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Imperialism Project Breaking Bad


Narrator: Tuco Salamanca- vicious, cruel, fierce His gang dominates the land producing and distributing Albuquerque's finest methamphetamine

This gang is feared and respected by all and nobody has any interest in imposing their will amongst the cutthroat industry of drug distribution Narrator: However, one man, a sick, old man with nothing to lose, desperately needs money and will take down anything and everything in his path Doctor: Mr White, unfortunately, I have some bad news You have lung cancer

I'm so sorry Walt: Pinkman Narrator: Walt decides to undergo chemotherapy, and to help pay for it, he tracks down one of the biggest meth dealers in the city, Jesse Pinkman Jesse; Mr White, what's poppin', yo? Walt: I saw you Jesse: I don't know what you're talking about, yo

Walt: Look, I got a business proposal Jesse: I don't know what you're talking about Walt: I saw you selling the meth Jesse; Just leave me alone, yo Walt: Now look, we can make millions

Walt: I'm the chemist and you know the streets? What do you say we go into business? Jesse: So you're saying fat stacks, yo? Walt: Precisely Jesse: I'm in Jesse: This is art Mr White Walt: Oh, it's nothing

Just some basic chemistry Walt: Alright, gentlemen, Right now we control the south side of Albuquerque We plan on expanding to the north and east side With their weaker infrastructure and our strong private business, we can take over Everyone loves our blue meth and once they're hooked, they won't be able to stop Jesse: Economic imperialism, yo Badger: So, what's the pay like? Walt: We'll be making lots of money, but it's not just about the money

It's about the power, the prestige, Going down as the best meth dealers this town has ever seen Jesse: Political motives, yo Skinny Pete: Fasho Jesse: What's good, yo Skinny Pete: How you doin'? Badger: What's good? Jesse: Alright, check this out, check this out

Jesse: Nothing but fat stacks and dead presidents, yo Jesse: And look at this, I got the product You ready to get it on or what? Badger: Let's do it Jesse: Fasho, fasho Skinny Pete: Oh, my god, this is the best thing I've ever had

Skinny Pete: We gotta spread this Badger: This is so good Jesse: Yo, dap me up, yo Saul: How are you fine gentlemen doing today? Walt: Let's cut to the chase Saul: Whoa, whoa, whoa there, Negative Nancy, don't have to be so salty

Jesse: We need your help, yo Saul: Well then you you came to the right place Walt: We're selling meth and we need a lawyer We would also like your help to become Albuquerque's top dealers and taking over the streets Saul: Praying on the weakest of the weak Sounds like only the strong will survive Ever heard of Social Darwinism? Anyways, I'm here for you to build an empire

Narrator: Combo, one of Walt's men, begins to distribute in the streets However, Tuco and his gang prove that they are still a factor as they display resistance to imperialism Jessie: Yo, Mr White, open up! Walt: Jessie, what are you doing here? Jessie: Look around Combo is dead, yo

And for what? The almighty dollar? Jessie: People are dying, cultures are dying The people on this streets' national identity will never be the same You old monster! Walt: Just listen to me Think about all the money We have All the power we have We're imperializing all of Albuquerque and soon, we'll be imperializing the whole world Jesse: This is straight-up sick, yo

Tuco: Albuquerque is the brightest jewel in my crown This is my land, These are my people, these are my streets What are you doing here? Walt: Oh, yeah What's my name? Tuco: Heisenberg Walt: These are my streets now Narrator: After Tuco's death, Walt, Saul, and Gus Fring meet to discuss their next course of action

Gus: Mr White, thank you for meeting with me today Gus: I'm here to present with you my latest business plan Gus: If we begin selling methamphetamine together, we will take over the entire world Gus: Every meth-head will rely on our product

It's economic imperialism at its finest Walt: I'm in Saul: Whoa, whoa, whoa Don't go overboard We're here to make simple money, not to harm anyone

Saul: Don't be silly Walt: Shut up, we're here to take over the world Saul: Sheesh, someone slept on the wrong side of mattress You do you, boss Walt: We're taking the world by storm Walt: It's as if we have a sphere of influence over every single street in Albuquerque

Gus: It's been a pleasure doing business with you These people are subject to our rule and nothing can stop us

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