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If Breaking Bad Was PG: Extracting Lactose from Milk


We have to extract the lactose from our milk, and to do this we will use science Are you scientists? I heard that cows have the best udders of all mammals We have about 1,300 here It's a lot of udders

do you want to milk one? I would very much like ! Let's go! Hey Roger, what are you looking for in a good dairy cow? Personality You can use your two fingers and lower the teats she'll let you know if it's bothersome How? 'Or' What? She can kick To kick?! Martin, what's it like to do that? It's like squeezing an old prune How do you know this feeling? I may be young, but I have already lived I have a cramp in my hand Who wants to take over? I believe Roger has the technique It's gone with both hands now It's advanced level! I love the way you lean your head against his abdomen I'll see what I can do I have it everywhere on my hands! It happens to me often too I'm not very good at it And does Melinda sometimes have nipple pain from being milked? No, she likes it I think she helped us a lot, we have a lot of milk now, and we can get a lot of lactose for beer Thank you very much Melinda! Your breasts are incredible At dawn, the guys break camp and go to an undeclared place Far from the prying eyes of Johnny Law where they go extract the lactose they need from their milk As work involves a chemical process which could turn out to be dangerous, guys take no chances We have to extract the lactose from our milk, and to do this we will use science Are you scientists? Aren't you scientists? No Is there a fire extinguisher on hand? Yes Yes

On the floor there Anyone know how to do this? We printed it on the Internet, it should be good Guided by a scientifically precise 6-step process The guys calm their nerves and start heating the milk to 40 ° C We're going to need acetic acid Then they carefully add 6 ml 10% acetic acid, which is mainly vinegar Add the acid Leave the casein in the container and remove it with a spoon This will cause the appearance of an unwanted protein called casein in milk in solid form What do you think will be the market value of lactose? I think it all depends on supply and demand Proteins come out Oh yes they come out We're going to need to filter them They then remove the casein and collect meticulously the remaining liquid They take care not to spill a single drop, because it is a waste Put the rest in there huh? It's like a good mozzarella Now we heat the liquid We're going to need two and a half grams powdered calcium carbonate Now they heat the liquid to almost boil and add calcium carbonate to precipitate the rest of the unwanted protein It looks not bad We are going to add 50ml of ethanol in grains Ethanol, or grain alcohol, is the most dangerous substance in the laboratory Its harmful fumes, its flammability and his tendency to make people drunk is unmatched I really don't want to sit here with this bubbling Remove the heat when we add it, in case Okay! By adding it and heating it further, the lactose is almost completely isolated We will heat this solution to 70 ° C, then we will filter it And then it should be ready Let's go! Finally, they filter the solution again, and wait Alright, I think the crystals are formed So I guess these crystals are pure lactose? Pure lactose Just add this to the boil, and our milk will be stout We need more lactose for our beer We need double It's not even an ounce Guys realize they have to go through this dangerous process again with a lot more milk Finally, they are almost done Were you a little worried about all this? Ahahahahah

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