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If I Stay In Front of YG Entertainment all day, I Can See 'BLACK PINK' !?


Hi everyone, welcome back to my youtube channel aku nga pala si jisoo garling Korea today I will tell you guys if I stay a whole day in front of YG Entertainment I can see black cake When you guys watch the TV show or some act some fans wait there actors were singer or like model or to wait in airport or Wait there company So I'm suddenly I'm curious so I just wait also and that's why I do this experiment Did you guys see that Buildings, this is white entertainment company building So now let's wait together There is why the parking lot So many bands exist

So I think one of that bands is collecting fans, I guess so Or in front I'm here in front of white building on in front of white building Apartment so like this but small apartment Just only few buildings I Can't see any other Papers here, but I just wait here before black King calm Oh Too hot outside So I visit convenience store just Go and buy some drinks move today's 200 like Too hot and too wet Near YG Entertainment building there is no place to sit for Weight like that only one convenience store open Still waiting in YG entertainment, but no bands exist One people I ask some is other people or sometimes you guys can see celebrating near wide entertainment so they say mmm, they Vary sometimes they can see but they Usually use So then they use right a car to visit and wide entertainment building So they see they have to care for a lot because they use cars If you guys wanted to visit wide entertainment building it's easy or just Just fine Hajong station That station is the most near place To yg and then just walk um, just walk the big big road just follow that road you guys can but You guys can arrive near white building This road is the road to gold white entertainment but very few cars go that very few cars use that road, so I think If need time alone To meet celebrity is need only patient I think so I just wait more I think oh, I don't know where but I think that looks like Dormitory kind of the rhetoric

I It is really just my personal opinion because it just looks like dormitory like this Really it looks like the rabbit hole right so or Dormitory or practice room like practice dance or practicing like that? Today I wait I stay Few hours in front of wide entertainment to see the black king or other wide entertainment celebrity but It's fail I think those days is not good if you guys travel in Korea and also wanted to Visit Korean entertainment Company um, I think that is also kind of travel so And Also, if you are lucky you can see your favorite stores in front of that their company, so I'm fail, but I hope you guys can see after you guys visit here Today also, thank you for watching my video salamat po see you Ok Bye Bye You

Source: Youtube

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