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I'm Really Good at Breaking Stuff


so the problem with oh that's my aplifier coming on this is a wheel that fits that's under tension and this spins round okay then it clicks you can see that going up can't you – I think the trouble is I run this so fast using the makita drum reeler and I'll pull it off the drum we're on it clearly so fast that the vibrations not this peg off oh there's somebody for me I think is that Kate oh right thank you lovely anyways snapped the peg off and I'm in a hell of a rush to the bone because I'm trying to do a load of these to get my 55 backorders out of the door and then this bus up well actually this one didn't this is the one that this is my favorite way of actually that snapped off I use Navi CHC that is super glue holding that one on and I did superglue this summer I put a bit of gorilla I know know what gorilla glued this one that's what I've done that's gorilla Klee and that's super cuz I broke them both yesterday this one snapped off – after about another two hundred thousand clicks I've got least one out the spares box and it broke within ten minutes so I had to put them in the vise glue them up and I'm just back this morning seeing if it works so we'll start off with the red one I think it's not I mean any factory you know it's a maintenance engineer don't they well I am that man I am the maintenance engineer I've got a new everything but this isn't going to last forever and I'll tell you why it's the factory running me off a hundred meter reels of dx10 on the next consignment so my days of really spending days reeling off wire are probably gone see I feel that sunder a bit this pegs longer than the last one longer than that one there let's put that there I have a completely spare machine here as well because this is so critical and I'm gonna get on the radio because it's Friday and it's the daily net it sounds like some sort of religious thing but there is the daily note I don't want to let the old boys down you know right zero this and see if we can well see if it just holds up on 50 meter run shall we so all factories have have a a little man or whole team of people and their whole job is to keep the fraction alive because if production stops they lose money you got people salaries to pay you still the overheads you still got the electric on you've got customers waiting on orders and the trouble is when you're in one man-bag you've got to do everything yourself you've got to design your own tools in my case sometimes this thing well I didn't design that that was designed by Sam but I've done a film on this and I really liked it and that was a brand new clicker real it needs a bit of a shark thing so it it slams into the pinless hard I think but you know hey just the trials and tribulations of doing something a bit years right wait eleven o'clock here on the 3rd of July so fourth of July's a big one for the Americans tomorrow's in it but today's the 3rd of July my name's Callum callsign M 0 MC X in it 11 o'clock on a Friday I try and put and do the locks down that we did this every day for about eight or nine weeks but just got a bit much for me so we do it Fridays now which is still a bit everywhere anyway we can do it and we have some regulars that call in and we normally go in sort of date of birth order and everybody gets one over that's all it's very snappy and it'll check in that

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