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'I Am Not Okay With This' Cast on Things That Are Not Okay | MTV News


– Hi, we're the cast of 'I Am Not Okay With This,' and these are the top five things we're not okay with – People who don't listen to the seat belt alert in a car

– [Sofia] Wait, you mean like – – [Richard] Like the sensor – [Sofia] Like, letting it beep? – Yeah – Which is like (imitating beeping sound) – Like the whole time! Like, can you just put that on? – People who pour their milk before their cereal – Hmm! – That doesn't make any sense, it's like easier if you have no more cereal left, (laughing) you know, there's just, the logic behind – there is none! So don't, it's not OK (laughing) – I'm not OK with people who don't close the door all the way when they leave your room

That one really gets to me – That's a good one – 'Cause then I have to get up (sighing) and then like, I have to go to the door and then I have to close it and that's like, you know, it's like five feet, like, don't make me walk that – [Sofia] Yeah! – It's too much – It's like, very on-purpose

– Passive-aggressive – What are you trying to do? Yeah! – Sniffling Sniffing in when you have like, yeah, when you have a runny nose (sniffing) – Instead of blowing it? – [Sophia] Yeah! – That's just unhealthy! (laughing) – I just, I can't, like I know it's not their fault, at the same time, I just hate that noise Like, I hate it

No, stop, no! – So, you don't like taking like, the SATs or anything like that 'cause– – What? – Well 'cause, people do that all the time when they're taking like, a test and then they're like (sniffing) – That's so specific! – Because that's not specific, like a test, that's– – Not like, "Oh yeah when people are sick!" – No, because when you're in a test– – [Sofia And Sophia] "When people are taking the SATs!" – [Wyatt] When you're in a test– – [Sophia] Is that why you didn't take your SATs? – [Sofia] I guess when you're grocery shopping too– – [Wyatt] I'm not wrong! – [Sofia] you're like (sniffing) – Why grocery shopping? – Why SATs? – Because when you're taking a test, people are like (sniffing) (laughing) – And they do that! – I mean, I guess! – When they do any sort of activity, it can happen! – OK, I guess! – Any activity! Sometimes I have this weird thing, I know this is like, I blow out when they blow in (laughing) – And finally, people who promise to binge-watch something with you and they watch it without you and you come home and they've already seen the entire season – [Sohpia] I do that – [Sofia] I do that, too

– [Richard] That's a bummer – You did that to me with 'Peaky Blinders' – I did do that! (laughing) – I'll do it to someone when they're like, "Yeah, I can watch like, an episode a week!" No, I'm watching the whole thing as fast as I can, that's ridiculous! – I'm fine with someone who does that, I mean if they have time to do that and I don't, I mean, it's not their fault they're sitting there doing nothing – I wouldn't say friendship-ender, maybe like, a little slap on the wrist, just like, "Why did you have to do that?" – I feel like it makes your friendship stronger Fights always make friendships stronger

(laughing) Sometimes! – Sometimes! – Unless it's like, (sniffing) I don't know (all laughing) – [Richard] Did you – I feel like I'm at the SATs right now! (laughing)

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