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I read through the Last Of Us joke book for your entertainment


hello friends today your in for a rather special treat I have here a joke book and not just any joke book I might add its Ellie's joke book from the Last of Us look it's it's it's just like it was in the game oh no not an udder one already a great start you in for more what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna read through every single Ellie Joke in the entire book from start to finish their isn't too many so It won't take too much of your time but I have to warn you your ribs will be left split by the end of this when you hear everything is contained within this book so without further ado I shall get started I'd strap yourself in folks you're in for a treat there may be many try not to laugh challenges online but trust me with these jokes from Ellie's joke book I mean it's an actual replica look in it it's awesome it's the one from the flipping game people these puns quack me up Will Livingston who is he well he doesn't exist but they had to give it something I don't know probably works for Naughty Dog without further ado let's get into the jokes shall we no pun intended volume 2 by Will Livingston strap yourself in kids we're about to get going Blank page the first page but just get past that here we go the first one is classic folks it's a classic what did the triangle say to the circle you're so pointless next joke what did the cannibal get when he showed up to the party late a cold shoulder ever because cannibals eat people you know mice where that one came from gonna move on next page but you can't wait the anticipation there was so high I've set the bar okay so now you know you know what's coming I heard two peanuts walking to a park always asked salted they're good well Ellie you really brilliant a boiled egg in the morning is really hard to have beef I'm reading a book on anti-gravity and it's impossible to put down it's not that the guy didn't know how to juggle you just didn't have the balls to do it anymore there's a few more yet continuing on to the next page then shall we I'm glad I know sign language it's become quite handy I forgot how to throw a boomerang it came back to me do more pages down folks you know you've only got and you've only got I can't tip and get it in the camera you've only got all that left I'm I mean your lovin is so far so you're gonna continue to love it when a cock is hungry it goes back for seconds I'll try and do them without laughing but you have to understand it is quite challenging not to laugh I once heard a joke about amnesia I forget how it goes when the power went out at school the children were real Isis at my eye bows action those fish were shy they were obviously coy those two men drinking battery acid will soon be charged get it Oh easy you should I need it with anything halfway folks but I understand that when I end you're going to struggle to find a video afterwards that's half as entertaining but when halfway furthers plenty left okay what is a pirate's favorite letter tis the scene midget psychic escape prism it was a small medium at large escaped and he's yeah small medium at large because of his size yeah you get it don't question it you have questions about them you can drop them in the comments but you shouldn't you should understand all these it should be fine you've got big brain you can figure them out I'm inclined to be laid-back you know there's no actual back to this chairman but there isn't actually a back to this chair just it just goes back interest in fact for you I don't have a battery Bobby see I have one of those gamer chairs that people just sit in now I have a pasta chair people citing I sit up straight newspaper headline reads cartoon he's found dead details are sketchy the magician got frustrated and pulled his hair out I having me that one to be explained but magicians tend to have rabbits in their hats pulled hair as a rabbit out we're getting foot I think that halfway or past the halfway point by this point good stuff throw-in it the first rated cannibal threw up his hands yeah took me a second with that one actually weird a criminal's best asset is his liability lie ability these are the jokes by the way like those of you wonder what what the page is the magic looks like I didn't have the faintest idea as to why I passed out I heard about the guy who got hit in the head with a can of soda he was lucky it was a soft drink I'm having the time of my life I absolutely adore these jokes I played they played through the game so many times I heard the jokes so many times but they never get old they just get better they're like whine whine whine they just get better these jokes people there was once a cross-eyed teacher who had issues controlling his pupils pupils – diarrhea is have diarrhea is every day I would have it every tip it runs in your genes can't say the word not one unfortunately so we're just gonna move that fast on I'll show you that one where is it that was that was the joke everyday era to era – Terry – Terry hurry – Terry – Terry Randy new jeans again it's just the word I hurry to Terra hereditary it doesn't matter how much you push the envelope it'll still be stationary what did the Confederate soldiers used to eat out of civil we're civil where people civil where tiful where well that was only part one of the joke there's a second part to that joke because next up what did they used to drink with cups Dixie Cups I don't get that one what did they used to drink with what did the Confederate soldiers used to eat it of civil where what did they used to drink we have cups Dixie Cups that's a shame 90% of this video my head's been that way isn't it because the way I'm reading it I should read it over friend like this all that is much better oh this is I'll give you the classic this is all could be the most classic of the classics of the classics I walked into my sister's room and tripped on her bra it was a booby trap that's one of the best ones you got admit that you gotta give that one or ten either a book just fell on my head I only have my shelf to burn my shelf to blame my shelf to blame shelf not sell shelf what is the leading cause of divorce in long-term marriages a stalemate because trade recipes on a need-to-know basis a need-to-know basis yeah I haven't cut my nails they're terrible on it on the homestretch now few more pages left how are you gonna fill the massive void when these jokes are over I don't know the honest answer a moon rock tastes better than an earthly rock because it's meat or meat as a meat meteor a backwards parrot writes in verse in verse backwards backwards poet writes in verse they're brilliant I used to be addicted to soap but I'm clean now three point one four percent of sailors are pirates ci raids this is a good one this is this is almost on par with the booby-trapped one I feel I stayed up all night wondering where the Sun when then it dawned on me what did the mermaid wear to her math class and LG bra hated algebra by the way I still don't understand it even now what's the point of it point magical who knows why did the Scarecrow get a promotion because he was outstanding in his field you like that one yeah I can tell burn it to laugh too much folks I wanna be responsible Fenny broken ribs by the end of this I tried to catch some fog earlier I miss I miss as an Mis Co missed baingan banana you can see the book banana there that onofre pages I know I know and this is volume 2 they never actually was a volume one in the game that's what we need in our lives and isn't it we need a volume one anyway we're not at the end yeah there's a few more people yeah I'll say this one and let you finish it off okay you know what's not right I would say Matt left oh he said it what does a pirate say when eat when I restart what does it pirates a wall eating sushi ahoy pass me some soy soy sauce that's what that one is it's a sauce you put it on fish usually it's a fish sauce that's not the joke that's just me explain to you what's Sawyer's so why this is educational as well as funny people are making a pocalypse jokes like there's no tomorrow I never really understand that one you want to hear a joke about pizza never mind it was too cheesy I hate to break it to you this is final one this one I have no more jokes many joke but final one are you ready what did the green grape say see the purple grape be view idiot after look at that one again so dad to get it what did the green grape say to the purple gray brief you idiot shame unfortunately the last one's a bit of a bit a bit of a debbie downer it's a bit mm-hmm that's it they have it at the end you made it good for you but you win absolutely nothing that was no pun intended volume 2 by will live instant at Ellie's joke book from the original Last of Us game read to you informed why why not anyway guys well that's it I hope you very much enjoyed that side-splitting journey that I've just sent you on I don't know what you're gonna do the time now but that one's down to you my friend you've got to decide drop a comment tell me which joke was your favorite and tell me why and I'll tell you which joke with my favorite I'll tell you why but we can talk I need some friends so else also because I new friends it would be great if you could like the video and subscribe because if you subscribe then you're my friend and even though I might not be able to see you physically I can just picture you through my webcam is a really showing four-finger the other side that webcam and I'm got my eyes locked in you've got a deep connection so yeah like comment subscribe and stuff and they'll be plenty more last service content on this channel I'll be doing a playthrough probably off the game so yeah I look forward to that won't ya bye for now

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