying experience

To start, click sign in or explore as a guest if you don’t have any account yet Beside signing in from the previous screen, you can also sign in from the profile button All you need to do is just click sign in, input your user ID or email and password Then, click sign in The profile will display your personal information

Here, you can store your personal information for later booking use by activating the slider Since this information is privacy sensitive information, we want to keep it safe for you Therefore, password or your touch ID is required every time you’re about to use the auto input Now, let’s go back to the Home screen by clicking the Home button This is the Home screen

On this screen, you have the main button on the navigation bar and the main menu On my Bookings, you can find any information related to your next flight You can also see your boarding pass and access it offline Also, you can activate your notification for boarding by clicking the activation slider Next, you can create your own entertainment playlist through the Favorites button by clicking ‘Browse In-Flight Entertainment

Or you can access it through the Home screen by selecting the ‘In-Flight Entertainment’ menu Here, you can choose the entertainment type by clicking the dropdown menu Then, you can choose the movie you want to add to your favorite list Simply click on the plus button to add to Favorites and you’ll be redirected to the Favorites screen with the movie you just added Click remove to remove the item from your Favorite list or browse more entertainment to add more item

If you want to find any information related to your destination, you can find it from the Home screen by clicking the Airports and Destinations Information For example, if you want to see what the airport facility is like in Haneda Airport, Japan; just type Japan on the select destination bar Here, because I want to see what’s the facility like in Haneda Airport, I click on the Airport Facilities and click on the Facilities menu Next, let's go back to the Home screen We also have a feature to enable you to use your mobile device as the controller of the back-seat screen

Simply click on the ‘Back Seat Screen Console’ menu Then click on the connect icon You will be required to input your seat number And then, click link You can adjust the screen brightness, volume, and even change the language from your mobile device

You can also use your mobile device to play, pause, and stop the movie you’re watching on the back-seat screen Also, you can use the assistance feature using your mobile device by clicking the assistant shortcut icon If you have a vision impairment, you can also use your mobile device to control your back-seat screen by clicking 'For Disabled' menu On the ‘For Disabled’ menu, tap the middle part of your mobile device screen to start Then you will hear the voice-over instruction, like this

[voice-over instruction] Using the speech recognition, all you need to do is simply saying “Connect” to accept the request [Connect] [Voice-over instruction] The voice-over instruction will ask for your seat number [A2] [Voice-over instruction] When the connection is successful, you will be required to say 'Start' [Start] The voice over will give the instruction on how to use your mobile device as the back-seat screen controller, like this [Voice-over instruction] That’s the end of the walk through video, we hope you enjoy it

Source: Youtube

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