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Iba 'Yan Team offers to help Mang Kulot with his medical needs | Iba 'Yan (With Eng Subs)


It hurts to think that you have no family You'd go crazy too if you have nothing to eat for a week and you've a lot on your mind

The Iba 'Yan team learned about the story and hardships of the jeepney driver named Kulot, who seemed to have temporarily gone insane due to his loss of income and starvation as a result of the lockdown To shed more light on his condition, our team brought Kulot to a psychiatrist to have his mental health and well-being assessed Based on our conversation, my assessment is that Mr Mondoñedo suffered from a psychotic break He has lost touch with reality

Right now, he's no longer suffering from it So it's, most likely, only a brief psychotic episode Actually, based on my observation, there were already predisposing factors to his condition His condition was just aggravated by the lockdown; the sudden lack of support and basic supplies, most especially the necessities such as food; the lack of security; the uncertainty of the situation; The jeepney and his job mean a lot to him He values both the jeepney and his job so much

So losing his job devastated him As with other people, the lockdown causes people to lose their purpose in life Due to the pandemic, everyone needed to stay inside their homes for months to stay safe The lockdown caused people to feel various emotions, like fear, anxiety, and loneliness due to separation from friends and family In fact, since the enhanced community quarantine started until June 18, 2020, the Philippine Mental Health Association Online Support had 2,246 clients They really need to be given medical attention

Aside from medication, they need support I'm talking about the psychosocial support And, of course, we need to take good care of them So, we need to provide Mr Mondoñedo with his basic needs

After all, his main problem then was that he didn't have food Mr Mondoñedo really wishes to go home So, we have to grant his wish Besides, it would be good for him to be with his family

It's a good thing that what happened to him did not last long and that it was addressed early on Our team learned that Kulot still has relatives in Surigao After his psychological assessment, I went to see how Kulot was doing – Hi! Have you eaten, ma'am? – Hi, Angel! – Have you eaten, sir? – Yes I heard you went to see a doctor the other day

– That's right – How was it? It was okay In your opinion, what can we do to help you get better? – You want to return to Surigao? – Yes – Do you have relatives there? – Yes, my sibling's there His sibling lives in Surigao

Would it be possible to prescribe him medication? Yes, I can do that I can actually give him medicine for his mental condition and vitamin B complex and vitamin C Does he need to have regular checkups? Yes, I highly recommend that he keep consulting a doctor even if he's already back in Surigao It's not that easy to treat If it's okay with you, we would really recommend that you still consult a doctor even if you're already back in the province

Uhm If you're worried about the cost of your medication and the consultations with a psychiatrist, we can help you out with it – Ma'am, that's– – We want you to get better

That's too much, ma'am They're going to help you But you have to help yourself too Take your medicine regularly We'll do what we can to help you

We promise to help you with your medication, with your consultations, and your ticket back home to Surigao We'll take care of it Okay? [ANGEL LAUGHS] After telling Kulot about our promise to help him, Kulot continues to get himself treated Kulot also made a plea on behalf of his fellow jeepney drivers I pray the jeepney phase out won't push through

First, I wish that the COVID-19 pandemic would end soon Next, I pray that the government would provide us drivers with decent jobs

Source: Youtube

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